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Kate Pietrowski started her acupuncture practice in 2001 after graduating from a three year program at the Maryland Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (MITCM).  At MITCM, she studied under renowned acupuncturists, Dr. Lixing Lao (PhD) and Dr.Grant Zhang (PhD, CMD).   Since that time she has treated hundreds of patients for conditions such as pain, allergies, immune related disorders (such as rheumatoid arthritis), infertility, and more.  Prior to opening her acupuncture practice, Kate spent many years as a nurse, fitness instructor, and holistic health advocate. 

As a nurse she worked at the University of Pennsylvania, Friends Hospital, and Bayada.  Her nursing experience includes working in mental health/addictions, cardiology, rheumatology, women’s health, and general medicine.  As a fitness instructor, Kate has taught a wide spectrum of group fitness classes (like Zumba), trained clients one on one, and worked at a wellness center at the FBI.  Kate’s been studying health, nutrition, herbal medicine, and holistic studies for over 20 years.  She incorporates her knowledge by providing clients with a comprehensive treatment plan that is both safe and effective.

Treatment philosophy:  Kate has a holistic treatment philosophy.  She incorporates proven treatment methods (based on the latest research published in well respected health and medical journals), personal experience, and the specific needs of each patient.Kate’s story:  When Kate was in her early twenties, she suffered from severe allergies, constant migraines and was diagnosed with PCOS.  Her PCOS was so severe that doctors assumed she would never get pregnant. 

Since traditional medicine was not helping, Kate decided to look for alternative treatments.  She did research, read books, attended seminars, and took course work on all aspects of health, nutrition, and herbal medicine.  With dietary changes, nutritional and herbal aids, and acupuncture treatments, Kate has been able to overcome her ailments and got pregnant after the age of 35.

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It’s a well-known fact that youth and beauty are valuable commodities in Hollywood, especially for women. A number of high profile celebrities are turning to acupuncture “face-lifts” in order to maintain a youthful appearance, while also reducing the formation of the fine lines and wrinkles that come with aging. Famous fans of this procedure include Madonna, Cher, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

These ladies reportedly visit their acupuncturists once a week for the procedure, which involves the insertion of super-fine needles into areas of the face that tend to form wrinkles, such as frown lines and crow’s feet around the eyes.

Acupuncture for Weight Loss,The rich and famous care just as much about their bodies as they do their faces. Being in perfect shape is important in Hollywood, and the city’s residents are experts in all types of diet plans. Acupuncture has become a popular method for losing weight.

Jennifer Lopez accredited a 15 pound weight-loss to an alternative medicine regime which included acupuncture, and Jessica Simpson has also received acupuncture in the past to assist her in reaching her weight loss goals. Many Eastern medicine weight loss programs combine acupuncture with the use of various herbs and teas for best results.

Acupuncture for Infertility,Many stars also swear by acupuncture to assist in conceiving children and maintaining good health during pregnancy. After years of infertility Celine Dion combined acupuncture with in-vitro fertilization (IVF) to successfully conceive twins. Dion passed this advice on to Mariah Carey, who attributes acupuncture in helping her conceive her twins in 2010 without having to resort to IVF.

Actress Natalie Portman reportedly received acupuncture treatments throughout her pregnancy to reduce stress and promote physical well-being. It is said that “Titanic’ actress Kate Winslet relied on acupuncture to alleviate pain while she was giving birth.

Acupuncture for Wellness,For a number of celebrities, acupuncture is a regular part of their health and wellness routine. Jim Carey has been quoted as saying that regular acupuncture treatments have “led to a marked change in my physical vitality and my general state of well-being.” Other fans of using acupuncture as a way to maintain health and energy levels include Lucy Lui, Sandra Bullock, and Matt Damon.

Sports Acupuncture,The popularity of acupuncture is not confined to Hollywood. Many superstar athletes receive acupuncture treatments as a mean to recover faster from injuries. The New York Yankees and the San Francisco Giants both have acupuncturists on staff to treat players. Dwayne Wade, star NBA player, relies on acupuncture treatments to soothe knee pain.Pro athletes, who need their bodies to be in optimal condition, swear by acupuncture treatments. In fact, there are now acupuncturists on site at both the Winter and Summer Olympics.


Acupuncture is therapeutic method of treating ailments and illnesses by stimulating the bodies own natural ability to heal itself. It’s a natural, holistic approach to wellness that is often used in conjunction with other therapies and treatments.

During an acupuncture treatment, needles are inserted into clearly defined points called acupoints. This deceptively simple therapy safely provides an astounding number and variety of benefits. When you experience an acupuncture treatment, you experience the result of thousands of years of theory and technique refinement.

A Very Brief History of Acupuncture,The philosophical underpinnings of acupuncture go back 8,000 years in China. In its familiar form, the therapy itself first appears in Han Dynasty (206 BC to 220 AD) writings like the Nei Jing, Nan Jing, and texts found in the Mawangdui tombs. By the end of the third century AD, needling techniques, meridians (channels acupoints are located along), and several hundred acupoints still in use today were described.

After another 1500 years as a pillar of Chinese and other Eastern medicine, the West was introduced to acupuncture at the start of the 20th century. George Soulié de Morant, a French diplomat stationed in China, brought acupuncture home to France, and the practice began spreading around Europe. In the 1970s, media coverage and World Health Organization-sponsored study programs brought widespread attention to acupuncture in the US.

Following a consensus from the National Institutes of Health declaring acupuncture effective for a number of purposes and subsequent supportive findings, acupuncture steadily gained patients and practitioners in the US. It has since been implemented as part of hospital and rehabilitation programs nationwide and is commonly recommended as a complementary therapy by Western doctors.

When you receive an acupuncture treatment, a topical antimicrobial agent is applied to your skin and sterile, disposable needles are inserted into acupoints around your body. The needles are thinner than those used for injections, typically between 0.006 and 0.018 inches in diameter. Needles of varying length are used in different locations; the depth of insertion, how long needles are left in place, and how they are manipulated vary. Most people detect only a brief, minor prick upon insertion.

Although its basic techniques are straightforward, acupuncture is a highly personalized therapy. Your practitioner will discuss your symptoms and lifestyle, how you feel over the course of the day, how you respond to stressors, and other areas that help her arrive at diagnoses and develop treatment plans. The course of therapy is different for each person. Many people experience improvement with a single session.

How Acupuncture Works,Ironically, science has only just begun to catch up with the ancient practice of acupuncture. The Western medical community is starting to identify mechanisms of action for which there were previously only more philosophical explanations. However, a lot remains unclear about how acupuncture accomplishes all its amazing effects.

Acupuncture triggers the release of endorphins and other neurotransmitters that function as natural painkillers and provide other regulatory effects throughout the body. It also increases blood circulation and oxygenation, relaxes the body’s inflammatory response, helps regulate the immune system’s white blood cells, and has a stabilizing influence on blood pressure and glucose levels. Still, we’ve just scratched the surface of understanding all that goes on in the body during and after acupuncture therapy.

Acupuncture Is Safe and Effective,Acupuncture is entirely safe with a reputable, licensed acupuncturist. There is almost no risk of side effects or complications; significant or lasting adverse reactions are exceptionally rare. The therapy also has no contraindications. This is all particularly impressive when compared to more traditional Western treatments like pharmaceutical regimens. The decision to try acupuncture is facilitated by the fact that there’s so much to gain with almost no risk.

Studies on the effectiveness of acupuncture have been on the rise over the past few decades. Evidence continues to accumulate supporting the use of this technique for numerous symptoms and conditions, and even for preventive care.

For example, acupuncture’s benefits for various types of chronic pain are probably the most heavily examined. Clinical trials repeatedly demonstrate efficacy surpassing placebo, NSAIDs, corticosteroids, and other remedies. A study analyzing results from multiple clinical trials and published in the September 10, 2012 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine declared acupuncture effective for relieving all the conditions examined: chronic headaches, osteoarthritis pain, and pain in the back, neck, and shoulders.

Studies also illuminate acupuncture’s ability to bolster the effects of medications, physical therapy, massage therapy, and other pain treatments. For just one example, “A study on the clinical effects of physical therapy and acupuncture to treat spontaneous frozen shoulder,” published in a 2006 issue of American Journal of Chinese Medicine, found acupuncture enhanced physical therapy’s ability to relieve pain and restore range of motion in people with a frozen shoulder. Contemporary research also supports the effectiveness of acupuncture for countless other uses.

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