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Kathleen Acupuncture ,My interest in acupuncture grew naturally out of my own healing journey. In 1984, I was involved in a car accident with an 18-wheeler that changed the course of my life. It happened in a split second, and resulted in a traumatic brain injury, fractured spine, sciatica nerve pain down both legs, and nerve pain down both arms.

The first year after the accident, due to the pain, I slept only one or two hours a night. Because of the traumatic brain injury, I often got lost going to the most familiar places. I forgot how to add or subtract. Inexplicably, I walked away from conversations in mid sentence. I was unable to work for a year and, eventually, I realized that I could no longer do the physical labor required of a physical therapist. Gradually the most severe symptoms improved, but the accident changed my inner and outer worlds dramatically.

Although I continued to experience problems, I made the decision to go to medical school. To my utter amazement, I did well and completed a family practice residency serving as chief resident in my final year. My medical degree did not come easily or without a price. I looked normal and, by most standards, I appeared to be functioning quite well. Yet, I knew I needed to continue healing. Seeking out many different approaches, I found a few that helped but none seemed to get to the root of the problem.

Soon after completing my residency, I took my first course in acupuncture and knew immediately that I wanted to pursue this for my patients and for myself. I began offering acupuncture to my family practice patients, and observed how well they improved.I was eager to further my training when I learned about a four-year advanced Traditional Chinese Acupuncture program for physicians. I enrolled, and discovered that this was the depth of training I had been searching for. The theory of acupuncture was explained using Chinese philosophy while respecting our training and experiences in Western medicine.

At the same time, I was treated with acupuncture at a profound level for my injuries under the guidance of my teacher, Anita Cignolini, M.D. Over a period of two years I underwent several courses of treatment and began to improve more than I ever dreamed possible. The most profound change was in my renewed connection to my self. Gradually, I regained my energy, the pain lessened, and I had the sense that my life had been given back to me.

My years of study with Dr. Cignolini enable me to provide this deep level of acupuncture to my own patients, integrating all I know in both Western and Chinese medicine. In 2001, I established my own Traditional Chinese Acupuncture practice in Dallas, Texas. I believe life takes us where we need to go, and it brings me great joy to help my patients along on their own healing journeys.

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Acupuncture is a branch of Chinese medicine that is over 3000 years old. It involves placing very thin needles in precise acupuncture points to help the body return to a state of harmony, equilibrium, and health.These goals for healing are echoed in Western medicine. As an osteopathic physician, I was taught that the patient is a triune being — body, mind and spirit—and that the body has an inherent, self-regulating mechanism designed to restore balance. My study of acupuncture has convinced me that it is remarkably effective in promoting the body’s own healing action. It is one of the oldest forms of natural medicine practiced

Chinese medical practitioners believe that imbalances occur when the flow of qi (pronounced chee) is interrupted. Qi is the vital essence of all natural phenomena. When there is a block or uneven flow, imbalances occur which can lead to illness. From the Chinese perspective, the practitioner locates the acupuncture points that should be treated in order to restore the correct flow of qi. It is one of the original holistic health or holistic medicine concepts that truly works to promote healing.

Research conducted in the West indicates that the needles create stimuli to the nervous system, initiating cascades of neuro-endocrine reactions. Chemicals are then released that help restore a biochemical balance. All the systems of the body, including the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, the central nervous system, the immune system, and the endocrine system, are affected during acupuncture treatment, bringing about a decrease in pain, relief of symptoms, or resolution of the illness.

Medical Acupuncture is acupuncture given by a physician acupuncturist. The physician is well trained in both Western Medicine and Acupuncture. It is truly a holistic integrative medicine. The physician has the wealth of medical knowledge from both systems of care – the Western medical model and Chinese acupuncture model that gives a much greater depth of knowledge in caring for her patients. Many conditions or symptoms that don’t have a clear Western explanation are often addressed in the Chinese Medical system thus giving the doctor a broader range of options in helping her patients. It is one of the integrative or alternative medicine approaches to aiding patients. It is an approach that promotes natural health.

My initial examination of a patient involves looking at the whole person—body, mind, emotions, and spirit—as well as environmental factors, such as the weather, lifestyle, friends, and social support. This exam assesses where the imbalance manifests and results in illness, the original cause, and the overall strength of the individual. The information is assessed using both my Western medical and Chinese medical knowledge base.

The immediate response to treatment may vary from a feeling of relaxation to a slight increase in symptoms for one or two days, which, if it does occur, is usually mild and short-lived before improvement begins.Some patients might hesitate to seek acupuncture treatment because they feel uncomfortable about the use of needles. It is important to understand that acupuncture treatment is not like getting a shot. The needles are so thin that, if the patient senses them at all, they feel more like the sting of a mosquito or the plucking of an eyebrow. There may be a slight ache or feeling of heaviness at the point if needles are stimulated during.

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