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We are dedicated to providing health care for the whole person. We recognize that each person is a complex creature that is a web of interactions between the body, mind and soul. Our goal is to help our patients maximize their personal and life resources to move towards greater health and vitality. We are committed to professional, compassionate and respectful care of each patient.Our appointments generally are scheduled for 30 to 60 minutes. Our clinicians take the time to listen to you. It is our goal to understand the “big picture” of health for each patient and to know how each person wants to live.

We want to assist our patients to move beyond a symptom and diagnosis or label and embrace the factors influencing health. These include the interactions between our:Genetics,    Lifestyle,Habits,Diet,Environmental factors,Relationships to ourselves, family and friends, community, and spirituality,Family Health,We provide care and support for your family. The family’s health comes from meeting the needs of the individual and the entire family. We gain a special level of knowledge about the household. This promotes a caring relationship with respect and communication. This allows the clinician to better meet the medical needs of the family.

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If you have congestion or coughing, sinus infection, headaches, itchy eyes, or asthma, we have a simple answer: allergy solution. There will be no more pills or painful shots. The serum is taken home and used under the tongue. Testing is easy and painless, results are rapid!Do You Have Allergies,Allergies are an abnormal reaction by the immune system to substances in the environment. The unruly immune system produces chemicals that makes one sick and causes all the various symptoms that we know as allergies.

What Are Your Allergies,Do you react to pets or pollen, dust, or mold spores? The allergy questionnaire in our forms section lists symptoms and other factors most commonly found in people suffering from some form of allergy. Your scores will help to determine whether or not you have allergies.The Treatment,Anti-histamines and decongestants only treat symptoms. Our treatment helps your body to not overreact every time it encounters an allergen.

The first step is skin testing to determine how allergic one is. The allergy solution is then mixed for a patient to absorb under the tongue. Then the amount is gradually increased. The immune system learns to accept the allergy solution in these smaller doses without negative reactions. The desensitization process improves health and well-being. It frees the immune system to protect the body elsewhere.

We have partnered with ImmunoLabs, Inc. and ALCAT for the most comprehensive testing for food allergies and sensitivities. All that’s needed is a small blood sample.ImmunoLabs, Inc. provides an individualized, color-coded computer printout that identifies and assists you in eliminating foods you are allergic to as well as a plan to decrease food sensitivities.

ALCAT testing measures personalized nutrition at the cellular level to measure your body’s response to a wide array of substances including foods, food additives and colorings, molds and environmental chemicals. The ALCAT is NOT an “allergy” or IgE test. It is the most effective and comprehensive sensitivity/intolerance test available.

A comprehensive discussion with our resident allergy expert, Mark Swircenski, PA-C will allow him to determine which test is the best fit for you.NOTE: Billing for these tests is between the patient and the company. AFWC does not handle billing for these out-of-state lab tests. Payment method must be included in the package with your sample when it is sent via overnight courier.
As many as 20 million patients suffer from a sleep disorder. Until recently, that meant spending the night at a sleep clinic – a strange bed, no partner or pet that usually sleeps with you, numerous wires and patches connected to you and someone observing you throughout the night. This doesn’t exactly mimic your normal sleep environment and routine and may lead to inaccuracies in your testing results.

We are proud to partner with John Krehlik, MD, a certified sleep medicine physician to offer our patients comprehensive sleep testing in the comfort and security of your own home. The at-home kit consists of an elastic belt worn around the chest or waist, a pulse-oxygen monitor worn on the finger and the disposable breathing cannula as demonstrated in this photo. No patches attached to your skin or around your arms or head. Simply follow your normal nighttime routine and return the kit to our office the next day.

Dr. Krehlik then examines the data stored in the sleep monitor and provides a comprehensive report of your sleep pattern along with treatment recommendations. Dr. Krehlik and his staff work closely with our providers to provide education and support to patients as we work with you to improve your sleep habits and quality of life.The benefits of an at-home study equal those offered in a traditional sleep clinic. The cost is 50-75% less than an in-clinic test as well. Contact us today for more information.

Mark Swircenski, PA-C is a Certified Medical Examiner with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). He is specially trained to perform physical examinations required for interstate commercial motor vehicle drivers.Contact us today to schedule your appointment. We often have same day or next day appointments available. No additional fee to complete DOT paperwork.

Mark Swircenski, PA-C is a Certified Medical Examiner with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). He is specially trained to perform physical examinations required for interstate commercial motor vehicle drivers.Contact us today to schedule your appointment. We often have same day or next day appointments available. No additional fee to complete DOT paperwork.

A Myers’ Cocktail is a combination of vitamins and electrolytes given intravenously in high therapeutic doses. The name came from the late doctor John Myers who pioneered the use of these IV vitamins in this combination. There can be slight variations in the number and quantity of vitamins used. The formulation that we use has Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Gluconate, B-Complex, Vitamin C, Dexpanthenol, Hydroxocobalimin, and Pyridoxine.Myers’ Cocktails can be a very attractive treatment modality and has become a very popular treatment for patients in our clinic.


The ancient art of Acupuncture is based on the notion that a person’s place in the universe is between Heaven and Earth. The Chinese symbol for a human is rather like a person standing with feet planted firmly on the ground while reaching both arms to heaven to embrace and draw the universe into him or herself. This reminds you that we are part of a greater whole, and there is a dynamic balance between heaven and earth, masculine and feminine, yin and yang. It is this balance that is the goal of acupuncture. Generally the Western physicians identify one single concern to bring about change and healing.

The Chinese medicine based physician, however, sees the presenting complaint plus the underlying imbalance rippling through all the organs and energies of the body. In the Eastern model he also intervenes to support the restoration of the energy (qi) to the body, removes the blocks of stagnation that cause pain and nourishes the proper harmony of communications between the organs of the body.

The idea of qi (“chi”) is that of the universal energy that runs everything from our car engine to the Sun to the beat of the heart. It is the force that we draw with a breath and take in with food. The body takes this qi and transforms it to the form needed to maintain and is transported through a complex web of channels, meridians, and subchannels. A simple example demonstrates how one might understand this extraordinary web in our bodies that we can’t see or easily measure with conventional means:

If I throw two rocks into a pond they make waves that run into each other and they can cancel each other or come together to make larger waves. Where those waves cross each other and establish dynamic balance we have nodes. In much the same way every cell of the body generates an electromagnetic wave continuously. We can see that these waves form standing waves and nodes across the surface of the body. Those standing waves correspond to the energy meridians and the nodes are where the acupuncture points are placed. This is where the work of acupuncture is done.

An acupuncture treatment is done for a wide array of things from pain to depression and anxiety. The initial evaluation involves a discussion of the patient’s specific concerns, signs and symptoms as well as general information about the person’s life and habits, life history and health history. Then the practitioner reads the pulses of the wrists and examines the tongue to learn the qualities of the corresponding organs and their inbalances and problems. The treatment could be to open a block, build up a reserve or improve communication between different parts of the body. The end result is the improvement or resolution of the presenting symptoms and the improvement of the deeper health of the patient. Treatments generally last an hour and occur weekly for a few to several weeks. The particular treatment plan depends how the situation unfolds as the therapy moves forward.

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  • Back Pain
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  • Osteoarthritis
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  • Skin Diseases

Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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