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Willa Keizer is a Certified Classical Homeopath and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Council for Homeopathic Certification, which is the national organization that certifies health professionals in classical homeopathy. She co-chairs the committee that reviews and approves the casework of applicants for certification as homeopaths.

Willa is the Founding Director of the Caduceus institute of Classical Homeopathy, which trains health professionals and other serious students in homeopathic medicine. The Caduceus Institute of Classical Homeopathy offers courses through an extensive audio-visual distance-learning curriculum of five modules as well as on-site classes, workshops, and clinics. Please call (800) 396-9778 for the latest catalog or visit Caduceus’ website at http://www.homeopathytraining.org . Willa received her initial training in the healing arts during eight years in Indonesia with the Shao Lin White Crane Association and Grandmaster Subur Rahardja. While in Asia, she helped establish a healing arts program attended by people from all over the world.

Upon her return to the United States, she undertook three years of training in at the Pacific Academy of Homeopathic Medicine and became certified in classical homeopathy by the Council for Homeopathic Certification. Willa was also awarded a diploma from the Dynamis School of Advanced Homeopathic Studies in 1995. From 1994-1998 Willa served as the first year Core Instructor at Pacific Academy of Homeopathic Medicine.  She also taught for the Oregon Institute of Homeopathy in Medford, Oregon, and the Five Branches Institute in Santa Cruz. She has maintained a homeopathic practice since 1991 and has served as Director of the Caduceus Institute of Classical Homeopathy since 1996.

Homeopathy works by stimulating the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. Its basic principles date back to Hippocrates and were further developed almost two hundred years ago by Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician. Homeopathic remedies, which are energized preparations derived from natural substances like herbs, minerals and animal products, provoke a healing response in an individual’s vital force, treating the root causes of illnesses which may include emotional conditions.

Hahnemann’s discovery was that a substance causing a symptom in a healthy person would cure that same symptom in a sick person or “like cures like.” Homeopathy is part of standard medical care in Europe, India and South America. Today American health practitioners and medical doctors are beginning to integrate homeopathy into their practices.  

Indian Homeopath Dr. Farokh Master,lectures at Caduceus Institute,How does the homeopathic remedy differ from a typical drug or herb,Drugs, usually chemical in nature, generally suppress symptoms rather than getting to the root of the problem, and are known to have side-effects and possible adverse interactions. Herbs, although prepared from natural ingredients, can be either suppressive or healing depending on the herb and its use. In contrast, a homeopathic remedy is only healing in nature, and has no toxic side-effects or drug interactions. And unlike herbs, homeopathic remedies are regulated by the FDA.

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Sound is a potent and direct form of vibrational healing that has been used since ancient times. Vedic culture has preserved a traditional form of sound healing in the science of mantra.I practice Vedic astrology and prescribe Vedic remedial measures such as mantras, as this form of astrology gives a broad view of the imbalances in our lives that cause physical and emotional suffering. The goal of Vedic Astrology is to gain a deeper understanding of the karmic patterns that are active in our lives, including the obstacles that cause us to suffer. It also offers release and relief from those patterns in the form sacred sound or mantra, and other energetic remedial measures such as gemstones, color therapy, and life style changes.

Mantras and other Vedic remedies are a form of self help and are dependant only upon your own desire to create change and willingness to practice them on a daily basis. Regular, rhythmical mantra chanting causes deep and profound changes which lead to a sense of relief, peace, a deeper connection to your higher nature, and a removal of obstacles in your life.

I can do a Vedic astrological reading for you and choose a mantra and other remedies based on your birth chart and your own concerns, including, health, career, spirituality, or relationship issues. The mantras I prescribe are “seed” syllables and are not associated with any religious beliefs.


Menopause is defined as the natural cessation of menstrual bleeding which normally occurs at around age 52. About 80% of women experience some kind of symptoms at this time. These symptoms include hot flashes, abnormal uterine bleeding, vaginal dryness, headaches, and mood swings. Many of these symptoms are often at their strongest in the years before menopause, as there are dramatic fluctuations in hormone levels during this time.

Women today are realizing that, like childbirth, menopause is a natural occurrence rather than a disease. They may seek out natural ways to gently rebalance their systems rather than take strong medications prescribed by their doctor.

One very basic way to feel better during menopause is through diet. If you eat a diet rich in proteins, vegetables, and legumes, you will ensure that your body is getting the fuel it needs to function well. Healthy fats are the precursors to your female hormones, so it is important to eat good natural fats from both plant and animal sources. Sodas and excessive sweet consumption may aggravate osteoporosis. "Hot" foods such as garlic, ginger, onions, pepper, as well as acidic foods such as citrus fruits and tomatoes may make hot flashes worse. So if you're not feeling your best, look at your diet first!

The menopausal years are a particularly opportune time to begin a regular program of weight-bearing exercise such as walking, T'ai Chi, or low-impact aerobics. These types of exercise can help reduce menopausal symptoms and help to maintain bone mass, which prevents osteoporosis. They also help to maintain the health of your heart. This is an important consideration as heart disease rates go up in post-menopausal women. There's no better time to start exercising than right now, so start today!

For symptoms that do not respond to these measures, many women find that homeopathic remedies restore their well-being in a gentle yet effective manner. The best way to help yourself through your menopausal transition is to see a professional homeopath who can assess your unique situation and choose the appropriate remedy.

Homeopathic remedies are highly individualized and there are literally dozens of remedies that can be useful for menopausal symptoms, depending on your unique configuration of symptoms. Here are descriptions of two of the most important remedies for menopause that could be tried at home if the

Sepia, which is prepared from cuttle-fish ink, is useful for a state of menopausal depression where the woman just wants to be left alone. She feels very irritable, snappy, and indifferent even to people she normally cares about. Sex may also seem particularly abhorrent to her; however, a vigorous physical work-out may help her to feel better. Her periods may be early and heavy, with bearing down pains.

Lachesis, prepared from a bushmaster snake, is another useful remedy during menopause. A woman needing Lachesis may suffer from outbursts of rage or jealousy. Menopausal headaches, especially if they are left-sided, often respond well to Lachesis, as do hot flashes that seem to come on from sleeping. If a woman is still having periods, and feels great relief when the menstrual flow begins, this is another clue that Lachesis is called for.

The time around menopause can be very special as it marks another transition in the life cycle, much like puberty or child-bearing. Many women use this time to reflect on their lives and their goals and make adjustments where necessary.For further information on homeopathy for menopause, please listen to my lecture on the subject.

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