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Lauren Feder, M.D. is a nationally recognized physician who specializes in primary care medicine, pediatrics and homeopathy.  Known for her holistically minded approach and combining the ‘best of both worlds,’ Dr. Feder is a frequent lecturer for parents and professionals and has been seen nationally on various health-oriented television and radio programs including The Doctors, Oprah and Friends interviewed by Dr. Oz.   She is the author of Natural Baby and Childcare, The Parents’ Concise Guide to Childhood Vaccinations, and upcoming Natural Pregnancy (due June 2014).   Dr. Lauren is the director of the Center for Natural Family Medicine in Los Angeles.

Lauren was raised by her parents, Ellie Davis a devoted stay-at-home mother and Dr. Robert J. Feder a renowned ear, nose and throat surgeon and voice specialist.  During her teen years she underwent two thyroid surgeries and was placed on daily medicine.  While doing her residency in Los Angeles a decade later, Lauren consulted with  a holistic practitioner and was able to discontinue her thyroid medication altogether. The results astounded her, and led her on a path of discovery in the field of holistic healing and homeopathy for herself and her patients.   Lauren is married to chiropractor, Dr. René Haarpaintner. They have two sons who were born at home with midwives.

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The pregnancy and childbirth experience is considered one of the most coveted experiences in a woman's life. The diverse and vital ways in which we embrace it has changed since the advent of modern medicine. Although many aspire for the most natural pregnancy and birth possible, it often does not come to fruition.

Maternal health is no longer just the domain of physicians, but of expectant parents. This book is about offering women insight into having the most fulfilling experience. It aims to empower a woman and give her the confidence to make the best, most informed decisions regardless of giving birth at home, birth center, or hospital.

As a mother as well as holistic physician, I have found myself on both sides of the medical “divide.” During my pregnancies, I was often thinking as a mother-to-be and a holistic physician at the same time. I realized my background helped me in my journey as an expectant mother. Often, my explorations took me ‘off the beaten path,’ exposing me to little-known options. As a result, I learned so much about the holistic approach for pregnancy and birth, which enhanced my own wonderful experience, and ultimately also for others.

My upcoming book on Natural Pregnancy was born from this dual consciousness—from my desire to bridge the gap between expectant parents and doctors, and to encourage both parties to think more naturally, holistically, and creatively during pregnancy and beyond. I see hundreds of pregnant women and new parents with their newborns every year, all with different feelings, ideas and expectations. Whether or not they are interested in natural birth, nearly all my patients come seeking an additional approach that honors both the body and the spirit of mother and baby.

History Overview: The Medicalization of Childbirth,Natural pregnancy and birth are as old as time itself. For as long as we go back to humanity, women have given birth, naturally. By looking at the past we gain perspective on pregnancy and birth attitudes in the 21st century, as it is only recently that modern medicine has become intricately involved in the birth process.

Historically, our ancestors lived in small villages where local women, mothers and midwives (with the woman in Middle English) supported the woman and helped her during pregnancy and especially in labor and delivery. Before the 20th century, nearly everyone delivered at home. Unless a woman was too poor, she had to deliver in the hospital. In those days, hospitals were unclean places, filled with infections, where the poor went to die.

By the 17th century, pregnancy and birth became a point of interest by the emerging medical community, starting what is now coined as the ‘medicalization of childbirth.’ By the early 20th century, most births, normal and complicated, became medicalized in developed countries. Eventually, medical doctors managed the care of women during childbirth, replacing the majority of midwives. Although, outside of the United States, midwives still play a greater role in labor and delivery.

As a result of the increasing intervention and control by doctors, childbirth became viewed less as a normal natural experience but more as a medical procedure which needed to be orchestrated with pain medications, shaving of pubic hair, and ultimately leaving women no options or choices in the matter.

In the past, life was different too. People’s lives were greatly influenced by factors such as food supplies, harvest, weather, war, and infectious diseases. As a result the mortality rate was higher in women and children compared to today. Before the 20th century, 1% of women died from pregnancy-related complications and up to 25% of babies died before one year old. In the 1800s it came to light that physicians (not midwives) were responsible for the rise in maternal mortality.

According to physician (and writer) Oliver Wendell Holmes, physicians who went from performing autopsies to delivery, spread puerperal fever from patient to patient because of dirty, infected hands.Also at that time, the industrial revolution was in full swing leading to crowded unclean living conditions in factories and cities,. However, eventual improvements in sanitation, healthcare, literacy, nutrition, and standard of living witnessed a decrease in the infant and maternal mortality rates in the United States by over 90%.....to be continued.

In addition to our pediatric and homeopathic clinic, we offer well-woman gynecology visits, primary care for men and women, and chiropractic care. Since 2013, we are now known as the Center for Natural Family Medicine. Our new address is: 955 Carrillo Dr., Ste 108. Los Angeles, CA 90048. Same phone number (323) 651-4454. We are located just around the corner from the Wilshire office, by Olympic Blvd. and Crescent Hts.

Tricks of the Trade: The Wonderful Uses of Homeopathy,Homeopathy is amazing. The remedies are versatile and can be used for many different complaints and conditions (many of which you may have never thought about). Dr. Lauren is beginning to compile a list of homeopathic medicines that can be used for x-rays, biopsy, and birth. Click Here

Articles on Nutrition for the Family,The type of diet I recommend and follow comes from the recommendations of Dr. Weston Price, an American dentist from the 1930s. Read more on dietary recommendations for the family.We welcome Hollie Greenwood, Nutritionist who writes about Atherosclerosis and the benefits of cholesterol in our body. "Cholesterol is like that of firemen at the scene of a fire it is there to lend assistance during the accident to help to put the fire out. It is not the cause"

Articles for Expectant Parents,Dr. Feder has added a collection of articles on Prenatal Tests and Procedures- an additional viewpoint. Read more on the risks and benefits of ultrasound, amniocentesis, GBS, and more.Our Office,The mission statement of our office is to serve you and your family. From pediatrics to adults.

we offer both homeopathic and standard medicine to serve your needs. More office information.Dr. Feder Interview with Dr. Oz on Oprah & Friends,Dr. Feder was interviewed recently by Dr. Mehmet Oz and his wife, Lisa on a variety of natural parenting topics from the book, Natural Baby and Childcare.


Some practitioners recommend a pre-labor regimen to be used in the last trimester to ease childbirth. In a French double-blind study, homeopathic medicine has been shown to shorten labor time and help prevent or minimize the possibility of a difficult birth if taken daily, beginning at the ninth month. This protocol is indicated for women who feel anxious about the birth or anticipate their doctor would want to induce by a certain date.

For women who have already experienced an easy or rapid labor, this protocol is not needed. Many of my patients have had great success using it and feel empowered by being able to participate in their healthcare. Personally I waited, as I wanted to see what my body would do on its own. Lo and behold, my first child was born at nearly 42 weeks. The following list of homeopathic medicines are adapted from the protocol.

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