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The goal of this site is to help everyone understand homeopathy and provide you with the necessary information to see a professional homeopath . It might come as a surprise to you that homeopathy is by far the most widely practiced alternative in the world. Western and Eastern Europe have long traditions, India and South America as well. China and Japan have begun programs. In the U.S. there were many homeopaths practicing up until the 1930's. Conflicts with various organizations brought it to its knees but like every good thing, it is back. So, rest assured, there are many millions of people throughout the world choosing homeopathy as their choice for good and effective healthcare.

The process of choosing the correct homeopathic remedy (the simillimum), involves paying very close attention to all symptoms, no matter how insignificant these may seem. These symptoms and their unique expressiveness are the most important clues in guiding the choice of homeopathic remedies. The selection of curative substance is always determined by what is special or individual about the patient.

Each remedy is highly individual which is why I don’t list the name of remedy in the cases I post here. Each person needs a different remedy perfectly chosen for the condition. The correct remedy promotes genuine healing by stimulating what homeopaths call the “vital force”. This is not the mere suppression of symptoms which we often find with drugs, herbs etc… but rather the lifting of the whole condition which brought ill health to begin with.. Suppression can and often does have increasingly severe, even dangerous consequences for our health. We always look for, not only the illness to disappear but also other confirming signs of genuine healing (i.e. increased sense of well being, symptoms disappearing in reverse order of their occurrence, etc…)

In the initial homeopathic case-taking interview, the patient has the opportunity to discuss absolutely all concerns related to his or her health. While listening, the homeopath, takes special notes of the details of the condition’s unique expressions as well as the likes and dislikes, fears, dreams, as well as the history of his or her illness. The essence of the case can then emerge, as in a detective story. When the core of the illness facing the patient are matched with the proper remedy unprecedented healing can occur.

Additional Information

I first encountered homeopathy in 2000 when I had a severe chronic bronchitis. I’d fractured two of my ribs with violent coughing spells and had been to my primary care physician umpteen times in efforts to eradicate it. At that time, a friend of mine suggested I sign up for the student clinic at The School of Homeopathy, New York. My homeopath at the clinic spoke with me for two plus hours about all aspects of my emotional, physical and mental health, and at that time, I’d never discussed nor viewed my own health through a holistic lens.

Not only did the remedy she gave me restore my energy and finish off the bronchitis, but I felt intuitively that homeopathy was a powerful mode of healing – so much so that I wanted to become an expert practitioner. Two years later, I applied to and attended that very school (the same school Pierre attended), gaining a four-year education in classical homeopathy.

Prior to my life as a homeopath, I was (and still am) a musician. My love of music resonates with my other love, homeopathy, as they’re both vibrational. And most recently, I’m loving life as a mother to Hazel, who was born in July of 2011. Since graduating in 2006, I’ve worked in my own private homeopathic practice, seeing people of all ages, from pediatrics to geriatrics and everyone in between, and for ailments ranging from allergies, gastrointestinal issues, anxiety and depression, gynecological/hormonal issues, nervous system disorders, all the way to PANDAS and autism spectrum disorder.

In the past 3 years, I have seen a number of PANDAS and Autism cases in my own practice. I found the results to be quite effective, and therefore I became more interested in treating these conditions. In order to gain more expertise, I apprenticed under homeopath Pierre Fontaine, CCH, who specializes in autism spectrum cases. Working with Pierre has exponentially expanded my understanding of the spectrum and related diagnoses.

Erika is a 2006 graduate of the School of Homeopathy New York, the US arm of the Devon School of Homeopathy in England. As part of her ongoing post graduate study, she did seminar and clinic work in India with Rajan Sankaran’s Bombay School. She received her homeopathic board certification (CCH) in August of 2009. In practice, she carefully and patiently explores with her clients what is known as the core sensation, selecting a remedy that will best set them on the path to restored health and well-being.

Homeopathy was a life changing experience for our family as Pierre Fontaine provided incredible healing for my son with autism. I read Amy Lansky’s book, The Impossible Cure, when my son was four years old, and homeopathy just seemed to make so much sense as a holistic mode of healing. Subsequently, I went to see a classical homeopath, but we saw someone who did not have experience with autism and saw no benefits from the remedies.

I put homeopathy on the back burner and tried many biomedical protocols and therapies. I felt my son had a dramatic “awakening” from his non-verbal, self-involved state at age four through nutritional therapies, but when he was nine years old, it was homeopathy with Pierre Fontaine that dramatically changed his behaviors and focus so that he could move from a self-contained autism program into a general education classroom within less than a year’s time. Within less than two years he went from needing physical therapy to being on his school’s competitive basketball team. My son’s experience convinced me of the power of homeopathy to provide miraculous healing.

I decided to become a homeopath and asked Pierre to be my mentor. Since my son’s amazing experience, I have referred so many other parents of children with autism to homeopathy with Pierre and been impressed time and again with the incredible improvements and healing it has provided.

I must say that it took me years to begin to be able to comprehend how classical homeopathy works, and I am still learning every day. The homeopathic philosophy goes against everything we are taught in this society where the allopathic medical approach holds sway. We tend to view disease or symptoms as something we must attack aggressively.

We want to immediately halt or counter whatever symptoms we feel to be most afflicting the child we love. With classical homeopathy, I learned that symptoms are merely the body’s language. Our bodies are doing the best they can to protect themselves from further harm through our symptoms can manifest as anything from skin rashes to strange behavioral patterns.

From that point of view, to attack isolated symptoms outside the context of the whole child, may give symptomatic relief in the short run, but can drive the fundamental imbalance deeper, ultimately hindering healing from autism at a deep, profound level. That is why when a non-verbal child who makes no eye contact and stares into space takes a constitutional remedy and emerges into a child who is noisy and engaged in attention seeking and perseverating behaviors, it must be understood as a step on the road to healing, even though it may produce new problems and concerns for the parent.

If that healing is blocked by an allopathic approach, deeper healing can be hindered or suppressed. The approach is to see the whole symptom picture as unique. Thus, a highly individualized single remedy is chosen based on the totality of the child’s symptoms. This where Pierre Fontaine is uniquely skilled because in cases of autism the constellation of symptoms is so varied and extreme it can easily be overwhelming. From skilled case-taking, the child heals because his or her own vital force is strengthened by the accurate resonance of the remedy upon the child. That healing often comes in a manner and order that is quite different than a parent may expect.

Since I first brought my son to Pierre over five years ago, I have observed Pierre’s case-taking evolve, so that he is now even more accurate but even more importantly he never compromises his goal to find that correct constitutional remedy that can make the difference at a truly deep level only occasionally using seemingly attractive modalities such as isopathy or homotoxicology but understanding that using them frequently is not a viable long term solution.

I am happy to use my understanding and personal experience of healing with homeopathy to provide support to the parent learning to navigate the world of homeopathy for their child.
I am a certified Holistic Health Counselor and Nutrition Consultant with over a decade of personal experience and education in holistic nutrition, alternative therapies and homeopathy for autism and other health concerns.

I studied nutrition through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and am studying homeopathy with the School of Homeopathy in Devon, England. I have my own practice as a Holistic Health Counselor and specialize in Individualized Nutrition Plans for children with autism, ADD and ADHD.


Pierre Fontaine, RSHom (NA), CCH, has been a professional Homeopath in New York City since 1994. He is a registered member of the North American Society of Homeopaths “RSHom (NA)” and is certified by the Council on Homeopathy Certification “CCH.” Before studying Homeopathy he spent five years investigating the whole range of alternative health care such as: Acupuncture, Herbal and Vitamin therapy as well as Ayurvedic medicine to mention the most popular ones.

He found little satisfaction in the principles of the diverse modalities he was researching. After briefly enrolling in the Gary Null School of Nutrition and while contemplating registration at the Tristate School of Acupuncture he discovered Homeopathy. It was “love at first sight”.

Pierre graduated after following the four year program from the School of Homeopathy in Devon, England. It was an enormous effort but it was the right thing to do because England has a much more sophisticated educational system. Consequently, his dedication to homeopathy and to his patients is obvious.

His leadership qualities were instrumental in the birth of the New York State Homeopathic Association of which he was the founding Vice President. Pierre Fontaine has lectured on Homeopathy at Autism One National Conference, as well as in Dubai and Chile for many different colleges: SUNY, St. John’s University, Queens College, Southampton College.

He is the successful author of “Homeopathy, Sweet Homeopathy”, which lifts the veil on the professional homeopathic consultation room for 38 different illnesses. He is the author of many published articles and was the host of the TV show “Homeopathic Times”.

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