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Raso Vai Ayurveda is an unique effort to bring ancient Ayurvedic science to the services of modern man. Our main work is providing Trainings, conducting Courses, Workshops, Consultation, offering Treatments and Panchakarma. Raso vai comes from Sanskrut. It is a complete statement, ´Raso Vai Sa` where, “Sa” can be silent or unsaid. When it is only ´Raso Vai` , it is the same as it is in  ´Raso Vai Sa`. Raso vai is like finger pointing to the moon. It is saying something about  “THAT -WHICH IS UNSAID”. It is expression for the divine, the godliness, the atman.
Raso vai is the qualities which indicate the pure the Paramatma. Raso Vai is the way.It is expressing ‘love’ and  ‘prayer’ which leads to divine. Rasa means life itself. Rasa word can be used instead of love, juice, taste and  to show interest. Also in Ayurveda the first ‘Dhatu’ ( bodily tissue)  is  called Rasa. Raso vai is simply a expression or effort to express, the god or divine as it has been made in so many different ways and language through out the centuries.. Raso vai Ayurveda is an effort towards health and wellbeing which is then the door to divine. When Prana (life energy) is flowing in abundance, it gives health, happiness and relaxation. When the bodily tissue 'Ras' is unobstructed and abundant, it gives more vitality and longevity.

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Ayurveda is the natural healing system of India. In Sanskrit, the word "Ayurveda" means 'science of life'. Ayu means life or daily living, and Veda means knowing. Ayurveda was first recorded in the Vedas, one of the the world's oldest literature. The Vedic system, including Ayurveda was in practice before 4000 B.C. Vedic science also includes Yoga, meditation and astrology as its branches for dealing with physical body.

Ayurveda helps the healthy person to maintain health, and a diseased person to regain health. It is both a medical and metaphysical healing science. It includes herbal medicines, dietetics, bodywork, surgery, psychology and spirituality. In Ayurveda the creative force 'Dhanvantari' the divine healer, symbolizes Brahma. All Ayurveda literature is based on the Samkya philosophy of creation. 'Sat' means 'truth' and 'Kya' means 'to seek', to know.

The ancient Rishis, or realized beings, discovered truth by means of religious practices, disciplines and through intensive meditations. Rishis and sages like Shushrutacharya, Charakacharya, Vagbaht, Sarangdhar etc. created great commentaries, contributing their efforts and insights to make it available to all of us. Ayurveda is concerned with eight principle branches of medicines, collectively called 'Ashtang Ayurveda'.

They are pediatrics, gynecology, obstetrics, ophthalmology, geriatrics, otolaryngology, general medicine and surgery. All these medical specialties are addressed according to theories of five elements (Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth), the Tridoshas or bodily humors (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), the seven Dhatus or bodily tissues, the three Malas or waste (urine, stool and sweat), and spiritual growth. Any imbalance between body, mind and environment begins the process of disease.

The treatment not only works on the disease but also emphasizes achieving more health, longevity and awareness. There are various treatments including a daily regime, Meditations, Pranayama, Yoga, balanced diet according to the body type, the attributes, the medicines, and a variety of cleansing process called Panchakarma, Shirodhara, Rasayani, Vajikaran, etc. Raso Vai Ayurveda brings a unique way to continue this traditional science in this modern life style


Raso Vai is offering training in 'Ayurvedic massage (Pune Tradition)', also known as 'Ayurveda Yoga Massage'. Ayurveda Yoga massage combines the insight of ayurveda and yoga and is a specialty from Pune. This particular work originated in Pune by the grand teacher Kusum Modak combining massage techniques and Aiyangar therapeutic yoga.

Raso Vai Ayurveda Yoga massage is a therapeutic work. It can be a series of treatment or a relaxing, detoxifying and rejuvenating experience. It is strong but gentle on the whole body with massage strokes over the whole body and various yoga stretching's combined in the session.

In this massage we use oil and a herbal powder. The massage is done on a mattress on the floor. We use hands and feet to give massage. There are many deep chniques to warm the body and relieve the tensions. After warming the body, yoga stretching are done according to the condition and necessity of the client/ receiver The herbal powder used in the massage is Calamus and is a very good detoxifying herb. It is anti septic, anti-inflammatory and exfoliating.

It helps to bring out the deep seated toxins from lymph and muscles. Highlights of the massage: The massage brings more Prana, vital energy in the body, helps to remove the toxins seated deep in to the musculoskeletal system and in the blood stream .The series of yoga stretching helps in better alignment and breathing. The Ayuryogic massage session/s gives deep relaxation and relives the stress from day to day life. The body experiences flexibility and more energy flow.

Highlights of the massage: Its a massage that aims at lengthening and stretching the tissues (muscles, tendons and fascia). The Massage brings a structural integration into the body. The massage helps in balancing the various body humors. The massage is helping in relieving the muscular and joint uncomforts and pains. The massage brings a harmony to the body and a release of accumulated tensions.

The massage opens up the muscles, vigorates the system and tones the body. With the massage the receiver experiences a profound relaxation and release of stress. The conscious healing touch takes the receiver into a deep relaxation and silence. The massage works towards strengthening the system and is especially beneficial for worn out bodies due to excessive physical or mental exhaustion.

The massage also helps in loosening the toxins from the body and helping the body to release them and thereby rejuvenating the system. Every body who is beauty professionals, body workers, physiotherapists, health care professionals, massage therapists and others who are ready to learn deep Ayurvedic work and likes to learn more in the art of touch and being touched can join the training. The prerequisite or experiences needed to join the training. Though it does help if you already are into body work but its not essential to join the course. The raining is designed for every one and every body can learn the massage and give a full body massage after the course.

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Treatments For:

  • Facial Paralysis
  • Headache
  • Joint Diseases
  • Muscle Cramp
  • Muscle Disorders
  • Muscular Dystrophies
  • Musculoskeletal Diseases
  • Neck Pain
  • Stress

Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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