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Hands To you Massage Therapy - Little Egg Harbor

Ray's Credentials Professional Experience since 1996,Licensed Massage Therapist State of New Jersey # 18KT00544400,Licensed Massage Therapist State of Florida # MA43396,Nationally Board Certified Massage Therapist with NCTMB,Graduate of Philadelphia School of Massage (of Healing Hands),Professional Member of AMTA American Massage Therapy Association.

Member of Sport Pro Massage Team and the AMTA Sports Massage Team - athletic events sport massage.Member of International Thai Therapists Association, INC., Nuat Thai Level 1,Certified in the following:Active Isolated Stretching (Aaron Mattes),Swedish Massage - Philadelphia School of Massage, NJ,Esalen Institute, CA (Advanced classes 2001 and 2009),Deep tissue Massage.

Myofascial Massage - Robert King Seminars,Therapeutic Breast Massage - Loordes Institute, NJ,Thai Massage - International Thai Association.Basic Watsu (Aquatic Massage) - Harbin Institute, CA,Hawaiian Lomi Massage - Kuiepo,Body Treatments (mud body wraps, seaweed body wraps, hot stone massage, salt glows, hydrotherapy bath treatments),Sports Massage (Sports Pros Massage Team).

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Besides being an ultimate treat, massage therapy enhances the function of your joints and muscles, improves your circulation and general body tone, relieves physical and mental fatigue and stress, and increases flexibility and range of motion. Massage therapy is for the mind as well as the body.

Out-Call,Sessions at your local home or hotel room start at $85/hr per person and 90min are $125 per person. Longer session times available. Atlantic City sessions start at $100/hr.In-Call,Sessions in my beautiful home studio start at $65/ hr per person

An optional 15% to 20%+ gratuity is not included in the basic fee for each Therapist.Additional travel fees apply for sessions out of our local southern NJ area.Atlantic City sessions start at $100.See Price page for more details.Monthly Specials are not shown in the prices below.

Swedish Massage - The most familiar and relaxing of all massage techniques is used primarily for reducing and releasing stress, relieving fatigue, and increasing circulation. This light touch style and is very relaxing and calming.

Deep Tissue - Concentrated deep work using thumbs and elbows to loosen the connective tissue where muscles attach and knots form. I use no-pain methods to go very deep to relieve built-up tensions.

Esalen Massage - Using long strokes up and down the body combined with slow smooth touches puts you into a wonderful relaxing near-trance state of total body sensation. This is a beautiful free flowing Sensual style of massage. I have been trained at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA in advanced Esalen massage.

Aromatherapy Massage - This customized treatment utilizes a personal blend of pure flower and plant essences that you choose during your massage session to increase the therapeutic benefits of the Swedish massage.

Couples Massage - Share a relaxing massage with a loved one or friend. Enjoy a wonderful side by side couples massage by just Ray or with 2 therapists (M&F or M&M). Very Romantic !

4-handed Massage - The most indulgent of all massage services begins with a synchronized pattern of fluid movement that passes over the body. Two pairs of hands will choreograph a rhythmic, dance-like massage to glide over you. Each movement is mirrored on the opposite side. This incredible massage experience is equal to receiving a 2 hour massage. (M&F or M&M)

Shiatsu Massage - Shiatsu/ Acupressure are systems of finger-pressure massage based on the Asian system of healing, which treats special points along "meridians" — channels of energy flow (or Qi or Chi) in the body. The underlying belief is that blocked meridians can cause physical discomfort, and that techniques applied to specific meridian points can "release" the blockage, thereby balancing energy flow.

Heated Stone Massage - Warm stone therapy combines traditional Swedish massage with the use of heated stones. The heat enhances the benefits of the massage by warming the muscles and joints creating a deeper state of relaxation. (Offered only in my studio).

Thai Massage - Nuat Thai massage incorporates elements of mindfulness, gentle rocking, deep stretching and rhythmic compression to create a singular healing experience. (Performed on the table - not the floor).

Sports Massage - Designed for athletes before, during, and after as a part of training regimen to enhance performance and endurance, reduce the risk of injury and lessen soreness. Stretchings can be included into any massage.


Great for cleaning and revitalizes your skin. Using mild body shampoo, warm soapy water and a soft cloth, I gently wash your skin and entire body to cleans the pores and revitalize you. Can be done before or after your massage session. (30 min.)

Mud Body Wrap $100.00 - Moors Mud deeply cleanses and revitalizes your skin. It's also great for soothing tired muscles and joints. The most luxuriating and indulgent of Spa Therapies. Ancient plant extract mineral mud is applied to the body, enhancing toxin release and exfoliation. You're wrapped in a Mylar blanket after application of Moors Mud for 20 min. A gentle shower comes next followed by essential oils infused with moisturizers and rubbed on the full body.(1 hr.)

Seaweed Body Wrap $100.00 - Warmed silken Bladderwrack European Sea Kelp is applied to the body and left to nourish - detoxify - and tonify the skin as well as remineralize and hydrate. You're wrapped in a mylar blanket after application of seaweed for approx. 20 min. A gentle shower comes next followed by essential oils infused with moisturizers and rubbed on the full body. (1 hr.)

Kaolin White Clay Body Wrap $100.00 - A mineral rich Kaolin China white clay that is deep-cleaning and astringent, drawing out oils and toxins as well as tightening, toning and remineralizing. This mineral rich clay draws impurities to the surface, while exfoliating dead skin cells leaving skin radiant and healthy. A gentle shower comes next followed by essential oils infused with moisturizers and rubbed on the full body. (1 hr.)

Sea Salt Glow $40.00 - A body peeling treatment that combines sugar, Dead Sea Salts, or tropical blends combined with essential oils that are applied to stimulate the lymphatic system, exfoliate and replenish your skin. This is followed by a gentle shower. (30 min)

Sea Salt Glow & Massage $125.00 - Mineral-rich sea salt body scrub to smooth and silken the entire body. A one-hour Swedish massage will conclude your experience and renew your body and mind. (1.5 hr),Please do not shave your legs 24 hours prior to your body treatments.

As with most professional services, please expect to pay cash at the time services are rendered. If you are pleased with the services you have received, it is customary to give a 15% to 20% + gratuity to your Therapist.

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  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Pain
  • Stress

Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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