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We have closed the retail store at 1704 Iowa Street , and no longer sell products or rent tables.We are happy and fulfilled to say that Green Touch was a source of healing for the greater Bellingham area, and of comraderie among our community of healing professionals for over seven years.Massage services are available with Sally at a new location. Please call the telephone number shown at the right to schedule an appointment with Sally.Our Reiki program is ongoing, with all levels of instruction available. Reiki circle for practitioners will still be held on the last Wednesday of each month. See "classes" link on sidebar to the right for more information.For now, we're leaving the store photos on the site because they are colorful!!

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We are deeply grateful to all of our customers and clients who supported us through the years; for their moral support, their friendship and their business. By far the most rewarding part of this journey was looking forward each day to seeing our wonderful clientele.Some Exciting News!
Sally was a co-presenter at the American Association of Critical Care Nurses’ annual convention in Chicago in May. The invitation was from a Nurse of 30 years at a major hospital in Seattle who has been working for years to bring “comfort care” into the hospital environment. She found Sally through her reputation as a Reiki Teacher and Practitioner. They presented “R&R for Critical Care Nurses and Patients: Reiki as a Healing Agent”.

Comfort care includes energy work, but also color, music, meditation and just being present for the person with dis-ease. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) recognizes Reiki as a healing practice. Reiki can create a healthy and healing environment for nurses and their patients who are faced with death, life-altering events, and physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual stress.

The Chicago convention was a wonderful opportunity to introduce front-line workers in hospitals, the nurses, to an additional tool for them to use in bringing comfort to themselves and their patients – leading to healing for both!Woman receiving a massage,Please dial :360-224-3335 for current massage availability and Reiki information.Visit our classes area for information on Reiki training and a community wide "Experience Reiki" Event.


THERAPEUTIC RELAXATION MASSAGE,Wonderful for the entire body and soul, this healing touch therapeutic massage is superb for promoting relaxation, stress relief, minor muscle pain relief, relieving muscle tension and soreness, as well as many other immediate and long term benefits.1 hr $60, 1 1/2hr $80

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE,A full body massage with the added relaxation and therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Essential oils are concentrated natural plant extracts with complex, beautiful aromas that offer a wide range of health benefits when absorbed through the skin during the massage.1 hr $60, 1 1/2hr $80

TREATMENT MASSAGE,This therapeutic massage focuses on specific body areas that are tense, painful or injury related. Treatment massage can be very beneficial for a broad range of work and stress-related injuries. Therapists may use a variety of modalities to promote alternative health for healing of the body.1 hr $60, 1 1/2hr $80

HOT STONE MASSAGE,Hot stone therapy incorporates warmed river stones into an aromatherapy massage treatment. Feel your muscles soften, stress melt away and circulation increase with this fragrant and deeply-relaxing treatment.1 hr $70, 1 1/2hr $90

REIKI,Reiki is a holistic, light touch energy therapy that helps the body, mind and spirit relearn how to "let go." This potent energy work is useful for encouraging self-healing, alleviating pain and anxiety, opening blocks within the body, balancing chakras, rebuilding inner harmonies and producing a deep state of relaxation.1 hr $60,Call to schedule your massage: 360-224-3335.

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  • Back Pain
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  • Pain

Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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Great Massage
Green Touch gave me one of the best massages I have ever received. I came in with pretty serious nerve compression in my neck causing numbness in my arms. Green Touch knew exactly how to address it with impressive confidence and skill and after just one session, I experienced long-term relief of these symptoms. Simply amazing! I now trust Green Touch to handle the most sensitive issues going on in my body.