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Founded by D. Gary Young (right) in 1993, Young Living Essential Oils is world renowned for exceptionally high-quality essential oils, dietary supplements, personal care products, and other unique solutions for healthy lifestyles.The Gary Young Story,Daniel Penoel, M.D. says:"I congratulate Gary [Young] for his incredible agricultural and distillation accomplishments in Utah and Idaho. This is precisely my picture of 'healing the planet' and creating a vast, beautiful and fragrant garden.

His permanent collaboration with French growers and distillers creates a strong link starting from the earth and from the world of plants themselves.May he find here my deep wishes for the beginning of a new unification process in North American aromatherapy."Young Living has developed one of the world's largest organic herb farms for the production of therapeutic grade essential oils, and owns more than 1,800 acres of organic farmland in Utah and Idaho, with over 70,000 square feet of greenhouse space. Young Living also participates in joint-venture research farms in Provence, France, and Seville, Spain

Young Living annually harvests and distills over 2,000 acres of wild herbs and vegetation, and is one of only a few companies in the world that are growing from seed, harvesting, distilling, producing, formulating, packaging, and marketing pure A-grade essential oils.Young Living is the first company to combine guaranteed pure essential oils with dietary supplements, and has formulated proprietary chemical-free products for personal care.

Young Living has knowledgeable field trainers offering courses in effective and safe use of essential oils and business development.Young Living Distributors are generously rewarded for marketing Young Living products: they earn multiple levels of commissions and bonuses, as well as free products through the monthly Autoship loyalty program.Young Living has more than 250,000 Distributors, sells products in over 20 different foreign markets, including Europe, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore, and has seen significant growth in sales every year for over fifteen years.

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people first discovered the enchanting and powerful fragrances of plants, the Oil Story begins.From the earliest days on earth, our ancestors used the fragrant plants to heal, uplift, anoint, and empower their lives. Why should fragrance, or aroma, be so powerful, and so sought after by people all over the world throughout history,The answer appears not only in the stories of our ancient ancestors, but in the literature of modern science as well. Modern day discoveries help us to understand our need for plants as something more than just food, decoration and shelter.

Thanks to laboratory research, we now know something about the chemistry and action of plant fragrances, which come from the unique and mysterious aromatic liquids hidden in various parts of plants--their leaves, petals, roots, seeds, bark, stem, and even fruit.These aromatic liquids are called "essential oils" now, but they were called "precious oils" and "sacred oils" in ancient times. They were used anciently not only for physical well-being, longevity, beauty, courage, wealth and political power, but for sacred purposes in temples, religious rituals, and at births and deaths.

Typically, essential oils are very light to the touch (not greasy like cooking oil) and evaporate readily, releasing their aromas into the air.Their function in nature is to keep plants healthy, free of infection, to repel harmful insects, and to communicate--to each other, to insects, to animals, and to us! As it turns out, the way they affect us is a lot like the way they affect plants, acting on our immune systems, our muscles, internal organs, skin and circulation, and even our emotions, sometimes all at once!

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