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PACE Fitness is Rande LaDue. Rande has been in the Fitness Industry over 30 years, opening his first health club in upstate New York in 1980. He has owned, managed and worked in several fitness centers and has consulted with hundreds of clubs across the country. In the early 90s, Rande was hired by a major medical company to be the Director of Sales for its PACE Fitness Division. At that time, the industry was changing: articles were being written about the aging baby boomers, the deconditioning of America and seniors, but few fitness companies were doing anything about it. Rande saw PACE as the perfect non-intimidating hydraulic circuit program to help attract those people who typically did not join health clubs (the overweight, women, the deconditioned, seniors, busy executives, etc.), so he decided to accept this challenge.

PACE Circuit Training Rande has marketed PACE since then. He currently is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of PACE through PACE Fitness. Rande's business philosophy in distributing PACE is that every program must be a win-win situation for all concerned. "There can be no losers in a business with long-term goals and a commitment to excellence. My philosophy in business is borrowed from Zig Zigler, who said "You can get anything you want in life if you help others achieve their goals". If I help my customers become successful, then I will ultimately become successful. They will buy from me again when they open their 2nd and 3rd clubs and they will tell others about PACE".

"I used this same philosophy in my own clubs- if I help a member achieve their fitness goals, then I will keep them as a member and they will bring their friends in. I encourage my customers to adapt the same philosophy in their clubs". Rande has helped thousands of clubs over the years successfully implement PACE programs; he knows what it takes to be successful and the pitfalls to avoid.

A Certified DVD Training Workshop included in every PACE Package. Also included in every PACE Program is a complete Marketing/Training manual with forms, contracts, waivers, sales training, preferred vendor list, newsletters, press releases, ad slicks, music CD's, Cue CD's, body fat analyzer, nutrition samples, banner, heart rate charts, etc.; everything you need to make your program a success!

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PACE is the world's first hydraulic circuit training program; fully adjustable, safe, user friendly and non-intimidating. PACE is perfect for senior fitness programs, women's or men's clubs, weight loss centers, coed gyms or corporate fitness centers. PACE is also challenging enough for hard core exercisers and even elite athletes.PACE Express Equipment,PACE fitness equipment is known worldwide as the highest quality hydraulic equipment available, though some people have told us it was beyond their budgets. The PACE Express line is an lower-priced version of our equipment utilizing the same type of non-adjustable shock absorber that our competition uses; however we have added 3 positions to offer Light, Medium and Heavy quick-change adjustable resistance levels.

Add PACE Hydraulic Exercise Equipment to Your Gym,Want to compete with the franchise women's clubs? Our sturdy hydraulic fitness equipment is a great choice for your coed health club.. Women, seniors, the overweight, busy executives, new exercisers and elite athletes all benefit and see results from our safe hydraulic, adjustable exercise machines. We also offer turnkey marketing packages, certified training at your location and ongoing support with the original hydraulic circuit training equipment without franchise fees.

Benefits of PACE Hydraulic Exercise Machines,PACE Circuit Training provides clients with the highest quality hydraulic exercise machines for fast results. Hydraulic circuit training is a great benefit for your members; they will lose inches and tone up faster without muscle soreness or intimidation. Retain members & attract new members with PACE. Our 30 minute program fits into the busiest of lifestyles and overcomes the "no time" objection.Industry Leaders for Hydraulic Fitness Equipment,PACE Fitness offers the highest quality hydraulic equipment in the industry and features a lifetime warranty on its equipment frames. Providing quality hydraulic exercise equipment, (with all the necessary support you need) at an excellent price is how we work for you!


Interval circuit training (work/rest format) has proven to be a very effective way to work out. PACE (Programmed Aerobic/Anaerobic/ Accommodating Circuit Exercise) is an interval circuit training program at its best. PACE is the original 30 minute hydraulic circuit program that combines a strength workout with a cardiovascular workout in a half hour program.The key to PACE, just like any other group program, is fun, motivation & inspiration from an instructor or working out with others. It's more fun to work out with your friends (especially those in the same shape you are in) with an instructor to provide safety, inspiration, motivation, etc. If members have fun, they stick with it! That is what member retention and member referrals are all about! Want to compete with the women's club franchises? Get PACE!,Womens Fitness Club.

Intimidation is perhaps the #1 reason people do not join health clubs; especially the overweight, deconditioned, seniors, etc. PACE is a perfect program for these groups because with its unique hydraulic resistance, there is no skill involved, there are no weight stacks, no sore muscles and anyone can do it- and they get results quickly! Hydraulic resistance is the only resistance that instantly accommodates to the effort of the user; the harder, faster one pushes, the more the resistance. With hydraulic resistance, you can move to the beat of the music (fast anaerobic)- don't try this with any other type of resistance!

But beware! There are copies of PACE out there! Lots have tried to copy our 30 minute circuit concept, but none can copy our patented, fully adjustable hydraulic cylinders! (If they tell you that they include extra cylinders with your order, they expect them to break! They also tell you their "cylinders" are adjustable, but they don't tell you that members can't adjust them, only the club owners after hours since they are so hard to get to! They say you can have "light days" and "heavy days". What if a member cannot handle a heavy day? Or does not want a light day?) Remember, PACE is NOT a copy, it's the original!

PACE is not only an excellent program to help attract new members, but it can also serve as a profit center in itself. Many clubs charge extra for PACE, especially as a weight loss program. PACE Fitness now offer our new PACE Weight Loss Program ( to take the guess work out of implementing a weight loss program- as well as adding lots of new profits dollars to your bottom line.

Group exercise programs have proven successful in fitness centers for many years (aerobics, group cycling, aquatics, light weight lifting, step classes) for a good reason- they work! However, most group programs are designed for the already fit person. Camaraderie and the social aspects of group programs are what appeal to many people. Now, with PACE, the deconditioned, overweight, seniors, etc. can enjoy the same social aspects; everyone is in the same shape as themselves. The instructor plays a very important role in the success of a PACE program. The instructor provides supervision, motivation and inspiration. (By the way, our franchise knock-offs will not let you use instructors-too much profit out of their pockets!) The high energy music and the group format provides the fun. PACE gives them great results and keeps them coming back.

Marketing is also a key to the success of any program. A complete turnkey marketing package is included with every PACE program (contract forms, waivers, press releases, banner, art work for posters & ads, etc.) along with a comprehensive training package. A PACE Certified Training DVD is included with every PACE package.Whatever your needs: Increase members from a whole new market. Increased member retention and referrals. Increased profits. A jump on the competition. Or just a fun, new group program, PACE works! PACE is not a franchise; you pay for the Program once; then you keep the profits you make.

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