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Vishwa Shanti Yoga School Rishikesh (India) is registered with Yoga Alliance-USA as RYS 200 and RYS 300. This makes the school eligible to provide international yoga certification course that leads one to become professional yoga instructor. Vishwa Shanti Yoga School Rishikesh is running 200 and 300 hour residential & intensive yoga TTC courses each consequetive months since its inception in March 2015. The 28 days and 35 days yoga instructor certification courses in India by Vishwa Shanti Yoga (Rishikesh India) are designed for beginners to intermediate and advanced level yoga practitioners around the world.

Alongside, the school collaborates with Yoga Ashram to run weekly Yoga Retreats and Ayurveda Retreats & Yoga Retreats in (Rishikesh) - these short term packages can be as short as two days and as long as one month or even more depending on your requirement.Yoga Teacher Training in India , 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India , 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in india, 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India

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Most people say Yoga has its integral root on control of breath, and to a greater extent they are correct. Control on breath means conscious breathing which carries with it conscious postures, conscious food habit, conscious living – making it a practice in everyday living, every minute living; not only when we are in the Yoga class or yoga mat – one justifies the course attended and s/he will experience the positive changes in her/his life.

We do not claim yoga heals diseases. The yoga teacher training is not an immediate healer but practised regularly over a long time, it changes the perspective of illness, suffering and yes, of course, affects the disease depending on its nature and extent to which it has spread. If your posture is right in whatever you do, you won’t develop different kinds of pain and problems; if your food habit is right, you will be away from many kind of diseases; if you sleep in time and wake up in time, and practice yoga regularly, you will kick away many physical and mental problems; if you understand the yogic philosophy and follow the basics taught in Yoga Teacher Training Course, you will be able to balance your life.

Many of our students who have graduated in the past share that they have learnt to balance their life after doing the course. We feel good to hear. As yoga teaches you to stretch to the left as well if you stretch to the right, to bend backward if you bend forward, to contract if you stretch and so on, the life too has a phenomenon – balancing things to remain healthy and happy.

Residential Hatha Yoga course of 500 hours in Rishikesh India – RYS 500 with Vishwa Shanti Yoga School. Registered with Yoga Alliance USA as RYS 200 and RYS 300 our 500 hour yoga teacher training course is a combination of 200 hour and 300 hour certification courses beginning with the basic or beginner level gradually furthering to intermediate and advanced level yoga teaching. Your basic understanding and interest of yoga learning will be nurtured and developed offering you theoretical and practical education on meditation, yogic breathing technique (pranayama), yogic cleansing (shatkarma) combined with different yoga poses (asanas).

Besides, this course roots your understanding of yoga philosophy and anatomy and physiology. Our instructors who have studied over years in Indian traditional yoga institutes and obtained a decent experience in yoga teaching guide you through all that you require to become a yogi and an instructor who teaches a mass of students with varied experiences and understanding of the universe.

Yoga School Vishwa Shanti Yoga provide Hatha yoga teacher training in Cyprus & Europe and many more meditation, sadhana courses and yoga retreats, To the time bound people out there who have strong desire to complete 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training from an Indian Yoga School but do not have the time to come over here for the course – Vishwa Shanti Yoga has added a new location in Cyprus. You can now enrol to our Cyprus 200 hour YTT – yoga philosophy and anatomy, asanas, meditation, pranayama, shatkarma and other essentials of yogic education.


200 hour Yoga Teacher Training – hatha yoga certification course in India with Vishwa Shanti Yoga School, Rishikesh registered with Yoga Alliance USA. The intensive and residential 200 hour Hatha Yoga teacher training course in is designed to adequately prepare trainees to teach a general adult population. Targeted to beginners to intermediate level yoga practitioners who usually do not have formal certification from Yoga Alliance USA, 200 hour YTT by Vishwa Shanti Yoga ( Rishikesh ) demands an individual to have open mind when they come for the course.

On completion of the 200 hour yoga instructor course, you can register yourself as RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance USA. You should have 100 hrs of teaching experience to become registered yoga teacher 200. The RYT 200 is not just yoga alliance certification; it is much more than the proof that you can develop your career as a yoga teacher.

It is the course that leads you through the anatomy and physiology of yoga making you travel an inward journey, realize who you are and find answers to the questions that rise in your mind time and again. 200 hrs yoga instructor course exposes you to the theoretical understanding of yoga – yoga philosophy and anatomy, its different aspects like – pranayama (control on breath), dhyana (meditation), yama, niyama, dhairya (patience) and also habituates you with different physical practices – asanas, kriya, mudra, shatkarma (cleansing), etc.

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