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Dev International Yoga Centre - Kanpur

Dev International Yoga Centre, with its most powerful curative therapies, Yoga, Reiki, Naturopathy, Magnet Therapy, Meditation Camp and Acupressure, will help you learn how to fight with diseases and to attain Physical and Mental Health from within yourself. It will teach you a way of life.

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Meditation: There is no time limit of this meditation. You can do so in morning, noon, evening or night as and when you get time you can practice it. Sit erect easily keeping vertebrae straight. If somehow you can not sit easily, sitting erect is not essential. You can do so lying easy on Shavasan. Those unable to sit on ground, may do so sitting on a hard board or chair, legs bending on the ground. But while doing so, no part of body should touch the ground.

No bad conductor between body and ground for example rug, durrie, wooden stool even wearing shoes this meditation can be practiced. Close your eyes, let every idea good or bad harmful or beneficial favourable or unfavourable only look through them with sakshi feelings. No idea has to be arrested or released. You have just to see all as an onlooker. In course of time all such feelings will themselves sub-side be a calm spectator to this all passively unmoved.

May you be mentally disturbed and have to be free or improve mental health and be mentally strong to increase your power of concentration, whatever we do in external world, be it a trade, service, administration or studies of a student- the only way to do so is "Regular practice of meditation". Normally there are several ways of meditation in society- as Bhavateet Meditation, Preksha meditation, Yipashyana meditation, Syam Meditation etc. Sakshi meditation is very easy. You can practice it after study and also teach other after due practice.


The Ghroro Yoga Means that branch of Yoga (technique) by practising which regularly fatal diseases can be avoide and prevented. After the age of 30 to 40 years fatal diseases like Diabetes (Sugar), Consumption (Asthama), Obesity, Heart Diseases, Cancer, Stomach Disorders, Hardness of Nerves, Blood Pressure (High or Low), Backbone Pain, Insomina Depression or Irritation like Fatal Diseases tresspass into human body.

But can be controlled by regular practice of the following techniques of Ghororo Yoga above anomalies (Maladies). They can also be uprooted. My 30 years long treatment experience stands their tetimony you can also share practice with us. About 100 years ago a Buddha Saint in Japan Dr.Nikao Oosai restored this system. After second world war the system expanded in whole of the world by leaps and bounds. Reiki entered India in the year 1969.

In Japanese dilect "Rei" means Omni Present and "Ki" stands for vital power. Reiki is pure vital power (Divine Energy). No creature or animal, bird or animal plant or tree can survive without pure Reiki Energy. This life-energy is available in the atmosphere all around us. This energy flows in atmosphere in the shape of microwaves.

Advantage: The life of every creature depends upon this life energy. Thi vital energy is drawn from natural food eg. germinated grains, fruits, vegetables, herbals, water, air, sun rays and mud.In our every action walking, speaking, working etc. energy is consumed and body grows short of energy. According to psychologists Negative Ideas viz. anger, jealousy, fear, revenge, criticism, critical analysis and un-natural ways of living body attracts poisnous matter which result into loss of disease facing capacity on one hand and various anomalies starts making room into human body on the other.

Through Reiki Thyripist, Reiki which is pure & divine energy forcefully enters those organs of body which become short of life vital energy and anomalies raise their heads and the patient advances towards recovery Reiki is known as "Reiki Channel". Atmosphere Reiki energy channels reach to its palm by way of chakra as Agha Chakra, Vishudha Chakra, Ananat Chakra and sooner those palms if touched with human body Reiki starts its flow. Reiki alarms the body organs which needs it and Reiki energy waves start flowing.

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