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Patanjal Yog Sansthan (Institute of Patanjal Yoga) is a registered Society under Societies Registration Act 1860 of India with Regn. No. 1199/1992-93 dated 29th September 1992. The area of operation of this society is throughout India. Patanjal Yog Sansthan (Institiute of Patanjal Yoga) is a registered organisation functioning for the last 25 years.It organises Yoga camps and is involved in various activities in cities of U.P., M.P. and Rajasthan. It provided guidelines for meditation and spiritual development through yoga.
Provides special training and personal consultancy for happy, healthy and harmonious living. Runs centres for alternative & complimentary therapy through yoga, Naturopathy, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Accupressure/Accupuncture, Magnet therapy, Herbal Ayurvedic & Homoeopathic systems etc. Conducts seminars & conferencess for propagation of vedas, health, hygiene, family welfare, environmental balance. Conducts training classes for providing employment & income generation for rural masses in the field of fruit preservation, doll, flower & toy making, clay & plaster of paris idols, sewing and weaving.

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Discussion on Vedic Culture and Yoga Therapy: Swami R C Shukla welcoming and discussing Spiritual matters with Dr. Ravi Prakash Arya (Chief Editor of Vedic Science Magazine,Delhi) sitting with Dr. Manju Anand Phd, Dr. Surbhi Verma M.D Psychiatry and Dr. Virendra Parivrajak in his Reiki Centre at Lucknow.

A vivid discussion were made on Vedic Culture and Yoga Therapy at Reiki, Kundalini, Yoga Training and Therapy Center, Lucknow. Dr. Ravi Prakash gave a detailed description about the food habits and hygiene as propunded by Maharshi Charak and Sushrut. Mass Preaching and Seminar on Upanishadik Teachings and Patanjal Yoga

Swami Virendra Saraswati addressed the masses at Biswan-Sitapur, Katra-Shravasti, Tanda-Ambedkar Nagar, Barra-Kanpur, Indiranagar-Lucknow especially on Ishopanishad in which he empohasized that Isha, the master of the Universe is all pervading. We should utilize this world as a trustee. In the area of the jnana we should give equal importance to Para and Apara Vidya. In the sphere of Karma, we should perform our duties for indivual achievements and social service.


Yoga is the ancient cultural heritage of India. It is the science of healthy and better living on all levels of our existence - physical, mental, moral, intellectual and spiritual. Better living is connected with the total personality of person and this develops from within. Yoga is universal in its application and hence all-embracing. Through its elaborate technology, it sublimates man to divinity byt education not only of the conscious but also of the sub-conscious.

Thus it covers all aspects of human life that leads to physical well-being, mental harmony and spiritual consciousness, culminating in positive and lasting happiness and peace through the integration of personality. Patanjal Yog Darshan: The Yoga of Patanjali is an ethical system. It takes note of all human shortcomings and weaknesses. It is a system based on non-violence, truthfulness, austerity and purity of life, and thus in short the highest moral values.

The system evolved by Patanjali is purely a Vedic System, based on the Vedas and the Upanisads.It is also known as Raja Yoga. The Yoga Darshan of Patanjali has four chapters, known as Padas. The Raja Yoga of Patanjali has nothing superstitious in it; it is a science to be practiced with care and caution. It is meant for everybody, child or young, boys and girls, adults and old persons of either sex, who believe in the sactity of life and its purposefulness.

It can be regarded as one of the greatest contributions of Indian thought, that mind and its behaviours can be controlled by Pranayama or breathing exercises. Astanga Yoga: It is that part of the Yoga philosophy which is attributed to Patanjali and therefore also referred to as Patanjala yoga. It covers both the Yoga ideology and Yoga technology in their foundational forms.

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