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Since childhood, Diana Pepper has felt a close bond with plants and animals that has grown into a deep reverence for Life. She now communicates with the plants, devas/plant spirits, and fairies/nature spirits of Tree Frog Farm, and with angels and Teachers of other dimensions.Through Flower Essence Consultations, Diana offers spiritually-based individual healing sessions, a synthesis of more than 20 years of study, training and personal healing. Creating the Tree Frog Farm line of flower essences & aromatherapy products for human, animal and planetary health is a natural expression of her healing practice.She also teaches classes and lectures on how flower essences are made, personal and professional use of flower essences, and other topics on alternative health.

After a 16 year career in community mental health and a M. A. degree in Humanistic Psychology, John Robinson combined his life long love and connection to Nature and 30 years of meditation practice to obtain an M.A. degree in Environmental Leadership. John has a deep awareness for the interdependent relationship of human expression and ecological systems, and how this relationship shapes human world view and evolutionary health.

John offers classes, workshops and consultation on “Naturescaping” — landscaping for ecosystem health and wildlife habitats and maintains the landscape and gardens at Tree Frog Farm.Photo of Diana and John by Dal NeitzelView from Lummi IslandAbout Tree Frog Farm,Tree Frog Farm is a 2.75 acre micro eco-farm and backyard wildlife sanctuary on Lummi Island overlooking the San Juan Islands in north Puget Sound, Washington, USA. Lummi Island is off the coast of Bellingham and Lummi Nation near the Canadian border. It has a marine temperate climate with mild, rainy winters and warm summers. We love it here because this climate is ideal for nearly year-round gardening of perennial herbs and native plants. It is not uncommon to find a few roses and hardy fuschsia blooming in December and January.

John purchased Tree Frog Farm in 1976 as a homestead, garden and Nature/Human sanctuary. It is named after the nickel-sized bright green tree frogs that send up a chorus of creaky-door sounds in the woods and gardens. The land is a mix of mature evergreens (including grand fir, Douglas fir and western red cedar) and deciduous trees like red alder and bigleaf maple. Many of these are Tree Frog Farm on Lummi Islandover one hundred feet tall. The understory is dominated by the many native wild berry shrubs and ferns for which this region is famous.

In 1999, Diana and John were guided by the Beings at Tree Frog Farm to offer products and services that promote health for humans and the environment. In 2000-01 Tree Frog Farm became a Washington State Department of Wildlife Certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat sacturary, Backyard Forest Steward with the State Department of Natural Resources and a Sierra Club/Project SeaWolf Salmon Friendly Landscape. Herb, rose and flower beds were added to the existing vegetable garden and apples trees.  The native plant nursery is nestled into the forest edges and along the gardens.  All products are grown chemical free and honoring the natural habitat and Beings present.

Diana in the GardenOur Philosophy,Our philosophy at Tree Frog Farm is one of kinship with and respect for all Life. We take care not to harm any creature. We use live traps to relocate mice and move slugs found in the gardens to sites set aside as sanctuaries where we provide old garden leaves for sustenance and shelter. We give notice to the worms (through the deva of worms) to vacate an area before we rototill.

We are registered as a wildlife sanctuary and as forest stewards by Washington state in recognition of the wildlife habitats that Tree Frog Farm provides. We support United Plant Savers. Through education and research UPS works to protect wild herbs such as echinacea, wild yam, and American ginseng that have become threatened due to overharvesting or loss of natural habitat. In line with with this action, we are introducing some threatened species of herbs at Tree Frog Farm. We are also volunteer land stewards for several nature preserves on Lummi Island.

All plants are grown chemically free to support the health of the land and people using our products. Our flower essences and most herbal products come from the native, medicinal and other garden plants which ecologically and energetically form the integrated dynamics of the land. By doing this, we are respectfully creating an environmentally sustainable business.

On a daily basis, we communicate with our partners — the Overlighting Angel and the Overlighting Deva of Tree Frog Farm, the devas of the garden beds, the fairies, and the Ascended Masters who guide us. Our intent is to operate in alignment with their purposes for Tree Frog Farm and for the benefit of all Beings.Yurt MeditationOur Understanding of Health,Our understanding of health follows our philosophy of kinship with and respect for all Life. We call it “healing to wholeness.” In each lifetime themes and lessons bring us closer to understanding the nature of the universe and our part in it.

As we begin to know that the Earth is a learning school — an opportunity to experience Creation within the density of this physical dimension — we also come to understand the pull to spirituality, to return to Creator, Source, God, Great Spirit. Each lifetime offers physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges in our learning process. These challenges are healing opportunities. Health becomes then, not the absence of symptoms, but the returning to wholeness with All.

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Invites you to feel safe in the outside world. Pull down your armor & let people & impressions in without feeling overwhelmed or unsafe. Great for children, teens and adults who are sensitive to energies of other people and to their physical surroundings.

Create appropriate boundaries with the true protection of your Light from within. Relax and engage life with joy!Helps your body/mind to sort and integrate sensory information while staying grounded, centered and settled in your body. Useful anywhere there is high stimulus such as school, on the job, at shopping malls or while traveling.

Illumines a column of golden light through the center of your body, creating protection and joy from the inside out. Now Celebrate Life!!Devil’s Club - Provides solace to those who are world-weary. Turns thorns into a healing balm and reconnects you to your spiritual roots.Spirea - Invites you to let down your guard, to pull down the protections around your heart and live with compassionate equanimity.

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