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Our products have been designed by Dr. Michael Wald, "The Blood Detective".  Dr. Wald has been in clinically nutrition practice for over 25-years, has taught educational courses to the lay-public and health care providers in most areas of health , disease prevention, longevity and use of diet and nutritional supplement products.

Purity, innovation and scientific evidence are the fundamental principles upon which Blood Detective™ Nutritionals are based. Exhaustive scientific research, and real-life clinical application by Dr. Wald, has contributed to the creation of his comprehensive line of high quality nutritional supplements.  Begin with a healthy diet and exercise and add Blood Detective Nutritional supports.

Dr. Michael Wald is a well known, sought after media personality having appeared on ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer, FOX Five National News, FOX Five Noon and Evening News, CNN, The Food Network, Channel 11 PIX, Channel 12 News, CBS (Channel 13) and many other news and media outlets. Dr. Wald himself was diagnosed as a teenager with multiple sclerosis and turned his disease around focusing his life on wellness including excelling at marathon running, weight training and martial arts.

A neurologist colleague of Dr. Wald’s says, “I have never seen anyone beat their disease so effectively and help so many people from such a strong, personal passion for natural health and life.” Dr. Wald has focused himself upon helping people reach levels of health they may never have thought possible. His evidenced-based mindset, combined with his caring attitude and desire to find natural solutions for his patients has made Dr. Wald one of the most sought after nutritionists in the United States and could be the most qualified.

Dr. Wald has published many successful books and hundreds of articles in the areas of longevity, disease prevention and treatment, diet and nutrition.  A practicing clinician for 25 years and current Director of Longevity at Integrated Medicine of Mount Kisco, in Westchester, New York, Dr. Wald has been nicknamed "The Blood Detective" by a grateful patient for his keen ability to zero-in on health problems that many health practitioners, regardless of specialty, often miss. Having provided dietary, nutrition and longevity counseling to thousands of patients, Dr. Wald warns, “Dietary factors are the number one factor influencing our health and disease predilection. By incorporating careful consultation, specially designed health appraisal questionnaires, diagnostic intuitiveness and my Blood Detective technology I have helped hundreds of patients over my 25-year career. I am excited to help you get well naturally!”My chiropractic and nutritional training…did not include exposure to hospital-based disease care so I looked forward the experience of hospital rotations. Chiropractic students are required to work in a clinic treating entirely neuro-musculo-skeletal issues (and some nutrition).

I completedmedical rotations (not residency) in a variety of areas including, pediatrics, child psychology, adult psychiatry, radiology, cardiology, gastroenterology, internal medicine, psychiatry (similar to orthopedics) and other areas as required by my medical school program. I  learned a lot about hospital-based medicine and how very different it was than to office-based medicine and nutrition practice. My experience with medical rotations convinced me to help people preventatively with nutrition and natural approaches whenever possible. The combination of these varied experiences helped make me what I believe I am today, namely; a doctor with a talent for “putting it all together”, helping people get well from a truly holistic and integrated perspective. The first two years of education in medical school I had already been exposed to in chiropractic school so they was essentially review for me; with one important difference – in chiropractic school most of the subjects also included natural methods of treatment. Medical school’s entire focus was on the diagnosis, what medications and/or therapies to use.

I learned a great deal of nutrition during my four-year equivalent chiropractic education. My nutritional school education was almost entirely didactic, book stuff mostly, with some small exposure to patients with “real world problems”. In medical school, I was perhaps was exposed to the equivalent of two or three hours of nutritional topics within other courses of study… really, that was it!. Sometimes people ask me, “Dr. Wald why didn’t you become a medical doctor…a real doctor?” My answer is simply this; “I did not become a medical doctor because my passion is health care and not disease care.

People also sometimes ask, “Dr. Wald, couldn’t you have completed your medical residency and still practiced holistic medicine?”* My answer is usually this, “Yes, I could have completed a residency, but that would have involved spending an average four years (full time) focusing on hospital based medicine. I want to study natural health care and continue to help patients right now…and that’s exactly what I am doing!” And you know, I think that four years of doing something you don't love and have passion for is not a smart decision.  Allopathic medicine is not integrated/holistic health care - and I inspire to be the best natural health care provider that I can be."

He appeared as a nutrition and health expert on numerous television and radio programs, including ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer, Channel 12 Westchester News, Fox National News, Channel 11 PIX, Channel Five Fox News, Good Day New York, The Food Network, Channel 13, and Gary Null’s “Naturally Living.” His is the author of The Anti-Aging Encyclopedia, Frankenfoods - GMO Dangers, Gluten-A-Holic, The Blood Detective's Longevity Secrets, The Male Infertility-Fertility Connection, Hope for Hepatitis C, Intravenous Nutrition Protocols from A-Z, and The Phlebotomy Handbook. Dr. Wald’s latest release (2009) is entitled Multiple Sclerosis: Medical & Nutrition approaches to optimal health. Dr. Wald has written hundreds of articles appearing in magazines both in print and online (see his Blog, Twitter and Facebook links). Dr. Wald writes regular health and wellness columns in the Westchester Examiner Newspaper and the Baby Boomer Health Magazine.

Additional Information

Once Dr. Wald receives and reviews your Essential Success Form he will provide a written description of how he believes he can help you achieve the level of success that you have always wanted - both clinically and financially. Detailed suggestions will be given in all areas of the questionnaire for your consideration.

Dr. Wald's review and detailed comments are meant to provide initial insights into your practice and areas of difficulty and potential improvements.The responses provided will also help you and Dr. Wald decide upon the level of professional success coaching to consider with Dr. Wald.

For example, Dr. Wald may suggest a coaching session once per week for several weeks on a short term basis or long-term basis depending upon your needs and his assessment. It is entirely up to you to decide how much or little coaching you want.The Essential Success Form is an introduction only to assess what Dr. Wald feels are your fundamental needs. He may suggest an additional session to clarify further his coaching terms.


The Blood Detective Professional Edition, and Nutritional Microscopic software programs, provide comprehensive health reports complete with nutritional supplement recommendations, food plans and more - all personalized for your patients unique biochemical and nutritional needs. Impress your patients, potentially improve clinical outcomes with integrity through Dr. Wald's easy-to-use technology. His software helps produce insights in the form of comprehensive reports hard to find anywhere else.

Be the practitioner who "writes the book" for your patients nutritional and overall health needs helping them live live's that they love. Set yourself apart and be the health care provider that your patient's deserve! The right technology, Blood Detective technology, is practical and easy to use!

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