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Herbs and Hakim is a unique blend of traditional concept and scientific aspect of Unani System of Medicine. The parishioners of Unani system of Medicine are called as Hakims. In Unani System of Medicine drugs and formulations are based on herbs, hence herbs and hakims can not exist without each other. People still have faith in both herbs and hakims in spite of ample acceptance of modern medicine. But the authenticity of both herbs and hakims are questioned due to number of quacks and misunderstandings.
Herbs and Hakims is aiming to provide this time tested, age old, authentic system of medicine to masses and this can be achieved only by providing precise, effective, perused ,result oriented original herbs at our centre which is managed by highly trained and qualified hakims. The centre has also refined qualified Unani physicians and hakims by giving special training and practical programmes, thus enabling them to face the present day medical challenges. This centre will also provide identified raw drugs, compound formulation, herbal extracts, herbal oils etc.
Herbs and Hakims will be an informational platform for scholars, physicians of Unani System of Medicine so that they can exchange their views and ideas. Herbs and Hakims will provide a world wide network of Hakims and Unani physicians so that they can interact and improve their knowledge in the field of medicine, so as to help mankind. We are planning to open a chain of Herbs and Hakim centre at national and international level with a uniform and standard line of treatment.

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The Unani System of Medicine originated in Greece (Unan).Hippocrates ( 460 – 377 BC),the “ Father of Medicine” freed medicine from the realm of superstition and magic and gave it the status of science. The teachings of Hippocrates form the basis of the theoretical frame work of Unani Medicine. After Hippocrates, Jalinoos (Galen), Abu Baker Ibn-e- Zakaria Razi (Razer) and Ibn-e- Sina (Avicenna) enriched the Unani System into a complete, systematic form whereby it flourished into a Golden Era.

The fundamentals of this system are based on Hippocrates’ Humoral Theory. This presupposes the presence of four humours in the body. According to Unani philosophy the health and illness of a person depends upon the balance of these humours in the body. They are Dam (Blood), Balgham (Phlegm), Safra (Yellow bile), Sauda (Black bile) remain in equilibrium. Every individual at birth is endowed with a unique temperament and this is determined by the presence of all the four humors in different proportions in the body.

f the equilibrium of all the four humours is disturbed, disease sets in. Therefore the Hakim adopts different methods to bring back all the four temperaments in equilibrium so as to restore the health of a person. Though, all the different systems of medicine considers “Hippocrates” as the Father of Medicine, the Unani System of Medicine is the only system of medicine still following the principles of medicine laid down by Hippocrates.


Cervical Spondolysis and Neck Stiffness: Cervical spondylosis is a disorder caused by abnormal wear on the cartilage and bones of the neck (cervical vertebrae). The tissue wears away (degeneration) and mineral deposits form in the cushions between the vertebrae (cervical disks).
Frozen Shoulder: Frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis, is a condition that causes restriction of motion in the shoulder joint.

The cause of a frozen shoulder is not well understood, but it often occurs for no known reason. Frozen shoulder causes the capsule surrounding the shoulder joint to contract and form scar tissue.Tennis Elbow: Tennis elbow is a condition where the outer part of the elbow becomes sore and tender. It is a condition that is commonly associated with playing tennis and other racquet sports, though the injury can happen to almost anybody.

The condition is more formally known as lateral epicondylitis ("inflammation to the outside elbow bone"), lateral epicondylosis, or simply lateral elbow pain.Carpel Tunnel Syndrome: Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), or median neuropathy at the wrist, is a medical condition in which the median nerve is compressed at the wrist, leading to paresthesias, numbness and muscle weakness in the hand. The diagnosis of CTS is often misapplied to patients who have activity-related arm pain.

Writer’s Spasm: Muscular spasms of thumb and forefinger while writing with a pen or pencil.Slip disc: The disks are protective shock-absorbing pads between the bones of the spine. Although they do not actually "slip," a disk may split or rupture. This can cause the disk to fail, allowing the gel to escape into the surrounding tissue.

The leaking jellylike substance can place pressure on the spinal cord or on a single nerve fiber and cause pain either around the damaged disk or anywhere along the area controlled by that nerve. This condition is also known as a herniated, ruptured, prolapsed, or, more commonly, slipped disk.

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