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Identifying these potential benefits of Azadirachtin of neem, Ozone Biotech (An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company) was founded in 2001 with an aim to provide neem based products especially bio pesticides to the world to let the world tap the true potential of natural products and abstain themselves from letting hazardous chemical to enter their life cycle.

Ozone Biotech setup their plant at Faridabad with the Technical support of eminent scientists of India.Since its inception Ozone Biotech is growing at a continous pace every year and is catering requirements of AGRICULTURE, Pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic, Cosmetic, and Toiletries industries, where the demand for organic/herbal products is scaling up.

To promote organic farming globally by using rich heritage of Neem.To provide natural neem based insecticides to farmers worldwide that contains Azadirachtin as an active ingredient by making quality products that are 100% organic, economical and non-toxic.Best Quality, No Matter What.Empathy towards Nature.Customer Satisfaction.Excel through practice.Integrity & Transparency.Our products are approved for use in Organic Agriculture according to NPOP – India, European Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 & 889/2008 and USDA – NOP by IMO, Switzerland & has acquired ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management Systems.

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Urea is the major fertilizer used in the world as a nitrogen supplier which is a criitical nutrient for crop growth. Urea contains highest nitrogen content of all solid nitrogenous fertilizers currently available.Nitrogen from Urea is released in the soil and water and leached by activity of nitrifying bacteria NItrobactor and Nitrosomonas. These bacterias turn nitrogen in nitrite and then nitrate which are highly mobile in nature when present in soil. By these processes approximate 50% of nitrogen provided by urea is lost.

Solution to this problem of nitrogen loss of urea is to coat the urea with a substance that can prevent bacterial activity of nitrification.Neem Based Urea Coating Agent,Why to use neem as urea coating agent,Neem has proven nitrification inhibition properties. This way it slow down the process of nitrogen release from urea. It is the best nitrification inhibiting agent till date and better then sulpher.

Karanja Oil is extracted from seeds of Karanja Tree (Pongamia glabra) which is commonly found in India. Karanja Oil is used in agriculture and pharmacy just like neem oil. It has similar insecticidal properties as neem oil and acts against a number of pests and insects.

It is pale yellow in colour and viscous. It is known for its medicinal and antiseptic properties for centuries in its naive India. it is often used in pet care for the treatment of fleas, mange and scabies. As it has insecticidal properties it is great for agriculture use serving as a natural pest repellent. It is also used for skin care purposes and can be used to treat eczema, psoriasis, skin ulcers, dandruff.

It also shows therapeutic effects similar to neem oil but its aroma is different from it. It has a milder and more versatile aroma and thus is commonly used in cosmetics for soap making, lotions, hair oils, shampoos.

It is prepared by Cold Pressed Technology and Double Filtered pure oil derived from supreme quality pongam seeds.Karanja Oil is manufactured and tested that is free from Aflotoxin B1, B2, G1 and G2 which are carcinogenic and toxic.Karanjin is the main active ingredient of Karanja Oil. It acts as an acaricide and insecticide. Karanjin also have nitrification inhibitory properties.


Neem oil or Margosa oil is botanical oil extracted from kernel of neem tree seed by Cold Pressing or CT Cold Pressing method or Solvent Extraction. Among these methods CT cold pressing yield purest neem oil because solvent is not used for extraction.

Neem Oil or Neem Seed Oil is a Brownish Yellow color Liquid, with smell of Garlic. Neem Oil is slightly soluble in water and has 6.5 to 7.5 pH value, it boils at more than 200 degree Celsius and freeze at 13 degree Celsius.

Neem Oil is used to manufacture neem oil insecticide because it contains azadirachtin which effects over 600 species of pests including insects, nematodes, fungi and viruses and is completely safe to non target organisms like beneficial predators, honey bees, pollinators, fish, birds, cattle and human beings.

Azadirachtin of neem oil is a famous natural Anti-feedent, growth regulator and ovi-positional repellent for insects, as a major active ingredient which make it a perfect alternative to chemical pesticides.

Neem Oil is used as Veterinary Medicines for Pets and Live Stock from ancient time. Ozoneem Oil is used in various diseases, precautions, accidental condition, hygiene and wounds as an ingredient of medicines or alone.

Neem Oil is also used as and in various medicines for human beings. Most common utilities are: Birth Control, Lice Control (in hairs), Piles, Ulcers, Asthma, Skin Disorders, Chronic Diarrhea.Neem Oil is used for preparation of various cosmetic and toiletries. All Purpose Cream, Hair Oils, Tooth Paste, Bathing Soaps, Hair Shampoo, Face Pack, Dog Shampoo.

Neem Pesticide / Insecticide formulation is a neem based botanical product that contains azadirachtin as an active ingredient. Azadirachtin is found to be very effective for over 600 species of insects.

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