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Health conscious individuals all over the world are taking more responsibility for their own health & well being. There are more choices offered than ever before for health maintenance and treatment of ailments; we should undertake a right choice of "holistic approach" towards health incorporating lifestyle, diet, discipline and a positive attitude towards life. To achieve this "Kamalbai Hukmichand Chordia Charitable Trust" has brought three age old Indian health sciences - Yoga, Ayurveda and Naturopathy under one roof at "Vishwanand Kendra".

The word "Vishwanand" denotes "A Healthy Approach to Worldly Happiness". Health conscious individuals all over the world are taking more responsibility for their own health & well-being and there are more choices offered than ever before for health maintenance & treatment of the ailments. Modern health system is best in providing care to acute episodic conditions and it has also been successful in increasing the life expectancy, but the years spent in healthy state has not considerably increased which is an issue to be understood by the modern generation.

The right choice for this is a holistic approach towards health, incorporating life style, diet, discipline & positive attitude towards life. Considering the requirement the "Kamalbai Hukmichand Chordia Charitable Trust" came out with a brilliant and an unique system in which the three age old sciences i.e. Yog, Ayurved and Naturopathy were brought under one roof at a Treatment center named "Vishwanand Kendra" the only one of it's kind in Pune city. "Vishwanand Kendra" started on 08, May, 2003.

These three sciences bear the capability of assessing the physiological changes in the human body by reaching the root cause/symptoms of a disease and then addressing the problem to cure the same. Our aim is to make people aware of our rich heritage and traditional health services, prevention of diseases, providing treatment for diseases, conservation of health, contribution to enhance the health status of the society and create disease free environment.

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As we Human beings are an integral part of the entire nature, our physical and psychological status of well- being is under constant influences of various factors around us. It is most important to know what are the factors which are beneficial for our body and mind and what are not. Ayurved is the only health science which gives an in depth knowledge of ways to achieve happiness and avoid un happiness and how to measure the quality of life.

Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha are the four objective of human life. Aayukamayamanen dharmarth such sadanam. Ayurved updesha vidhaya : param adaraha : (Vagbhata Astanga Hriday) : Dharma means to MAINTAIN GOOD CHARACTER in all the activities we do by following social and moral rules. Artha means understanding by the sense organs and materializing its needs in the form of wealth. Kama means desire of various kinds of material and sensual pleasures. Moksha means salvation i.e. to break the cycle of birth-death-rebirth.

To achieve the above goals at its best without disturbing the harmony Ayurved insist the mankind to follow Dinacharya (Daily healthy lifestyle), Rutucharya (Seasonal routine), Sadvrutta (Code of ethical conducts), proper balanced Aahar (Diet), Nidra (Sleep) and Bramhacharya (Balanced indulgence in sexual activities). To accomplish this the health should be in a good state both physical as well as psychological which is the main objective of Ayurved.

Rejuvenation Massage (Abhyanga) : Massage is a method of naturopathy in which patients are treated by pressuring the muscles and joints and excreting morbid matter, by process of blood circulation. It is used both in normal and abnormal physical conditions. It is a Greek word Massier which means kneading, pressing, rubbing etc. Hands are used to impart comfort and healing. Touching affords contact, warmth and a kind of psychological support which gives a sense of security, love and affection. Since many illness results from the stress and strain of daily life, massage therapy is very effective as it calms and soothes tension and brings balance in human being. It works with and for the body’s healing energies.

Udvartan : The procedure in which body set to undergo frictional massage with medicinal paste (of differential herbal powder mixture) is called as Udvartan. This procedure is done especially for detoxification. (to remove toxins from skin and liquefy fat deposition sub cutaneously). This is one of very important treatment in obesity. In this procedure first gentle massage is given from head to toe and then paste is applied all over body and frictional strokes are given.

This frictional stroke increases circulation of particular past and helps to remove the toxins and dissolve the excess fat. Udvartan improves complexion of skin and gloriousness gives lightness and help to reduce the weight from 2 kg to 7.8 kg within 2 weeks along with shaping up the organs and bodily structure.


Yoga : Yoga is science of health which harmonizes body and mind and gives spiritual growth. "Personal development as well as well being of society can be achieved by practicing Yog. The word YOG is derived from the root "YUJ" which means merger or union of body and mind. It brings the harmony within.

Healthy life style is inseparable without going for exercises, but exercise like walking, jogging, gym all those are under the category of physical exercise where there is an exertion. Yoga science takes care of physical as well as mental health. Even through it's an ancient science, till today & for thousands of years to come the yoga science will be quite effective in maintaining the physio - psycho health. There by giving the benefits as preventive measure for psycho somatic diseases like Diabetic's, B.P etc

Hath Yoga, a branch of Yogic science help, to strengthen the body, muscle tone, function of the organs & toning the different system in the body like Nervous System, Glandular System even though there are different branches of yogic science like Bhaktiyoga, Rajyoga, Hathyoga but all branches of yoga aims only thing that transform a person from Agony to Bliss, from sufferings to healthy life, from Dukkham (unhappiness) to sukham (happiness).

Any branch of yoga is a path towards harmony between body and mind. It is a communication with the supreme consciousness. It helps to reduce the wandering propensity (chanchaltvam) of mind. It is not controlling the mind but tunings the mind which brings out positive changes. Disease free body or good health is bliss unhealthy body/mind of self or of any other member of society is a cause of constant agory.

Ignorance about the prakruti or body's life force brings about the diseases. If one is not aware how to come out of mental tensions or stress the person will land up with disease like hypertension, ulcer. Also the Food habits plays important role as far as yogic science is considered. Obesity, Diabetic an diseases linked with unhealthy lifestyle and wrong food habits. We continue to live ignorance which is detrimental in order to keep the harmony between body and mind.

Ayurveda : Swasthasya swasthya rakshanam Aaturasya Vyadhi Parimookshanam. The main goal of Ayurved is the promotion, prolongation and maintenance of a healthy and happy human life. It also works toward the prevention and cure of disease. As an holistic healing tradition, Ayurved believes in treating the "Whole” person-body, Mind, Soul, senses and emotions instead of following the "one-disease-one-cure" principle.

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  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
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  • Infertility
  • Obesity
  • Pain
  • Paralysis
  • Rheumatism
  • Sinusitis
  • Stress

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