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Sydney based Integrative Medicine Practitioner  Jason Mallia  is the founder, director and principle Clinician of Integrated Health Australia. He is an accredited Naturopathic Clinician, Registered Acupuncturist  and accredited Doctor of Integrative Medicine Practitioner (USA) having received accreditation in Australia, the US and other countries worldwide . He is also an accredited Homoeopath, Medical Herbalist, Clinical Nutritionist and Musculoskeletal therapist.

Jason is one of Australia’s most qualified Integrative Natural Medicine Practitioners with over 17 yrs experience as healthcare professional  and a background in all major natural medicine modalities including training in Naturopathy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine .  He has appeared on radio both locally and abroad and is a published writer for the Journal of Natural Medicine ( South Africa). He more recently recieved his Doctorate of Philosophy for his book on “Concepts of Integrative Medicine.

In his early years a  fitness consultant and personal trainer Jason discovered that optimum nutrition was key and foundation to attain health and well being. He has a strong background in clinical and sports naturopathy/ nutrition, having worked with many top-level athletes in this time (having consulted to the Tigers Rugby League Football Club for nutrition) and other NRL clubs through Julia Russel Massage services for manual therapy. He has also worked with various top level triathletes, boxers and elite soccer players (AC Milan) and AFL players

Over the past decade Jason’s practice has evolved simultaneously with his own personal development. In this time with experience he discovered the true value of “Integrative and individualized medicine” and its importance in restoring health and balance, he understands and respects each individual modality in the healthcare system and understands when they are required. Jason works closely with Medical Doctors in order to give patients the best possible care and attention to their health needs. Jason has achieved success through his own healing and has brought these experiences and tools into his clinic to help others. He strongly believes in “practicing what you preach” and also that we are all individuals and require individualized,  specialised health care. It was a pure natural process that led him to become an Integrative Natural Medicine Practitioner .

On your arrival to the clinic you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff will discuss what is on offer to you. Your health needs and goals are then examined, this is an important part of the process, as this will enable you to choose the treatment and practitioner who will best suit your needs and start you on the road to optimum health. Once the above have been established the first available appointment is then scheduled for you.Your 1st appointment Integrative natural Medicine (naturopathy).

Assessment Evaluation and Symptomatic care. Your first appointment is what we like to call, "the getting to know you appointment". Here take a medical history and we discuss your health concerns and goals in great detail. Once they have been established we then perform our health screenings (live blood and computerized screenings) to assess your level of health .The next step is to provide symptomatic treatment for the presenting complaint. Depending on the condition, medical tests are often recommended based on the findings of your initial tests. These tests are to be performed before your second appointment.Your 2nd appointment 1hr

Reassessment and Program implementation. On your second visit patients are asked to bring their medical tests along for us to compare them with our complementary medical tests. This ensures we gain an integrative understanding of your health. For consistency purposes a short health screening is performed which ensures that we understand the underlying cause of your health concern. Upon completion of the above your health program is then implemented. This will include, dietary, lifestyle, and stress management advice along with your medicine prescription.

Follow up visits include progress evaluation and program revaluation. Short health screenings are used to check your progress and to assess your new level of health in order to direct us to the next stage of your treatment.1st Visit (Integrative Musculoskeletal /Spinal Therapy) 1hr.Your first visit involves assessment of your presenting complaint and thorough medical history. Once they have been taken a musculoskeletal health screening is performed. This helps us identify if the problem is joint or soft tissue related problem. A spinal and acupuncture meridian analysis is also performed.

Once we have established the potential cause of the problem your treatment begins. The part of your treatment involves addressing your presenting symptoms in order to provide you with relief of your complaint. A combination of Myofascial therapy, Acupuncture, Cupping, Remedial Massage, Dorn Spinal Therapy, Biofeedback and Biomesotherapy is commonly performed in your treatment. Therapies used will of course depend on your preference and presenting concern. At the end of your first session exercises and X-rays may also be prescribed.2nd and subsequent Visit 15mins-45 mins.

On your follow up visit, your symptoms are again reviewed. X-rays ultrasounds and any other medical reports are also analysed. A program is then prescribed. This may include advice on frequency and type of treatments recommended, home exercises. Diet, herbal medications and nutritional supplementation. Further treatment is then performed to address the underlying cause of your problem

Available at the clinic is pharmaceutical grade nutritional, herbal and homoeopathic dispensary. Only the best quality medicines are utilized for our patient’s treatment protocols, with medicines supplied by Metagenics, Phytomedicine and Brauer.Once your practitioner has developed your treatment program, various medicines are selected from the dispensary and are formulated for your particular individualized program. As well as the dispensary, the clinic is fully equipped with prescription only vitamins and nutritional supplements.


Naturopathy is a treatment system that utilizes natural resources to help the body heal itself. Hippocrates. The Greek father of medicine, himself utilized naturopathic medicine and principles in his healthcare system. He used fasting, diet, exercise and physical techniques in his treatments to strengthen the body, and aid it to fight and cure illness. He used them in such a way that by combining various disciplines, the improvement in the vitality of his patients would itself start the healing process.

It should be pointed out that a naturopath whilst knowledgeable about disease and its pathophysiology, do not directly treat the illness. The focus of the naturopath is more on the patient, and the patient’s vitality. Naturopaths believe that by enhancing the vitality of their patients the healing process is supported and strengthened, thus the patient is better equipped to fight their illness.

Today naturopathic physicians (ND`s) are seen as the general practitioners of natural medicine, this is due to their broad understanding of human health. Naturopaths undertake up to 5 years of full time study including a one-year clinical internship. The subjects studied include. Nutritional medicine, evidence based herbal medicine, homoeopathy, remedial therapy, iridology, counselling, Bach medicine and medical sciences. After graduating, a naturopathic physician may choose to specialize in areas such as dark field microscopy (live blood analysis), fertility management or in the area of sports and remedial therapies.

Your practitioner will take a thorough holistic medical history and examine your presenting symptoms in great detail physical examination is also performed. Various screening tools may also be used in order to give your practitioner a better understanding of your overall health, function and vitality. The types of screening tools used may include live blood cell analysis (LBA), biofeedback analysis and iris diagnosis.

Once your practitioner has an overall view of your health a protocol is developed. Your program may involve a bowel or liver detoxification. Dietary and lifestyle changes may also be implemented. Your practitioner may use evidenced based herbs, vitamins, homoeopathic medicines, and amino acids and may use soft tissue manipulation in the treatment protocol.

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