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Rishikesh, Luxmanjhulla, Opp: Tapoavn Resort , Tehri-Garhwal- 249192
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Patanjali International Yoga Foundation - Tehri-Garhwal

Patanjali International Yoga Foundation {PIYF}: Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh.Patanjali International Yoga Foundation {PIYF} is a non profit, registered, residential yoga organization. PIYF was established in 2001 to hold and research on ancient yoga which source is the noble sage Patanjali. We give knowledge  from the original form of Ayurveda, Indian cultural science and Scriptures which are getting disappeared in the modern time.

Therefore, PIYF aims not only physical health but also mental, spiritual health of our students. It is registered under the Indian Government and International association with  Yoga Alliance USA  and Canadian Yoga Alliance Canada. It's situated in Laxmanjhula Rishikesh, a small town of North India, Himalaya. Rishikesh is located on the bank of holy Ganga river at the footsteps of the great Himalaya Mountains well-known for yoga, ashrams, Ayurveda, holly Ganga river, temples, spiritual activities and great sages and saints are around surroundings.

Gaining in popularity yoga at the same time is losing its authenticity by being oversimplified to physical culture. Every instructor attempts to introduce something of his own starting with changing names of asanas and ending with their wrong performance. There are a few followers of the original tradition, although, only those who got their knowledge from the universities in India are familiar with the real tradition.

Additional Information

Accomodation & Ashram facilities : At Patanjali International Yoga Foundation (PIYF), Rishikesh, we provide the following accommodation and other facilities to our yoga students to make their stay comfortable and healthy during the yoga course:

Accommodation: PIYF is a well-appointed, comfortably furnished and modern facility, ideal for a comfortable stay in Rishikesh, India. PIYF is situated on the bank of the holy Ganga River, about 200 meters from the Lakshmanjhula Bridge, 4 km from the Rishikesh town, and 25 km from Haridwar. We are only 30 Km from the Dehradun airport.

Please keep in mind that it is a yoga ashram and not a hotel, so we provide all ashram facilities : We provide only once, upon your arrival, towel, soap, toilet paper in bath room rest of the day guest should buy it. We don’t provideshampoo, tooth paste and brush, etc. Please bring your own toiletry items, or buy locally around PIYF, Rishikesh. For your personal safety and security, please bring a pad lock for your room.

We provide fresh bed sheets weekly. We provide sharing tea maker, sharing ironing machine and table, laundry service, big lobby and private balcony. We provide a blanket during winter, you are welcome to bring your own blanket or sleeping bag with you. Children under 12 years , cats, dogs or any other types of animals are not allowed in the Ashram area. Smoking, consumption of alcohol, drugs etc. are strictly not allowed in the Ashram at any time. Non-vegetarian food of any kind is not allowed inside the premises of the Ashram.


Patanjali International Yoga Foundation {PIYF} offers 2 weeks yoga and Ayurveda retreats, holyday course and treatment for healthy well being. According to the scripture Yoga and Ayurveda are not separate , they have same routs and systems. They come from the one roots known as Veda 'the scripture'. Yoga which treats mind and Ayurveda is source of rejuvenating physical body, only a healthy person can reach the goal of yoga. The meaning of re-treat is a period of group withdrawal for prayer, meditation, or study, so PIYF offers prayer, practice, study, maditation, mantra, mudra, ayurvedic food, excursion trip to mounten Nilkantha tample and much more during your retreat period.

Retreats include: Yoga lessons, Theory classes on yoga, Meditation, Herbl tea, Yogic-Ayurvedic vegatarian meal, Mantra Chanting, Trekking to Shiva temple or waterfall, Single/double room attached with hot/cold shower, We provide five – seven dishes in one meal with proper nutrition and fresh cooked. Our foods are suitable for both western and eastern students. We have different menu for everyday.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Hindi

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Treatments For:

  • Asthma
  • Back Pain
  • Pain
  • Sinusitis
  • Stress

Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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