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For years, natural products found in the kitchen have been used to aid in skin care. The cabinets and refrigerator seem to be packed with healing agents, from cucumbers for your eyes to honey for your skin, and you probably know about most of them -- except, perhaps, the one that`s lurking away in your milk jug: lactic acid. Part of the alpha hydroxy family, this key ingredient gives the term "milky complexion" a whole new meaning [source: Skincare News].Derived from sour or fermented milk, lactic acid is a popular beauty aid for those seeking to improve their skin`s texture and hydration level. If you need celebrity testimony on the matter, look no further than Cleopatra`s beauty regimen.Even the former Egyptian queen, who was known for her beauty, was rumored to have bathed in sour milk to improve her skin.

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Chemical peels were once reserved exclusively for the doctor`s office, a place that can sometimes be scary -- and expensive.Today, chemical peels have evolved to include take-home peels and kits, allowing you to reap their benefits in the privacy of your own home, while relaxing in your favorite bathrobe.

Lactic acid peels are just one type of chemical peel, but they are preferred by many -- again, because of lactic acid`s reputation as a gentler alpha hydroxy acid. You can use peels to improve wrinkles, some types of acne and discolorations on your skin. Lactic acid isn`t a cure-all -- it won`t suddenly remove your deepest wrinkles, and it can`t stop you from aging. But over time, it can smooth the tone and condition of your face and reduce or remove mild marks and scar
Peels -- even lactic acid peels -- can sometimes be harsh on skin, particularly inflamed or acne-ridden skin.

If you need something milder for your skin, lactic acid creams and lotions might be a good alternative for you, particularly if you are looking to moisturize and exfoliate rather than remove acne scars.Lactic acid creams are generally thick and heavy -- and perfect for very dry skin. They are generally used on the face, working to hydrate the skin while removing the dead cells. Since lactic acid can also stimulate collagen production, these creams may also help reduce finer wrinkles, thus making your face look younger. There are a wide variety of creams containing lactic acid to choose from.

You might say your feet are the unsung heroes of your body. On a daily basis, your feet support a force equal to hundreds of tons. It`s little wonder, then, that most people experience foot problems at some point during their lives [source: APMA General Foot Health].Foot problems can be caused by something as simple as forgetting to wear flip-flops in your gym`s shower one day, or they may be caused by long-term abuse and neglect. Fortunately, a daily foot skin care regimen can go a long way toward avoiding and alleviating many foot problems.

Good foot skin care contributes to overall good health. If you`re diabetic, excellent foot care is absolutely vital. Diabetes can damage foot nerves and reduce blood flow. If you`re diabetic and have suffered nerve damage, you may not even realize that you`ve developed a blister. Diabetes also makes it harder to resist infection, and healing can be a real challenge.

Massaging a cream or lotion onto your foot after cleansing serves two purposes: It keeps your feet soft and supple, and it rejuvenates them.Keeping your feet soft and supple may prevent other problems from developing, such as corns or cracked heels. Many products are made specifically for moisturizing your feet. Look for those that are emollient-enriched. To prevent athlete`s foot, make sure no moisturizer remains between your toes.

In addition to moisturizing, rolling your feet over a rolling pin or an unopened can on the floor is an easy and effective way to massage your feet at home. You can also use your thumbs to apply pressure to the balls of your feet and to the arches. This will relieve the tension after a hard day of use. Finish with a 5-second squeeze to each Achilles tendon, repeated two or three times.

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