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Moon Star Driven by an objective to provide and maintain optimum state of health, we at Izuk Chemical & Herbals are Henna Products Manufacturer and Exporter offering our henna products globally at competitive prices.The use of medicinal plants and natural herbs to prevent and cure diseases and to enhance beauty didn't begin yesterday. Herbal remedies and herbal products have been in use over 4,000 years for treating minor ailments, diseases and taking care of the physical appearance.

There is a growing movement towards the consumption of herbal products and more natural therapies out of a desire by people to take more control over their health. They offer no side effects as compared to prolonged use of allopathic medications. Empowered with previous experience and vast resources, we, at Izuk Chemicals provide a range of natural products that include: Natural Henna Products, Herbal Henna Products, Henna Paste, Herbal Oils and Herbal Shampoos.

The company performs in-house quality control checks that begin from the inspection of the raw materials and go on till the finishing & final packing stages. Time to time quality test reports are generated for herbal products. Our research and development department is committed towards product development and constant enhancement of quality. It has competent research professionals who toil round the clock to improve the features of products.

We possess all the machines required to manufacture our herbal products. Raw materials are collected from the bountiful resources of the Nature and then are translated into final products with proper care and supervision. Production is supervised by seasoned professionals who have years of experience in dealing with herbal products and natural henna products.

We also have a state of the art R&D laboratory with a group of experts to supervise the entire gamut of activity pertaining to the manufacturing of the Herbal products.We welcome queries from our prospects and look forward to join hands with them to strengthen our endeavors. We are committed to a quick and prompt feedback regarding the details of our products and services.

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Quality always comes first and great care is taken in developing the products where decades of experience is coupled with extensive research and development to produce each product. Our herbal products are made from select herbs that are rich in medicinal qualities.

These herbal hair products and herbal hair care products are made from naturally grown plants and herbs. Special care is taken to ensure that their purity is not lost. All the herbs are thoroughly washed with fresh water and only aqueous extracts are used. No solvents are used for the extraction process.

Importantly, the products retain the traditional approach as prescribed by the ancient texts, an excellent blend of the modern with the ancient well-tried system. A rigorous approach to the quality control, both in process and for the finished product, is pursued.

Advanced techniques in extraction, blending, mixing, filtering, straining, etc. are implemented by researchers who put into play their years of study, meditation, and experience of the life sciences.

To ensure product quality, random testing and inspection are conducted routinely to ensure consistency in product quality. Izuk Chemicals ensures that every end product is compounded and packaged in hygienic conditions with climatic controls in the set-up.We remain committed to our work to bring in the best treatments available to you from the nature!


We offer Herbal Products like Herbal Henna which comes from a plant of the privet family, and has been known for centuries for its superb hair conditioning and coloring properties. No other substance, whether natural or synthetic, will strengthen the hair and give it shine as effectively as HERBAL HENNA. Henna contains "lawsonia", this substance provides the well known conditioning and coloring properties associated with our Henna Powders.

Herbal Henna Powder colors the hair in two ways, by penetration and by staining. Henna molecules have a chemical affinity with keratin (hair) molecules, and thus the pigment can pass freely into the hair. The penetration of lawsonia imparts both color and condition into the hair and it closes and strengthens the outer cuticle of the hair, thus giving the superb shine and conditioning effect, which is the unique feature of Henna.

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