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Yog + Aarogya (Means a sum of complete health). Achievement of Aarogya with the help of Yoga & other such alternative therapies without any side effect. Aarogya means a state of complete health. In humans, it is the general condition of a person’s mind, body & sprit, usually meaning to be free from illness & pain. Yog Aarogya aims at all the dimensions of health i.e. physical, mental, social, family, sexual and spiritual all together.

Systematic activities to prevent or cure health problems and promote good health in humans are  delivered by Yog Aarogya. Along with Yoga, Yog Aarogya have merged many useful alternative therapies for the upliftment of health.

These Include:- Counselling- counselling can help you deal with a range of issue, from everyday worries to more serious  long term psychological worries. Diet Therapy- it aims at improving the health by changing food habits & providing the essential nutrients in the right quantity. Nature Cure- it is based on the belief that the body has the ability to heal itself. Elements like water, mud, air etc are used for the treatment. Panchakarma-  Panchakarma is the ancient system of Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapies designed to facilitate the removal of deep- rooted stresses and toxins in the physiology.

Yagyopathy - it is divided into two:- Aromatherapy- a branch of alternative medicine that uses the scents of plants and their parts for therapeutic use. Mantra Therapy- mantras work directly upon karma; the accumulated latency and tendencies with which we are born.

Sumit Kumar Arya is founder and MD of the NGO. He is a qualified and experienced yoga teacher. He has completed his post- graduation (M.Sc. Applied Yoga & Holistic Health) from DSVV, Haridwar and personally trained by Swami Karmveer Ji Maharaj, president of Maharshi Patanjali Yog Foundation, Mumbai, Pune, Maharashtra.

Swami Ji is senior associate of Baba Ramdev. Swami Karmveer Ji has shared many experiences with Sumit Arya and guided him. Swami Ji’s support is always with the NGO.
Sumit’s mother had been practicing yoga before his birth and Sumit had also started practicing yoga at the age of 10 years. He had always been inspired by his mother to adopt yoga in his life.

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Yoga : Yoga is beautiful as it shows through specific methods like doing simple Yoga Posture with perfection, breathing in the proper way. The techniques of conscious meditation & relaxation has proved to be most popular among corporate. It refreshes them to face the remaining part of the day without fatigue. At the dawn of the third millennium and beginning of 21st century, the modern man has reached to a state where he is on the thresholds of decoding the secrets of origin of life, which hitherto are believed known only to Mother Nature or its superme creator the Almighty God.

Thus, while the modern man is trying to achieve supremacy over the complex natural forces on one hand, he has lost much of his mental and spiritual peace along with his physical and physiological health. It was only till few decades back that the modern philosophers, physicians, and bio-scientist strongly believed that most of the human physiological disorders and diseases are either due to some physiological, metabolic disorders in an organ or system of the human being or due to some disease causing pathogenic organism. The common people under the influence of western civilization all over the world were subjected to trust this hypothesis. However, the Indian system of human health-care which is believed to have been established more than 5000 years ago propounded that while many diseases are caused by pathogenic organisms, most other physiological disorders are due to an unhealthy state of mind, which is a product of brain-body and the spirit.

Yagyapathy : Yagya an ancient Vedic system of wellbeing which nurture entire living entity. It is a divine and purest system having curative property with out any side effect/harm. When we perform yagya with preidentified ingredients and mantras, it generates micro atoms which travels with atmospheric vehicles. These micro atoms goes to every cell where it supplement deficiencies, it detoxifies the cells, thereafter it regulates the bioelectrical and bio-chemical function of cells. Finally it help in repairing of damaged cells apart from generating new cells.

Naturopathy : Naturopathy deals with the healing power of nature since it believes that all healing powers are within your body. This means that within every human organism there is a healing energy, which includes our immune system in the fuller sense of both the physical and the psyche, which is responsible for our wellness and our ability to heal and maintain health. Since we fall ill only when we go against Nature, the cause of diseases (toxins) is expelled from the body to cure it. Fasting has been described as Nature’s way to recover. A thorough rest, which includes fasting, is the most favorable condition in which an ailing body can purify and recoup itself.

Panchkarma : Panchakarma is Ayurveda’s primary purification and detoxification treatment. Panchakarma means the “five therapies”. These 5 therapeutic means of eliminating toxins from the body are Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Basti and Raktamoskshana. This series of five therapies help remove deep rooted stress and illness causing toxins from the body while balancing the doshas (energies that govern all biological functions).

Diet : Diet may be defined as one which contain the various group of food stuffs such as energy yielding food, body building food and protective food in the correct proportion.

Spa : The term spa is associated with water treatment which is also known as balneotherapy. Spa towns or spa resorts (including hot springs resorts) typically offer various health treatments. The belief in the curative powers of mineral waters goes back to prehistoric times. Such practices have been popular worldwide, but are especially widespread in Europe and Japan.

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Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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