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Rishi Ayurveda & Yoga - Pondicherry

Based in Pondicherry, Rishi Ayurveda & Yoga is one of the premier and most renowned Ayurvedic clinics specialized in the art of providing therapeutic treatments to its clients. Ayurveda is an ancient science. Ayurverda or Ayurvedic science is an age old medical system that dates back to centuries and was originated in India. It is one of the world's oldest medical systems. Until now people across the world use it for various health related problem. Scientifically also Ayurvedic methodology of treatment is very effective. The healing capacity of the Ayurveda is matchless, and hence Rishi Ayurveda & Yoga makes use of this ancient system of healing and uses it to provide health benefits to its clients. Our clinic is widely acknowledged for its effective treatments rendered by time tested qualified Ayurvedic physicians. The ambience in and around our clinic is very soothing and helps to provide a healing atmosphere to the patients.

Ayurveda states that a disease occurs when three dhoshas: VATHA, PITHA, & KABHA (Three governing principles of mind and physiology) became out of Balance. Vatha encompasses air and space responsible for all energy and motion production; Pitha comprises of water and fire responsible for digestion, metabolism, and energy production. KABHA - Earth and water responsible for body structure. When out of balance, one may lack of energy, restless mind anxiety, enthusiasm, poor digestion skin diseases etc. Imbalance of doshas gives rise to toxins within the body.

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Our clinic is backed by a team of expert Ayurvedic physicians who are completely devoted to the cause of offering superior and customized treatments to the patients. Our adept team of personnel pays utmost attention to each and every process. Having a team of highly proficient consultants, doctors and physicians in our clinic, we stay in touch with our clients in order to serve them with the finest solutions. Further we ensure that all our processes are carried out under stringent norms of safety and quality.

Extremely proficient doctors and physicians. Traditional healing practices are practiced in their ancient form. Special yoga and massage therapies. Lady therapists for ladies patient under direct the supervision of Ayurvedic physicians.


Abhyangam (Massage) - Abhyangam is the practice of massaging the whole body massage with specific herbal oils so as to nouRishi and revitalize the body tissues. These tissues are known as dhatus, it is when the dhatus are energized that the body feels rejuvenated. It also allows the toxins to be removed from the cells. Abhyangam has much deeper therapeutic and far reaching effects than an ordinary massage and uses mineral oils and lotions.

Sirodhara - SIRODHARA is the an ancient age old Ayurvedic treatment in which lukewarm medicated oil is poured as an even continuous stream on to the forehead continuously so as to pacify the system. This procedure is very soothing, and has a holistic relaxing effect throughout the body. It provides peace of mind and makes you completely relaxed. We have an expert team which carries out the Sirodhara procedure, and it is widely acclaimed by the clients for its therapeutic effect.

Udwarthanam (Herbal Powder Massage) - Udwarthanam is a treatment wherein massage is done with Ayurvedic medicines that have been crushed into the form of powder. Our clinic is very popular for offering Udwarthanam which is an herbal powder massage. This powder is rubbed powerfully on the body in an upward direction. This treatment is highly effective and has numerous benefits. It cures obesity and treats the dullness of body and mind. It also treats conditions arising due to improper blood supply.

Kizhi - In this process of KIZHI, Herbal leaves and powders are applied to the whole body in boluses. This is done in addition to hot medicated oils for a period of 7 to 14 days. It is a very healing and soothing treatment that is provided at our clinic. The benefits of this procedure are numerous. These include: Relieving pain and Oedema, very helpful in treating arthritis, spondylitis, low back ache etc. It also shows Good results in sports injury.

Yoga - Regular yoga classes for inducing fitness and therapeutic healing have long been advocated by numerous health care experts. We, at Rishi Ayurveda & Yoga offer yoga sessions to our patients. These are being conducted so as to make every patient know how to be 'arogya' with the power of Ayurveda. It promotes health and longevity. This ancient traditional Indian system of exercise helps in rejuvenation and rehabilitation of the body, mind and spirit.

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Treatments For:

  • Arthritis
  • Back Pain
  • Rehabilitation
  • Spondylolisthesis

Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

Emergency Services:Services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
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