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Obesity is not a curse only to adults but kids also are not spared of such a deadly health syndrome. Every fourth of the population in the country is in the grip of this epidemic syndrome of obesity. The persons who are long suffering from such a body mass abnormality are simply treated as objects of laughing-stock in the society. People banter them by calling names or by such mockeries that they feel very humiliated and curse their body form helplessly.

Moreover they are susceptible to various body organ and hormonal dysfunctions some of which are non gender specific while others are gender specific like occurrence of breast, uterus and cervix cancers are exclusively female gender limited as they are female genital organs which are common for all females. However the cosmetically all obese victims lose their beauty & glow of figure and its gait.

Renowned weight management & fitness specialist & the Director of Alfa Obesity Centre Dr. Pradeep Kumar who is now a 100% ray of hope for natural and easy management of hope who won the Fifth International Obesity Conference award is a metamorphosed body figure today from a victim of severe obesity. He was 84 Kg in weight with bulging waste and hip lines and suffered from all the physiological, social and psychological hazards of uncontrolled obesity. His dreams to have a fit body and wear body fitting outfits kept languishing in vain and dejection. He was a victim of several associated health hazards such as hyper acidity, migraine, hypertension and arthritis. His lingering excruciating pain in the legs caused by Leg Varicose Vein a disease triggered by obesity was most agonizing and life shattering.

Additional Information

For any individual sitting anywhere across India, we have designed online take away kit where an individual will be just required to fill online basic detail form requesting for his mobile number, age, city and email id. After which our counselors will call him and ask details such as age, history of medical conditions, eating habits etcover telephone. He will be counseled by our doctor and the prescribed customized program will be couriered to the patient within 2 to 4 business days.

Weight Gain Program - Our weight gain program is hassle-free and very convenient for patients to follow. It does not involve any exercise, special diet and daily visits to the doctor. With the help of this program a person could gain from 3kgs to 5kgs of weight in a single month.


Our weight loss program is hassle-free and very convenient for patients to follow. It does not involve any rigorous exercise, dieting, surgery and daily visits to the doctor. With the help of this program a person could loose from 3 k.g. to 10 k.g. of weight in a single month.The program involves following basic steps:

Patient visiting nearby Alfa Wellness clinic, Registration at the reception desk, Body check-up (BMI and BMR measurement), Counseling by the nutritionists, Online and telephonic counseling with the doctor, Recommendation of scientific slimming program for one month, 24*7 Support by Counsellors via telephone

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  • Diabetes
  • Obesity

Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

Emergency Services:Services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
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