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In 1969, Chief Physician Mr. K. Velayudhan started Santhosh Pharmacy in Kadalundi Nagaram, a small town in Malappuram District of Kerala - India. With sound knowledge and expertise in traditional Ayurvedic treatment methods gained from his father Appan Vaidyar, Mr. Velayudhan took Santhosh Pharmacy to enviable heights within a short span of time. Since 100% thrust was given in developing quality ayurvedic drugs, Santhosh Pharmacy captured the major part of market share very soon.

With professional setup and full fledged production centre equipped with fully automated machines and an efficient R&D wing, today Santhosh Pharmacy caters to customers world wide! Being a GMP Certified Company, we care more to maintain strict quality constrains for every product that comes out of our factory !

The firm has won many awards and recognitions. Mr. K. Velayudhan was honoured with the Nehru Peace Foundation Award in 2003 for his commendable services in the field of medicine. He won the Indian Jaycees Award in 2004 for the best industrialist. He won the Filmcity Excelllence Award 2005 for his contribution in the field of Ayurveda.

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The drugs of Santhosh Pharmacy are riding high in excellence with a huge market share. In order to cope with the increase in demand, we maintain a professional set up for the poduction of ayurvedic drugs. Fully automated production units have been setup in Kadalundi, with all modern facilities synchronised with expert manpower and brilliant R&D wing. Neat and Hygiene production centres of Santhosh Pharmacy ensures the maximum quality of our products and thereby better results for our customers.Production unit is monitored in all aspects so as to ensure 100% quality in all stages of production procedure. The company has gained GMP certification in 2001.


The best curative from the "sacred veda of life" to alleviate overweight and provide a beautiful and healthy body. Santhosh Fat Win Capsule and Powder, Ayurvedic medicines to reduce overweight. Obesity brings with it a host of diseases like pain in the joints, high cholestrol level etc. Our lifestyle changes, dietery factors, lack of physicl activities etc enhance the possibilities of these diseases. Owing to our manner of eating we take in many more calories than our body actually require. The surplus calories are converted to fat and causes obesity and related illness. This cannot be solved by unhealthy dieting or other such practises.

Santhosh Fat Win powder and capsules are ideal Ayurvedic remedies for overweight and related illness.Santhosh Brahmi,According to Ayurveda, Brahmi is excellent for the brain, Vayambu for voice, Shank Pushpam for energy and confidence, Honey for clarity in voice and increases taste and Ghee gives strength and energy. Santhosh Brahmi is prepared from all these ingredients and more. Regular in-take of Santhosh Brahmi is highly beneficial as it enhances appetite and awareness and helps restore energy and confidence especially in school-going children

Usage,2 teaspoons (10 grams) for children; 3 spoons or (15grams) for adults; should be taken in empty stomach daily morning and evening. Drink pure cow's milk or tepid water. Continue with the dosage for some time.Santhosh Brahmi Granules: Santhosh brahmi is now available in granules with extra taste. This composition is very effective and more easy to serve for growing children.

Shobitha Ayurvedic facial powder : Artificial colors and fragrances are the main ingredients used in beauty parlour facials. Shobitha is prepared from pure, natural Ayurvedic ingredients and the ready-made powder thus obtained, can be easily dissolved in water or cow's milk and can be applied on the face. Shobitha Herbal Facial Powder is an ayurvedic remedy for pimples, facial discoloration, black spot, oily skin, roughness and other such skin disorders that causes inferiority complex and mental depression in most people.

Usage,After washing thoroughly, dry face with a soft cloth. Mix Shobitha Herbal powder in cow's milk or water provided to form a thick consistency. Apply this mixture on the face and forehead. Wash face after one hour with water. Repeat the procedure at night. Shobitha is recommended for everyone in the family. It has no side effects

Kumari Kalpam : Women hesitate to disclose certain diseases that affect them, vaginal discharge being one of them. The patient starts losing health, becomes thin, suffers abdominal pain and urination and intercourse becomes painful. She also experiences burning sensation in the stomach, body irritation and general weakness, which gradually drain vigor and vitality, and life becomes a burden for the patient.

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