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James E. Womack is a certified master clinical hypnotherapist with over forty years of experience.  He is passionate about being  as well educated and trained as possible in order to assure his client’s receive the best help available, and insist on being trained by the original when available.  A small portion include; Neuro-Linguistic Programming by Richard Bandler, Emotional Freedom Techniques By Gary Craig, HypnoBirthing by Marie Mongan, Hypnocoaching by Lisa Halpin, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing by Dr. DeMal. 

His military service left him with a personal experience with PTSD that has made it a driving passion to help those suffering this horrific condition and he  has been a well respected speaker on the subject.  Many of his client’s suffering from PTSD come to him from several branches of the government in and around Washington, DC.  He has, and is working with several of the largest corporations including Goodyear, Colgate, General Motors, Kelly-Springfield, and Chrysler.  His athletic background  has afforded him the opportunity to work with professional and amateur athletes in all sports, also being a certified sports hypnotist.  He is also certified in Forensic Hypnosis and Fertility issues.

A large portion of his business include Stop Smoking, Weight Shed, Stress Relief, Confidence, Anger Management, Procrastination, Better Memory and Focus, Self Esteem.Mr. Womack’s  services are all kept strictly confidential and are not even discussed with his partner.  He is non-judgmental and sees clients daily with personal issues and feels it isn’t his job not to  judge but to help.

Gina Kochany is a  Professional  Practicing Certified Hypnotist, certified in Forensic Hypnosis, certified in HypnoFertility,  a Certified HypnoBirthing®,Practitioner/Childbirth  Educator and ALACE trained Doula. Gina was taught and certified personally by Marie Mongon, the creator of HypnoBirthing ®,and, Lynsi Eastburn the creator of HypnoFertility.  She offers a broad spectrum of services which include Fertility, Prenatal, Labor, Birth and Postpartum emotional support.

These services are with hypnosis, Childbirth education and doula support. She is passionate about what she does and it is her goal to supply the tools needed to cultivate families, and guide parents.  She specializes in women's issues, Fear release, quit smoking, weight shed, pain relief,  depression, self worth, stress relief  and more using Hypnosis.  With her life experience and being raised a minister’s daughter makes her unique in her approach and it is clear that her intention to make a difference is pure to help people find their own power, to take back control and reclaim their lives.

Hypnosis is not mind control as many have been taught.  Hypnosis is a  tool that we are actually born with and we do not use.  Those before us did not understand the mind, it was a mystery to them and so therefore feared hypnosis because they perceived it as mind control.  Also in order to gain control in society and improve what they felt was the lack of morality of the day,  the powers that be at the time, increased the fear of hypnosis by their teachings.  A person cannot be made to do anything against their will while in hypnosis.  While in hypnosis you also do not reveal any secrets or information that you do not want to share. 

We fear what we do not know or understand. We use hypnosis every day and do not realize it.  Daydreaming is a form of hypnosis.  If our mind controls everything that we do physically without consciously thinking about it, why not use that to take back control of you life. Why not use your mind to work for you instead of against you by using one of the oldest, most effective,tools there is, Hypnosis! "

We live in a world that people rationalize away all the excuses why they cannot afford to become well or transform their lives. We have taken away the excuses! Our fee is less or the same as a insurance co pay for private sessions.  Just because one charges more does not make them more effective at what they do.  We are determined and passionate about what we do and it is our intention to help you to take back your life.

We brought Gina and Eddie to our dealership because we had two employees that had such success with smoking cessation and stress management that we wanted to provide this resource to all employees and make it convenient for them. We have a culture of wellness here at Dominion Auto Group. That's not to say that everyone lives a healthy lifestyle, but we try to provide as many convenient resources that help our employees improve their lifestyle because we understand that a healthy employee is a happier and more productive employee.

Gina and Eddie met with over 30 employees over 5 days and helped them with smoking cessation, stress management, weight management and relaxation techniques. We originally scheduled them for one day, but we had to keep adding days because we had so many requests for appointments and eventually we scheduled 5 days.In terms of smoking cessation, our employees have had tremendous success with Gina and Eddie.

For example one employee had smoked at least a pack a day for over 40 years. After just one session with Eddie he quit. Another employee had smoked for over 18 years and had tried to quit several times, again after one session with Eddie he quit.We believe in the benefits of hypnotherapy because we have seen so many of our employees improve their lifestyles as a result of their sessions.

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Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Stress Relief, Phobias, Fear, Self Confidence, Self Esteem, Pain Relief , Life Coaching, Improving Memory, Procrastination, Problem Solving, Infertility, HypnoBirthing®, Childbirth, Sexual Dysfunction, Body Image, Cancer Support, Financial Security, Depression, PTSD, ADHD, ADD, Hypnosis, Nlp, EFT, EMDR and More!

New Way New Day specializes in hypnosis/hypnotherapy and conducts affordable private and group sessions for people who want to improve their health and wellbeing by altering patterns of dysfunctional behavior. Hypnosis has been used effectively for smoking cessation, weight loss and maintenance, stress management, and resolution of anxiety, depression and phobias. We also offer pain relief when referred by a doctor.

Private and group classes are offered for HypnoBirthing, labor and birth, and fertility issues. We are certified in the latest proven techniques including: hypnosis, hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnocoaching (life coaching), EFT and EMDR. These techniques have proven beneficial in the treatment of fibromyalgia, lack of confidence and low self- esteem, post-partum depression,pre-surgical preparation, post surgical recovery, post- traumatic stress,
sexual dysfunction, and ADD/ADHD.

Additionally, we can help you to master techniques to improve your athletic performance!Thinking creates feelings. Feelings create beliefs. Beliefs create behaviors. Smoking, eating and drinking to excess, substance abuse, lack of confidence, low self-esteem and debilitating fears/anxieties are all learned behaviors controlled by our subconscious mind.

In order to change problematic behavior you must first change your belief system. Hypnosis provides a shortcut to the subconscious and is a powerful tool that we can utilize to improve our lives. While under hypnosis you are in a very relaxed state which allows your subconscious to absorb, and assimilate the information it needs to make positive life changes. The applications for hypnosis are limitless! We are born with the power within us to be the masters of our own destinies. We simply need to learn a few basic techniques.

We use hypnosis every day and just don't realize it. Have you ever arrived at work and not remembered anything about the drive there? Your subconscious mind took over and did what it needed to do! Why not use hypnosis to help your mind work FOR you instead of AGAINST you? There have always been misconceptions about hypnosis. It is not mind control. You cannot be forced to do anything while under hypnosis which you would not otherwise do. It is not a "lie detector." You are in complete control while in a state of hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool used to effectuate positive life changes. If someone you know has been able to overcome a behavioral problem, it wasn’t willpower alone. They also believed they could change. If this was something you had to do to save the life of the person most dear to you, would you? Of course! If you can do it when you HAVE to, you can do it when you WANT to.One of the things we are most proud of is our client’s belief in our sincere desire to help them achieve their goals. I believe you will sense this the moment you walk into our office.


In the practice of hypnotherapy is rapidly emerging as a highly effective science in solving the problems of people. Hypnosis can be very beneficial in many cases as a therapy in tself.Hypnosis a valuable adjunct in psychotherapy and psychiatry. Hypnosis it is probably the lowest risk procedure available from the standpoint of contraindications.

Yet few therapeutic procedures are less under­stood, or more plagued by misconceptions and misunderstandings. Before considering what hypnosis is, perhaps it would be appropriate to establish what hypnosis is not! Most hypnotherapists, on inter­viewing a new client/patient, will ask the client what he or she thinks hypnosis is. Replies range from sleep, to unconsciousness, to surrender of mental powers and control, to magic, to voodoo. All are in error. Hypnosis cannot be sleep. In most cases, the subject is fully aware of communication and is able to respond on request either verbally or by signal. Nor is unconsciousness involved.

A subject asked to make a specific movement will comply with the request unless it is objectionable, in which case there will be a refusal. There is no surrender of mind or control. A person who does not want to be hypnotized cannot be hypnotized or be induced to do or say anything which violates personal integrity. There is neither magic nor voodoo involved.

Any hypnotherapist can explain the actions or behaviors seen in stage, film, or television shows, where the subject seems to follow directions mindlessly.Actually, hypnosis is better described than defined. It is often considered an altered state of consciousness featuring "selective perception," a process in which the subject (who is in control) chooses to see only what is relevant to his task, blocking out everything else. Hypnosis involves guided concentration.

The guidance, however, may be provided by a qualified practitioner or, in the case of self-hypnosis, by the individual subject. Self-hypnosis, which can be taught by a properly certified hypnotherapist and learned by virtually any client, can provide the recipient with a lifetime of benefit.

The basics of hypnosis go back to ancient times. Those who have read Jean Auel's memorable book, "Clan Of The Cave Bear," will remember accounts of magic, healings, inherited memories and revelations performed or created by the "Mogurs" and "medicine women" of prehistoric clans. Hypnosis, in the early centuries of our own land, the medicine men of Indian tribes performed seeming miracles. Hypnosis, Wider, non-secret usage began in the 1700's in several forms under different names.

There were periods of progress and periods of stagnation in the development of modern hypnosis. Medical interest and acceptance expanded following World War II when the use of hypnotherapy proved especially helpful to surviving battlefield casualties suffering from shock, injury, battle fatigue and various psychological disorders As understanding increased, hypnosis began to be recognized as an important adjunct to counseling psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry, and also medical fields including neurology, obstetrics, emergency medicine, burn therapy and others.

Hypnosis is finding increasing usage in dentistry and other areas where pain control is important. All humans (and possibly several animals) have two distinct minds the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is vastly larger and more powerful than the conscious mind, yet it is the least understood and used by mankind. Actually, the great "unconscious" mind has two functional elements, the subconscious and the super conscious, the former the storehouse of memory, the latter dealing with the spiritual.

The subconscious mind receives and retains, neither accepting nor rejecting, all the messages we receive from our backgrounds, whether genetic, social, religious or experiential, plus all the conflicts (little or big) that enter our lives daily. When for whatever reason the conscious mind (which deals with everyday living, logic, reason, etc.) becomes overloaded, the subconscious prepares us for what is consid­ered appropriate action (usually fight or flight).

However, the subconscious mind does not analyze, as does the conscious mind, but accepts all messages in the literal sense.In essence, hypnosis is a means of communication between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Many human problems, habits, stresses, anxieties, attitudes or apparent deficiencies can be traced to interpretations by the subconscious mind which when understood by the conscious mind, can reduce or resolve specific problems.

The subconscious is also the seat of all memory. Traumatic events can be buried or suppressed in the subconscious. A major benefit of hypnotherapy is its ability to uncover and bring into the light of understanding the buried information or experience which may be the cause of a troublesome disorder.

Many use hypnosis as an excuse to fail! Yes that is right, many people come in and are looking to simply say "I went and it didn't work so might as well ...."or say " I told you it hypnosis wouldn't work!". The tools we use and teach are not magic and is in no way voodoo. We don't sell pills or give you false promises.

As with any tool or technique, even hypnosis, you still need to put in effort, make a decision to change your life, a personal commitment, and believe you will.No matter what we do in life we must put in the effort. We can go to the store and buy healthy food but if you do not actually eat it, it won't help you.You can buy athletic shoes, but if you don't walk they won't help you.

It is the same with the hypnosis and tools we use and teach. All we ask is that you make a decision to change your life and put in the effort. We will do our best to help you find the wisdom, strength, and drive within yourself to achieve your goal.

It is our passion and intention to help you succeed!Many believe that they lack willpower when it comes to losing weight, but willpower has little to do with it. The online dictionary defines willpower as 1. the ability to control oneself and determine one's actions 2. firmness of will. When one thinks that they lack the willpower to lose weight they are really saying the cannot control themselves or if they have an issue with deserts they are saying that they do not have the ability to control their actions.

How can a person control their actions if they do not first change their thought process? If we have been raised eating particular foods and that is what we know then it is not willpower it is not self control, it IS their belief system. Our thoughts create our beliefs and our beliefs create out reality. If all we know, seen and been taught (consciously or subconsciously) that certain foods taste better then that created the belief system. Then their are other factors in our society as well that have molded our belief system without any of us aware that it was happening.

Television is one of the most powerful, subliminal, subconscious tools in the world. There are millions of dollars spent on creating the perfect commercial that contains many messages that are in a way brainwashing. The more we see a pleasing picture of a well made pizza with beautiful, pleasing people, in a visually pleasing environment then before we know it we are thinking of that pizza, then we believe we would like to have that pizza, yes that is a form of brainwashing, but brainwashing that we do to ourselves by choosing to watch.

If there are commercials for animals that are ill and are in need then the visuals are even more powerful so that you will pick up the phone and call in your donation to help that poor animal. Drama sells and the more we fill our minds with drama our reality becomes dramatic. There is a misconception that hypnosis/hypnotherapy makes you lose weight, that is wrong. Hypnosis doesn't make you lose weight, it is not a magic pill, voo doo or mind control. Hypnosis can help you change your thought process, which then changes your belief system and therefore changes your reality.

If you think you cannot do something (no matter what it is), then you believe you cannot and so therefore you won't do it simply because your first thought is that you cannot. Our belief system controls everything we do in life, good or bad. Wars are started and continue due to the belief system. It is not conviction that controls us, it is the belief system. There is a difference between conviction and personal preference.

Your conviction supports your belief system and you are willing to possibly give your life for that belief. Personal preference is not belief driven it is jut a preference, a choice that you may be willing to change if needed or wanted. What does all this have to do with losing weight you ask, Everything! You must change your thought process about food in order to lose weight. You can do on diets but the thought pattern must change with the diet change.

All your mind knows is what its been taught, told, seen or experienced. It is all anchored in our minds and with every thought, good or bad, there is a physical change within the body. If you were rewarded with candy as a child for doing good then that is anchored in your mind as a pleasant, good thing. So when you want to feel rewarded and feel that good feeling that you felt as a child being rewarded you reach for what you know and been taught, you reach for candy.

If you family only gathered on holidays, the table was overflowing with unhealthy food and the family was very happy then that same feeling is connected to those foods and we therefore see them as comfort when we feel down. When we reach for these things we aren't necessarily looking for the taste of the food nor do we necessarily think they taste better, we are looking for the subconscious feeling we get from eating them because they are directly connected to being rewarded, family occasions, birthdays, etc.

Like I said hypnosis cannot take the weight off your body, you take that weight off by changing what you eat, how much you eat and exercise. Hypnosis helps you change your thought patterns and beliefs so that you do change what you eat, how much you eat and exercise. Hypnosis is a very powerful tool that we have always had, it is the power of thought, the problem is that we do not use it or simply do not know how to use it. Our minds control everything that goes on within us, it heals our bodies. Why do more people not use this wonderful tool? Fear, people fear what they do not know.

Also because they simply do not like change, even though they know that they need or must change their lives. People fear the unknown, not knowing who they might be if they were thinner or healthier, sounds strange? Many of us it is our identity to be overweight, too thin, depressed, angry, ill. Hypnosis can help every aspect of your life and all we need to do is simply use it to change our thoughts and therefore improve our lives.

An unknown number of Americans suffer with Post Traumatic Stress disorder, (PTSD), some are acutely aware of it, too many will have no idea until it’s to late. It’s unfortunate that many people think that the only people, men and women, that suffer from PTSD are military, and nothing can be further from the truth. I can relate to all those that have intense PTSD, and those who have no idea they are about to suffer the intense effects.

My military service inflicted this horrific condition on me and I didn’t realize the full effect for over thirty years, although others saw it. I woke one day not wanting to get out of bed, and when I did it took all my energy and desire to just walk to the living room, where I wanted to be ABSOLUTELY alone, lights off, and I felt nothing wrong, which was later diagnosed as absolute depression. I could not allow anyone, spouse, children or grandchildren around. I had no idea that I was so angry that no one could talk or touch me, I later suffered from the fear that I would hurt someone, or to end the unspeakable torture in my head, myself.

I could not be around anyone. I felt that there was dirt under my fingernails, and I dug until they bled, cutting them well past the quick. It was just beginning, when I tried to lie down to sleep, I was sure my teeth had something between them, although I had been unable to eat. I got up, brushed, flossed but was unable to remove the objects because there was nothing there, I tried to pull my teeth to point of bleeding I walked the streets until three or four o’clock every night hoping I would be able to forget and get so tired I would sleep.

I can no longer sleep with anyone near me. I finally went to the dentist and had him grind spaces between my teeth so they would not touch . Sleep was impossible, I could close my eyes and felt every wrinkle, and when I did begin to sleep it is nothing but solid nightmares, never ending, two to three hours of sleep was a blessing. The only real rest came when i was in my recliner when I got to it each day, from depression making me doze off finally.

I was unable to see any of my family, even on Thanksgiving and Christmas, because I was unable to be around anyone, and afraid that because of the uncontrolled anger, I would hurt someone. EVERY night when I went to bed, I prayed, but my prayer was that I please not wake the next day.
When I finally realized I had a problem that I didn’t understand, and could not control, indeed, one that controlled me, I went to the Veterans Hospital and unfortunately the only solution they have is to medicate, up to thirty four pills a day, I was a walking zombie, but the anger never seized.

The only thing good that came from the pills was that they slowed my agony to the point I knew the problems I had, and gave me the ability to at least make rational decisions. The greatest decision I made was that I had a better solution. At the time I had been a professional Hypnotist for thirty years and knew the value and advantages. I am also certified in NLP and knew I could find a better way than living a life outside myself.

I began to practice what I taught, relaxation through Hypnosis and NLP. I no longer take pills, and I control my life now, fears, anger and elusions never will again. Through this I have not only helped myself, but developed techniques and methods to help other’s, I only need the chance, while they only require the desire and passion.

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