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Hypnotists are ordinary human beings just like you. A hypnotist is your coach. They possess no magical unearthly powers.A hypnotist cannot make you do things against your will.No one can be hypnotized against their will. Hypnotism is a state of mutual cooperation.You and the hypnotist form a partnership and you can choose to accept or reject any suggestions given to you by the hypnotist.

Only weak minded people can be hypnotized: False. The opposite is the truth. The more intelligent or creative you are the easier is to hypnotize you. In certain cases of mental debility, hypnosis is impossible. Any one who wants to can be hypnotized.Under hypnosis you are NOT unconscious: Hypnosis is a state of HEIGHTENED suggestability and singular focus. Hypnosis is NOT Sleep.You can not get stuck in Hypnosis: Even if the hypnotist were to leave the room after putting you in hypnosis, after a few minutes you would simply open your eyes if you did not hear his voice .

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Rated New York City's #1 hypnotist, hypnotherapist and Life Coach- J.W. Petrocelli - founder of the largest, hypnosis study intensive and learning group in the U.S.A. is now accepting individual sessions.Make an appointment with one of the most versatile, well respected practitioners in the industry.

Known for his work as a trainer with the Silva Mind Method in NYC as well as individual instruction in both the entertainment business and with top athletes. John is also trained in the Humanistic Approach to Hypnotherapy - a multiple-phased process which allows you to quickly uncover and resolve underlying issues which motivate your current problem behaviors.

For an appointment with John or to find out about Somnambulistic Sleepwalkers - the world's largest group of practicing professional hypnotists, call:Ph: 212 964 4450.


You find yourself day dreaming.Or you are driving on a highway and you find yourself so focused on something in your mind that you missed your exit.You are watching a movie and you may be crying or getting scared and having an emotional reaction to the actors up on the big screen even though you know they are playing a role.

when you induce an hallucination. For example, you are looking for an object like your car keys. They are right in front of you but you can not see them.In over 200 years do you know there has been even one case of someone being hurt by hypnosis. The American Medical Association accepted and recognized hypnosis in 1958.

Hypnosis is defined as a state of heightened suggestibility and you must be willing to follow the suggestions or there is no so-called trance state. Only you decide when you go in hypnosis and no one has the power hypnotize you against your will!

Your hypnotist is a guide who helps you use these human abilities to make the kind of changes that you want. For example, breaking bad habits, such as procrastination, overeating, smoking, etc.Some treatments just deal with the behavior or the outward symptom In the short term you might feel better. For example, when you going on a quikie weight loss diet and lose weight and the weight comes back because the real cause you had a weight problem was never dealt with or eliminated!

Self-Hypnosis is the most beneficial tools you will ever learn.To create a 'DYNAMIC YOU', the person you WANT to be, possessing the habits, traits and abilities you desire. Self hypnosis enables you to 'embed' constructive suggestions into your subconscious mind .. like programming a computer for action. Of course, you can learn self hypnosis on your own, but it is much easier to hypnotize yourself if you have first been hypnotized by someone else and given the suggestions and instructions to enter this powerful state on your own.
We teach traditional methods of self hypnosis as well as a unique Mind-Body-Spirit approach called Mind Synchronization.The Mind Synchronization uses a series of inspired Recognition's which weaken and remove negative beliefs, eliminate 'old-programming which may be holding you back like “I'm just undeserving of a relationship.”

Once these recognition's“empty the cup.” So to say, in other words, they cleanse out the unwanted beliefs that aren't working for you. We then 'fill the cup' by adding recognition's which allow you to create the future you want for the life you have always dreamed about.Imagine EFT as an emotional form of acupuncture without needles.

Instead, we tap with the fingertips to stimulate certain meridian points while the client is "tuned in" to the problem.At the New York Center of Hypnosis, we teach all our clients how to be proficient in this amazing technique.

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