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To promote health and wealth, and end individual suffering and frustration by teaching physical, emotional and spiritual disciplines, Cathar Yoga, by correcting traumas and injuries making each of person stronger and brigning enlightenment and new hopes forward.To promote and enhance a traditional and sustainable lifestyle while making it available to all who desire it. To bring awareness about the ability and the confirmed results of these alternative approaches. To bring consciousness to these healing measures. To create the great poise and great joy within so that we, as great strong people, can be great citizens of this planet Earth.

Catherine Larget-Caplan,Catherine is a certified Shiatsu practitioner with over 20 years of professional experience. She has healed injuries large and small, seen clients leave crutches and pain killers behind, as well as prevented numerous surgeries. Catherine's alternative & holistic education began at age 15 upon commencing Macrobiotic & far eastern philosophies in her native France.

Upon studying Hatha yoga with Dassa Openheimer, a first generation student of Iyengar, teaching classes for Dassa as well as co-teaching with Iyengar at Harvard University. Even with all of this and her organic diet since age 22 she found that she needed even more to become truly healthy and find her potential.

In 1988, Catherine began incorporating the MA Roller with her Hatha yoga and Makko Ho exercises. Over the next 18 years she refined her exercises which she found corrected and rejuvenated her and her clients.Catherine currently teaches & practices in Dorchester, Massachusetts. She speaks publicy and writes about health issue, alternative practices, traditional diets, and healing in the western society.

A note from Catherine Larget-Caplan,In 2007 I was greatly injured in accident and thurst into the Western medical establishment. After 5 arduous years and 25 doctors, I found relief, answers, and healing only in my return to myself and my years of study and knowledge of the alternative field, specifically Shiatsu, Cathar and Hatha Yogas, and Makko Ho. Though my path of healing continues, I have gone further than any of the doctors expected and continue to improve.

I am excited to return to healing and be of assitance to those who wish to get better or just more out of life. I hope my experience can educate and give hope to all, even to those whose livelihood and beliefs are based in a different medicine. Together we can enlarge the scope of healing, and bring health to a much needed world.

Additional Information

• Comprehensive biochemical, nutritional, energetic, & mental treatment, education & support
• Yoga therapy
• Finger Surgery
• Joint resettlement & relocation
• Muscle reshaping
• Reordering of the Chi flow
• Revitalizing of internal organs
• Sourcing & eradicating of emotional stagnations
• Character evolution
• Traditional living counseling
• Spiritual & philosophical life counseling
• Cathar Yoga
• Reflexology


Cathar Yoga utilizes the Ma Roller as its sole prop. It is a yoga of transformation and humility bringing us to our most basic physical levels so we can improve from a strong foundation.A personal, interactive, healing and cathartic yoga discipline awakening the body to its original purpose and intelligence, leading to peace and balance, harmony and prosperity. Only from here can we be truly healed and educated in our body's workings and needs.On a physical level Cathar Yoga activates and stretches the energy lines known as meridians and realigns the body. To do this, we begin by re-learning how to stand, sit, kneel, lie down, and incorporate poses from Makko Ho and Hatha Yoga. Cathar Yoga can assist in healing and the prevention of injuries.

Shiatsu & Esoteric Healing,Shiatsu is a pressure-point technique developed in Japan over 1000's of years ago. Fingers, hands, elbows, and even bare-foot pressure is applied to specific points on the body to stimulate and unclog meridians. A range of pressures are used.Each treatment starts with a Hara Diagnosis (the internal center of gravity) and Hara Treatment. The chi is re-directed and stimulated so that the intelligence of the body can take over the healing process.

As hands are used insted of needles or other tools, the healer is able to move with the client's energy (chi flow); sometimes staying in one place for 20 seconds or 2 hours. Shiatsu is a reconstructive process not a simple massage.The MA Roller,Created in the 1970's by Ramana, an acupuncturist, the MA Roller is a piece of wood about the size of a rolling pin. Originally created solely for lying upon, Catherine created Cathar Yoga for the expanded use of the MA Roller for a greater efficency of Hatha Yoga and Makko Ho.

Finger Surgery,As traditional Shiatsu functions with treating of pressure points, I have coined the term 'finger surgery' as a means of further separating and restructuring the space within the body. Using fingers, the muscles, ligaments, and bones are separated so that they may return to their original shape, reintegrate with the body, and resume their proper functions, and I am able to go deeper and with more sensitivity than otherwise with needs ir tools. This is one of the primary factors for rebuilding the chi flow of the body in a more permanent fashion.

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  • Joint Diseases
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  • Stress

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