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Getting Well Naturally™ is a personal ministry that follows the Naturopathic principle that God has designed the body to be self-healing if properly supported.What is a Biblical Naturopath,Biblical naturopaths are ministers trained in prayer, Biblical principles, and natural medicine such as food-stuffs and herbs. They are not orthodox medical doctors. Biblical Naturopathic Doctors (BND) have completed specialized Biblical courses of study in natural and supernatural healing.

Biblical Naturopaths are also conventionally trained in subjects such as anatomy, physiology, counseling, dietary evaluations, nutrition, herbology, acupressure, homeopathy, iridology, sclerology, detoxification, feedback analysis, face-tongue-fingernail analysis, and oxygen therapy. Biblical Naturopaths cooperate with all branches of medical science, referring individuals to a physician or other practitioners as appropriate.

In practice, Biblical Naturopathic Doctors perform or provide prayer, education, Biblical knowledge, lifestyle analysis, laboratory testing, nutritional and dietary assessments, metabolic analysis, muscle or energetic response testing, and other evaluative methods to develop an individualized protocol for health improvement and recovery.

Naturopathy is based upon a belief in the body's innate God-given natural ability to heal itself when given an appropriate internal and external healing environment. Biblical Naturopaths do not diagnose disease and are not involved in the practice of medicine; neither do they use pharmaceutical drugs, nor do they perform surgery. They have traditionally been referred to as "drugless doctors."

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The most advanced technology on the market - its precise controls make this so much more than a TENS unit for the treatment of pain, trauma, and injury cases. While approved by the FDA for pain management, the Wellness Pro generates various frequencies supporting the bio-energetic pathways of the body.

The bio-frequencies help restore the normalization of your body.The Wellness Pro is more than just a TENS unit. It is the most advanced technology in pain control in injury trauma rehabilitation. It is an FDA registered, laboratory tested Class II medical device with the most flexibility of use and largest frequency range in its class on the market today. It is digitally controlled and designed for the precise treatment to control even the most difficult pain, trauma, and injury cases,
including a wide variety of muscle and connective tissue and other health problems associated with PAIN.

Complete elimination or significant reduction in pain has been achieved in the following:Zappers have the potential to eradicate amoeba, protozoa, flukes, pin-worms, roundworms, tape worms, bacteria, spirochetes, mycoplasmas, nanobacteria, viruses, fungi, slime molds, mildews, and yeasts in organs and tissues.

The magnetic pulsar from Sota Instruments, Inc. helps the body's immune system to fight localized difficult infections such as infections inside teeth, infections of spirochetes and nanobacteria inside calcification, and it penetrates into calcified tumors. The magnetic pulses generated by the device covers a volume that is about 3 inches in diameter and 9 inches in depth.

Ionic Foot Bath,One solution to alkalize and detox your system is an ionic footbath. How does the ionic footbath work? An ion-producing module is placed in a tub of clean water with added salt. You immerse your feet into the water. The device works work by sending a small current that goes in a circuit through the body and generates positively charged ions.


Iridology is an art and a science. It is the study of the markings and colors in the irises of the eyes. The iris reveals ongoing tissue/organ stress levels, body constitution, predispositions to weaknesses, and levels of health.

Sclerology is an art and a science. It is the study of the red lines in the whites of the eyes as they reflect stress patterns in the body’s tissues. The sclera reveals ongoing tissue/organ stress levels, predispositions to weakness, and origins of stresses.

Response Testing is a bio-magnetic testing method that enables a practitioner to assess energy disturbances of body systems and imbalances of the autonomic nervous system. This sophisticated evaluation technique is a combination of the best kinesiological schools (Muscle Response Testing, Contact Reflex Analysis,Nutrition Response Testing, and Meridian Response Testing).

The tongue is a reflection of what is going on inside the body, particularly of digestion. Reflections from the kidney, heart, liver, spleen, lung, and stomach go through the tongue.The COMPASS (ZYTO® technology) is used by thousands of health care providers to make decisions on health care needs with 93% proven accuracy. How does this work? The COMPASS is able to read and measure your body's response to digital signatures, which indicate your body's preferences.

These preferences are meant to help bring the body back into a state of balance and improved health. The COMPASS measures 76 bio-markers throughout your body, then records the bio-frequency of each marker to determine what is out of range or out of balance. Next, it gives you a picture of your out-of-range bio-markers. The COMPASS then calculates and compiles a report on your body's preferred herbal supplements, with a description of each herbal supplement and how it may benefit you.

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