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According to the World Health Organization, "health is more than the absence of disease. Health is a state of optimal well-being." Dr. Glenn Gero, a NJ naturopath, believes that optimal well-being is a concept of health that goes beyond the curing of illness to one of achieving wellness. Achieving wellness requires balancing of the various controllable aspects of the whole person. These aspects are physical, emotional and mental. The broader holistic approach to health involves the integration of all of these aspects and is an ongoing process.

Dr. Glenn Gero analyzes each individual's health, behavioral and attitudinal profile to help achieve optimal wellness by referring each client to scientific, historical and anecdotal healing principles.Dr. Glenn Gero is not a medical doctor. He will not prescribe drugs or diagnose illness. He is a trained natural health specialist and educator. He performs wellness consultations regarding diet, nutritional supplementation, botanical medicine, exercise, mind/body imbalances, alternative healing and can refer to other healthcare professionals when appropriate. His services are not insurance reimbursable.

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Most of us cannot escape to a safe haven free from toxins and pollutants. The air that we breathe is polluted, the water that we drink is full of chlorine, the clothing we wear is made of artificial fabrics and chemicals, the lotions and shampoos that we use all contain chemicals. Once these chemicals are inside us, we can never fully eliminate them unless we undergo a detoxification process. As a result, most of us need some form of detoxification. It is one of the best ways to remain healthy in a polluted and toxic environment.

Our bodies are clearly designed to be self-cleansing and self-healing. The internal detoxification process is an automatic daily procedure of the major detoxification organs. In the past, detoxification was for reformed alcoholics and drugs addicts, people with severe allergies and cancer patients. Today it is common for healthy individuals to perform regular internal cleansing to maintain their body systems in pristine condition.

A weekly, monthly or even quarterly detoxification program can make a big difference in optimizing the bodily functions. In fact, it might even help prevent chronic opportunistic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, chronic fatigue and arthritis. Detoxification coupled with a healthy diet is an essential anti-aging tool.

Biological Terrain Assessment is the clinical monitoring of the internal biochemical environment of the body to gain an in-depth understanding of the "elements" within the patient's chemistry. This assessment helps the practitioner to uncover the underlying cause or causes of the patient's imbalance or illness, rather than treating a list of "symptoms." With Biological Terrain Assessment, the practitioner can often detect a cellular pathology well before the disease physically manifests.

Information of this nature can lead to solutions which support and restore overall health for the patient.While other fields of medicine examine, isolate or treat one particular part or system of the body, Biological Terrain Assessment monitors the entire internal biochemical environment of the body.

This complete information gives the physician a baseline to determine the course of treatment, as well as an objective procedure for monitoring the effectiveness of the treatment.Biological Terrain Assessment helps the practitioner to uncover the underlying cause or causes of the patient's imbalance or illness, rather than treating a list of "symptoms."

You are an individual and your needs and sensitivities may differ significantly from other individuals. On our first meeting, we will spend between 60 to 90 minutes together. I will be educating and guiding you rather than "treating," as that word is reserved for licensed medical doctors, which I am not. Depending on your health condition.

we may check your heart rate, blood pressure, bodyweight and/or body fat percentage. Additionally, it would be helpful if you bring, fax or send copies of any medical lab work performed within the last year. If you don't have any recent lab work, I can suggest some specific tests that you can ask your medical doctor to order. If you don’t have a primary care doctor, I can offer a referral.


A holistic approach to nutrition acknowledges the interrelationship of body, mind and spirit. In holistic nutrition, we recognize that our food choices affect all aspects of our being. For instance, the regular consumption of refined and processed foods will deplete physical and mental energy and wreak havoc with the nervous system. Natural whole foods and properly chosen food supplements, on the other hand, nourish body cells and feed glandular and nerve tissue to ensure long-term mental and emotional wellness.

Good nutrition consists of more than just consuming healthy foods. The foods we eat must be absorbed and assimilated in the body. For that to happen, we must have a properly functioning digestive system. Many of the important nutrients from foods and supplements cannot not be fully utilized until the eliminative system is functioning at its optimal level and without adequate digestive secretions, the foods will not be properly broken down in the stomach and intestines. Only when proper digestion is restored can the nourishing and rejuvenating benefits of vitamins, minerals, and other health-building substances unfold their maximum potential.

Professionals in the field of Holistic Nutrition also understand that the thoughts and emotions we entertain in our minds and hearts exert a direct influence on the body. We can choose between positive, helpful thoughts, which nourish body, mind and spirit, with love and encouragement. Negative, destructive thoughts, on the other hand, disrupt body chemistry, thus literally creating a state of disease.

When we become aware of our habitual thought patterns and our emotional disposition, we can actively substitute positive, constructive thoughts and feelings, thus transforming ourselves for the better. Change your mind, change your heart - change your body!You can literally recreate yourself into the healthy, happy person you would like to be.

There is little doubt that our environment is polluted with toxins and harmful substances. One of the keys of anti-aging is to identify useful ways to detoxify our exposure to toxic surrounding elements including our air, water and food. The reason is simple - the more toxins you ingest, the worse you feel and the faster you age.

The concepts of internal cleansing and detoxification have been around for centuries. Detoxification of the body refers to the cleansing of the bowels, kidneys, lungs, the liver and the blood, as these are the organs involved in the detoxification of chemicals and toxins from the body.

A toxin is defined as any compound that has a detrimental affect on cell function or structure.Toxins can damage the body in an insidious and cumulative way. Once the internal detoxification system becomes overloaded, toxic metabolites begin to accumulate. We also become progressively more sensitive to other chemicals, some of which are normally not toxic. It is this accumulation of toxins over a period of time than can wreak havoc on our normal metabolic processes thus causing numerous allergies and addictions.

Toxins include industrial chemicals and their polluted by-products, pesticides, additives in our foods, heavy metals, anesthetics, drug deposits, environmental hormones and secondary smoke. More than two million synthetic substances have been identified and 25,000 new toxins are added each year. About 30,000 are produced on a commercial scale. Unfortunately, only a tiny percentage is ever tested for toxicity.

Long-term exposure to toxins can result in metabolic and genetic alternations that can affect cell growth, behavior and immune response. This is because the molecular structures of toxins are carcinogenic as they interact with human DNA. The World Health Organization has implicated environmental toxic chemicals in over 60 to 80 per cent of all cancer cases.

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