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Jeevan Herbs & Agro Farms lays emphasis on the use of compost, vermin-compost, Bio-fertilizers, & Bio-pesticides. Jeevan Herbs & Agro Farms has been engaged heart and soul since 1994 in the cultivation of "SAFED MOOSLI" and acquired specialization in the techniques of the cultivating "SAFED MOOSLI" in a manner to get maximum production with best quality.

We, Jeevan Herbs & Agro Farms, are involved in the trade of "SAFED MOOSLI". We can supply the planting material as well as we can provide diverse agricultural consulting services to the corporate and individual formers.Jeevan Herbs & Agro Farms is expertising Barron lands in to good cultivation and plantation.

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Ingredients- Bel Chall, Arni, Safed Musli, Arlu, Gambhari, Patla, Mudgaparni, Masparni, Peepal, Shalparni, Prashnparni, Gokharu, Choti Kateli, Badi Kateli, Kakdasinghi, Bhuai Amla, Munakka, Jeevanti, Agar, Giloe, Badi Harad, Bala, Jeevak, Vidarikand, Rishbhak, Kachoor, Nagar Motha, Punarnava, Shatavari, Choti Elaichi, Neel kamal, Safed Chandan, Varahikand, Ashwagandha, Dashmool, Adoosa Jad, Kakoli, Cheer Kakoli, Kaknasa & Keshar.

Dosage - 8 to 10 gms with milk etc.Usefulness & Indications - Helps in improving digestion, Improve Eye Sight & Memory, Excellent anabolic agent, helpful in respiratory diseases specially T.B. and ashthama aphrodiasic agent and energiser. Immuno Modolator and revitalizer.
Ingredients- Ashwagandha Mool, Bariyar Mool, Bare Mool, Pat Mool, Choti Kateli, Badi Kateli, Gokhru, Sambhalu Patti, Sonapatha Mool, Gadhapurna Mool, Urad, Katsaraiya, Rasna, Arand Mool, Devdaru, Prasarni, Arni etc.

Usefulness And Indication- Constant use of this oil helps in curing Rheumatism Gout, Paralysis, Backache, Earache, Headache and in all types of other pains. It is very useful massage agent.
NOTE - Wash your hands with soap after massage


Jeevan Herbal Products is launching a range of pure herbal and Ayurvedic Products so that people can get to use products which are totally pure, natural and completely free from any harmful effects. We take pride in mentioning the fact that most of the herbs used in the preparation of these products have been organically produced by our sister concern, Jeevan Herbs and Agro Farms, which is one of the leading Agro Company known for its quality, pure, organically produced herbs and medicinal plants.

We use only bio-fertilizers and vermi-compost and so our herbs are totally free from any harmful chemicals. All our products have been tried and tested and we have got very positive results from them.

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