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In 2008 alone, we manufactured over 500 sensory areas for the Polish Ministry of Education. Our ability to handle vast projects like this with ease, ahead of time and exactly to budget, hopefully re-assures that we are more than capable of making your new project a complete success whilst still offering the best service and value available. Never forgetting our very humble beginnings - whether you require a single item, fitting out a full room or indeed equipment for every school in the country, you have our full attention and piece of mind that your new investment is proven to be in safe hands from concept to completion.

Work directly with the leading Sensory manufacturer.Many claim it, but The Sensory Company actually does design and manufacture 99% of all products sold. Dealing directly with the manufacturer provides value, piece of mind, and assures a very high quality end product.We try hard to get it right first time.We analyse and learn from our mistakes so hopefully they won't happen again.

All our products are designed specifically to achieve results. Years of specialist experience and feedback from teachers, carers and other professionals goes into every product we manufacture. Our installations and products have been OFSTED (UK government, educational inspection body) inspected on numerous occasions and had fantastic reviews time after time. All our products are designed specifically for the needs of the user, as well as their ease of use, by our team of highly qualified engineers at our research facility.

Our founder has devoted his working life to improving the standards.More than a decade ago, our (then quite young) founder - an electrical, electronic, software graduate and learning disabilities expert invented and supplied innovative products for many of the companies who are now competitors. Many of the products invented back then and today are worldwide firsts.

We are pioneers We invest heavily in the research and development of tools for learning disabilities. We are the inventors of DST, The Sensory Theatre as well as the worlds first ever "Talking" Bubble Tube, Infinity Panel, and DST Magic Talking Cube amongst lots of other pioneering products. The DST Magic Cube was immediately awarded 'Best New Product' at its launch at the LIW exhibition, Birmingham, UK in 1998. It amazed the (late) Queen Mother in summer 2000, during her visit to the Disabled Living Foundation in London, UK. Since then numerous imitations of our products have appeared, so we must be doing something right!Customer Service, Training and After Sales Support. You are our most important asset and we go to great lengths to ensure that you receive 100% from us. Installations include a familiarisation session to ensure you get the maximum benefit from the equipment.

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Imagine being able to operate a whole host of multi-sensory teaching and learning devices from any where within a 30mtr radius, imagine being able to press a switch from any position, imagine not having connecting wires all around the room and you have DST.

The technology, which is called DST, is very simple, it means cause and effect. When a switch is pressed something will happen. This could be as simple as a light or fan being switched on or an elaborate scenario of sound, light, scent, video and vibration.

The switches and the device they operate are not connected by a wire; they can be positioned to meet the needs of the pupils and their teachers.The range of DST products available is wide and can be used in a variety of ways for pupils to develop imaginative play, creative skills, language and communication skills; understanding of cause and effect and an increased awareness of the world around them. All the DST Effects can be operated by a variety of switch devices called DST Causes (think Cause & Effect).

The type of switches (DST Causes) produced by The Sensory Company are imaginative, engaging and above all user friendly. Pupils of all ages and abilities enjoy throwing the DST Magic Cube and are enchanted when the colour changes in the DST Twirler and DST Bubble Tube, to match the colour on the upper most face of the cube. More able children enjoy playing ‘beat the technology’ by shouting out the colour before it can change.

They also enjoy trying to beat the ‘voice in the speaker’. The speaker which can be placed anywhere in the room and easily configured with your own phrases / sounds usually wins, telling children clearly the number on the upper surface of the DST Magic Cube.

The DST MegaButtons are fun to use and have the added flexibility of being easily configurable by the teacher to meet a wide range of needs. Favourite switches can also be plugged into the DST MegaButtons so they become part of the DST system - the use of DST is as limited as your imagination.We furnished a school corridor with DST equipment. Thanks to the development of pioneering software, the corridor was easy to use without moving or programming individual pieces.


Ultra Violet light (Blacklight) fittings produce light which is just beyond the blue end of the colour spectrum so appears 'invisible' to the eye. A dramatic glowing effect is created when used with fluorescent products (listed below).The intense contrast between the black background and the vivid colours produced can help persons with visual impairments identify objects which would normally be very difficult for them to see. Blacklight is inexpensive and the benefits of a dark room which makes extensive use of blacklight and fluorescent materials, pictures and other items are widely acknowledged.

Safe use of UV Light (Blacklight),UV(A) light (Blacklight) is perfectly safe to use as long as guidelines are adhered to.Dr Brian Duffey, a consultant to the National Radiology Protection Board has researched the use of UV light within dark rooms.He concluded that a teacher and pupil working in a dark room for 2 hours, approx. four feet (1.2m) away from a UV light would receive a dose of ultra violet radiation equivalent to about 48 seconds of summer sunshine.

Therefore, if UV light is used appropriately in a dark room, there is no risk to eyes or skin
Our advanced Pool Sound & Light systems utilise state of the art technology, allowing the user to effortlessly breeze through a comprehensive range of inbuilt programs specifically designed to encourage interaction and relaxation within the pool - and all without leaving the water!

Reliable and simple to use - Never again worry that a computer crash or virus may plunge your pool into darkness or mean abandoning a critical multi-sensory session whilst technical issues are resolved.

Our advanced system does not utilise or require complex components such as computers, Windows™, custom software, hard drives or touch screens in order to operate. Embedded technology means our Pool Sound and Light system is the only one available that is ready to go the moment you flick the switch. Another first brought to you by The Sensory Company.

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