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Quinessence is a leading manufacturer dedicated to providing the ultimate in pure essential oils, aromatherapy products and natural skincare. For over 27 years, qualified aromatherapists, students, hospitals, clinics and colleges around the world have placed their trust the high quality products and expertise associated with the name of Quinessence.

Established in 1985 by Sue Charles, and Geoff Lyth, Quinessence has steadily expanded from a small cottage industry into one of the largest specialist aromatherapy suppliers in the market today, distributing a vast range of award-winning aromatherapy products on a global basis to over 65 countries.Experience for yourself the huge benefits of buying your aromatherapy products from an expert company who supplies the finest products at affordable prices - and cares about the needs of both you and the environment

As aromatherapy students in 1984, Sue and Geoff found it extremely difficult to find suppliers of good quality essential oils and accessories. Due to their training they recognised the vital importance of purity, but at that time there were only a handful of suppliers to choose from in the United Kingdom and the quality, availability, breadth of range and prices of some left much to be desired.

It soon became clear they had been duped regarding the quality and origins of some oils they were buying, and Geoff quickly earned a bad reputation for being a troublesome customer, since it is not in his nature to accept second best. Being an enquiring perfectionist was quite an asset in those early pioneering years, and possibly accounts for Geoff becoming the first choice as Chairman of the Aromatherapy Trade Council (ATC) when it was formed many years later in 1993.

Unable to find consistently high quality oils, in early 1985 they set out to find their own sources of supply wherever possible, bringing peace of mind and certainty that their clients would be getting treatments using the very best oils available. Before long, colleagues and students inquired where they might buy the the oils they were using since they could appreciate the difference. Later that year, Quinessence was launched.

Throughout the growth of the company, the reason it was originally established was always kept in mind and today Quinessence are more committed than ever to supplying botanically identified, biologically active, pure essential oils that have been subjected to the most rigorous quality control procedures. Ethical issues such as animal testing, conservation, recycling and fair trading are also addressed in a responsible and transparent manner.

Towards the late 1990's, the huge growth in aromatherapy meant that the retail market had become saturated with products of dubious origin and quality. It became clear that aromatherapy had been well and truly hijacked by manufacturers of all kinds, to the point that if a product had a smell, it would be labelled and marketed as 'aromatherapy', even though such products rarely contained true essential oils.

The company decided that it was time for home-users around the world to enjoy the same high quality of essential oils and products that the professionals had always used, and therefore a retail range of aromatherapy products was developed. An online retail store opened in early 2000 and the Quinessence Aromatherapy Collection is now sold into more than 63 countries around the world.

Quinessence essential oils and the Aroma-botanicals® skin care range has received critical acclaim over recent years, and for 6 years in succession have been finalists in the Natural Health and Beauty magazine Awards. In 2005 Quinessence Rose in Jojoba was voted best Facial Oil, and in 2010 Aroma-botanicals® Nourishing Hand Cream voted 3rd place by the panel of judges. Previously, in the 'Hot Contenders' category the team of beauty experts and judges awarded Aroma-botanicals® a 'Best All-Natural Range', and the Vitamin E Cream was voted a Best Bargain Moisturiser.

The Natural Beauty Awards claim to conduct the most comprehensive product reviews in the industry, covering over 25 different categories, and to win these awards Quinessence had to compete with leading brand names such as Aveda, Elemis, Jurlique, E'SPA, Dermalogica, Weleda, Dr Hauschka and Neals Yard.

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Additional Information

Aroma-botanicals® is a complete skin care system that provides everything you need to nourish, re-hydrate and protect your precious skin, producing results that are cumulative and long lasting.The rich harvest of natural, plant-based nutrient-rich ingredients provides you with a gentle skincare regime that works in harmony with your mind and body, to bring you beautiful skin - naturally. Not only that, but Aroma-botanicals bring you true, holistic aromatherapy skin care solutions at sensible prices.

Browse Aroma-botanicals® Skin Care Range - Hair Care Range,Over 5 years in development, this luxury Skin Care Collection was expertly formulated making use of Natures finest quality vegetal ingredients to nourish and beautify your precious skin. As a specialist aromatherapy manufacturer, we strive to develop products that will be not only effective, but also very safe for those whose skin is easily sensitised.

Therefore, when developing the Aroma-botanicals Collection we insisted on using only natural, vegetal ingredients that have a long and proven record of both safety and efficacy. We do not use any harsh, chemical ingredients that will damage your skin.

A supercharged blend of organic essential oils and vitalising botanicals including Aloe Vera, Comfrey, Ginseng, Goldenrod, Lady's Thistle, Rose Mallow, Shea Butter and Seaweed are skilfully blended to bring dramatic improvements to your skin, promoting a healthy youthful glow.

Utilising these gentle, revitalising blends of nutrient-rich ingredients provides you with a skincare regime that works in harmony with both your mind and body, harnessing all the benefits of holistic aromatherapy and bringing you the results that you have been searching for - without the nasty side-effects.

We purposely avoided the use of any modern controversial ingredients that can irritate sensitive skins. Although 'miracle' ingredients such as AHA's etc. promise great results, most of them have not been in general use long enough to discover any problems caused by long-term use on the skin. Every one of the vegetal and botanical ingredients in this range have been used safely and effectively for centuries, and posess well documented beneficial effects.

When these botanicals are combined with active vegetable oils such as Centella asiatica, Jojoba, Rosehip and Carrot, a powerful synergistic formula is created that delivers a huge range of skincare benefits. Of course, without essential oils it would not be true aromatherapy skincare, so we have added our finest Certified Organic Essential oils to ensure truly outstanding results.

Light textured and non-greasy, these aromatherapy skin care products do not contain any animal extracts, lanolin or harsh chemical preservatives, thus ensuring they are both hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic. As a registered BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) approved manufacturer, we can guarantee you that the entire range of Quinessence products is manufactured without causing any cruelty to animals.


If you prefer to store your essential oils in something a little more ornamental than a plain finish, these charming boxes full of character could be just what you are looking for.Each unique essential oil storage box will hold 12 x 5ml bottles and features an attractive hand-carved pattern adorned with intricate brass inlays on the lid, stylish brass cornerpieces and a brass closing clasp.

Hand-carved by craftsmen in India using sustainable Sheesham wood, these storage boxes are full of individual charm and offer excellent value for money.Because they are hand-made, the design pattern on the lid and wood colour may vary slightly from the image shown.

Although the outer appearance of the box is elaborate and highly attractive, the internal finish is fairly rudimentary so if you prefer a machine-made internal finish rather than one with a bit of individual variety and character, these boxes may not be suitable.

Parents are increasingly moving away from pharmaceutical remedies for treating the ailments of their children and are instead using essential oils.Tired with the toxic, artificial medicines they have historically used, mums and dads are starting to investigate the power of natural remedies.

American Mindy Spradlin, a 32-year-old mother of four, told The Tennessean: “It’s empowering as a mom to feel like you have ability to take care of your kids and don’t have to run to someone else every time they are sick.

“So often, we have it ingrained in our minds that we don’t know anything and we stop listening to our intuition and think only the professionals can tell us what to do. “Really, we probably know more than anybody … and we have the tools.”

Indeed, essential oils can be used to treat an array of ailments from skin complaints to sore throats. What’s more, each oil has multiple benefits, meaning parent’s can create a comprehensive first aid/treatment kit without breaking the bank.

However, it’s important to remember that essential oils are incredibly powerful compounds and are highly concentrated. This means that not only should children never get hold of them, but parents need to be careful when administering essential oils.

For example, when creating a mixture to put on the skin of an adult, you would normally add four to five drops of essential oil to 30ml of carrier oil. However, for a child this concentration needs to be much lower, depending on the age. It’s important to check this information first.

What’s more, when using essential oils through a steam inhalation or warm bath, the child should never be unsupervised. The key is to remember that just because a product is natural, it doesn’t mean its safe. This being said, essential oils are an effective way to treat many childhood ailments and there are certain oils that it always pays to have nearby.

At this time of year, most parents will want to ensure they have Peppermint Essential Oil in the house. It’s perfect for treating seasonal colds and headaches. Simply put two to three drops of peppermint in a large bowl of hot water. Ensure your child closes their eyes before leaning over the bowl, and have them breathe slowly and deeply for a few minutes. They should start to feel relief very quickly.

Steam inhalation is also great for children with coughs and you’ll want to follow the above method, replacing the peppermint with Cedar Atlas Essential Oil. This oil is an expectorant and antiseptic, which helps clear up colds and chest infections. It is also a great oil to have in the house to treat wounds or muscle aches. Add two to three drops of cedar atlas essential oil to 10ml of lotion and rub onto aching muscles. Alternatively, add the same measure to 10ml of carrier oil and apply to wounds.

Lavender is another highly versatile essential oil to have in the house. It can be used to treat bruises, burns, backache, athlete’s foot, asthma, headaches, hives, inflammation, insect bites, and eczema.

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