Dr.M. B. Prabhu


Dr. Prabhu points out that some disorders are generally labeled as ‘Incurable’ in the medical field. Generally for such disorders, the doctors prescribe life -long medication, on that they say it is just for temporary relief. The very label ‘Incurable’ freely used by some medical practitioners themselves starts negative thinking in patients’ mind. They take medicines on doctor’s advice, but deep inside their brain lingers the ‘futility’ of the whole exercise. This is what precisely makes their problem psychosomatic and literally incurable. When such patients come to Dr. Prabhu the first job that he does is to create a positive mindset among them by convincing them that such disorders are indeed ‘Curable’ citing examples of various cases successfully and effectively treated by him, with the help of video testimonies of such type of patients. Dr Prabhu’s lectures on importance of faith in healing process has worked wonders! Dr . Prabhu emphasizes, “The disorders will vanish the way they came ! Think positively and everything is possible! ”. This miraculously changes the patients’ psychology and helps them in not only getting rid of their psychosomatic pain, but also paves the way for effective healing!

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