Dr.N. Chandrasekaran

Dr.N. Chandrasekaran, MBBS is an active practitioner of allopathic medicine for the last twenty-eight years. His deep inquest into Vedanta brought him to the study of yoga. He did his diploma in Yoga in KYM during the year 1990 – 92, where he was introduced to therapeutic potentials of yoga. He has been a yoga teacher and therapist for over eighteen years. He has done private consultation and designed individual therapy courses for more than ten thousand people with the whole range of health problems. His basic learning and his practical experience in allopathic medical system together with his exposure and training in the healing process of yoga helped him to blend both into one, thereby enabling him to present a harmonious wholesome yoga of the modern western medical system with the time-tested eastern heritage. He has mastered the art of combining his knowledge of medical science and the therapeutic potentials of yoga to devise several modifications of the tools of yoga to telling effect. So much so that he has the rare privilege of being acknowledged as an authority in yoga therapy by many senior yoga therapists all over the world.

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