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Aithein Healing is one of the best Ayurveda schools in India offering courses on traditional healing of massage. Institute is offering Ayurveda course, Thai massage, Marma point course, Chavutti Thirumal, Indian and Aithein healing course to students.

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Marma simply defined, are the junctures in the body where five elements meet, i.e., muscles, vessels, bones, ligaments and joints. According to the scriptures, there are 107 marma points in the body (108th is the mind) which is vulnerable to pain and can cause long-term effects to the body.

While studying the siddha marma points massage course, students will understand the benefits of various marma points in the body. The understanding of marma points is extremely beneficial in treatment of various illnesses and during diagnosis of diseases. Further, they will learn the correct methodology of stimulation of different marma points and how it relaxes and rejuvenates the entire body during a massage, providing a sense of positivity and vitality to their client.

The Aithein Healing Massage was developed in 2005 at the Aithein Healing Institute. The main concept of this massage method is that a human being is more than just the muscles, tissues and organs. It is a complex instrument and yet has an innate ability to self-heal over a period of time.

While undertaking this course, the students will realize the relationship of various pains and illnesses with the human body. They will learn how to develop a deeper consciousness to be able to touch the mind and soul of their clients. It will also provide the tools and methodologies to help them begin their process of self-healing and create a more centered, calming and emotionally restoring effect on the body.

The students will learn a fusion of the Swedish massage practices, effective breath work , human anatomy, Tai chi, deep work, Somatics (study of human psychology), bodywork and sensory awareness. Our highly experienced teacher would teach the art of providing softer, deeper and longer strokes with a gentle hand. They will also understand the importance of taking their clients to a deeper, trance-like state to allow the process of self-exploration and healing.

The Indian Head massage, also known as champissage (champi + massage) or Shiroabhyanaga is a widely popular form of head massage. It is based on the ancient Ayurvedic healing beliefs of India. In the Indian culture, oil based head massage is quite common and the skills have been handed down from generation to generation. Most Indians apply oil about two times a week, as they believe it helps reduce stress and it keeps their hair in good condition.

The Indian head massage is quite popular in the west due to the flexibility and ease of access of providing the massage. It can be given anytime, and anywhere for an instant soothing effect on the mind and body. While learning this form, students will understand the art of using hands and fingers to press, knead and rub the tissues of the scalp, neck, shoulders and upper back to help soothe, relax and rejuvenate the client.


Through our 4-weeks Ayurveda Training Course in Goa (India), we provide a comprehensive understanding of the concept of Ayurveda and its various therapies. The course offers complete information about the cause-effect relationships between your client’s lifestyle and health and how to diagnose and treat them effectively through Ayurveda.

During the course, you can study and learn about Ayurveda and its various treatments, and how these different treatments can help you treat yourself and your clients. You can learn how different herbal oils and products provide different benefits to the client’s body and how this knowledge can be utilized to provide the most effective healing and cure.

The course includes in-depth theoretical as well as practical sessions over the month by our highly qualified teachers and has been proven to be beneficial for both beginners and intermediate level students of Ayurveda.

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