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Dr. Sridevi

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Ayu Ayurvedic Clinic - Khairatabad

What happens with natural herbs blend with thorough knowledge and medical expertise plus marketing sense? It is a brand of herbal skincare products that are as effective as they are claimed to be. No gimmicks, no jugglery and strictly no hardsell. Take it or leave it. Dr Sridevi’s Ayu Herbals is a brand that was developed by the doctor herself.

It is not a brand that was created to ‘make an extra buck’ while on the job. It was not made because it seemed like a good brand building exercise. Instead, it began with the simple, clean thought of providing the best of nature’s care in a treatment format for the harried patient. “During the course of my treatment, I would recommend the herbal decoction according to some specifications. These specifications were based on my theoretical knowledge, practical experience and my own judgement plus intuition.

To my surprise, the patients came back to report remarkable progress after they followed by advice on medication. As more patients started coming in and the demand for my recommendations increased, I decided that I should start taking my herbal recommendations seriously and gave it a name, shaped its identity and put in my heart into it. The result is Dr Sridevi’s Ayu Herbals. Initially it sounded vain to have my name attached to the brand. But the flip side to it is that since patients place their trust in me, giving my name to it increases my responsibility on what I suggest and recommend,” says Dr Sridevi.

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Lifestyle ailments such as Spondylitis to hereditary disorders like diabetes and hormonal irregularities such as infertility, she has treated a host of problems and garnered the trust of her patients. Many of them now confess that thay are fed up with the new-age cosmetics and seek her advice for Ayurvedic solutions to problems. That is what triggered off a whole new set of natural and herbal products under the label Dr. Sridevi's Ayu Herbals.

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Treatments For:

  • Allergy
  • Diabetes
  • Infertility
  • Psoriasis
  • Skin Diseases
  • Spondylolisthesis

Consultation Type: Home ConsultationPratitioners serve at patient's location.

  • Certified-By ISO 9001:2008, IEC, etc.
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