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Vedasudha - Kottayam

The entire staff of Vedasudha, including doctors, therapists, pharmacists and cooks is very well trained in academic and traditional knowledge and makes sure that every patient gets best, personalized treatments. We are not yet accomplished in our learning process but try to offer our best from our limited gained knowledge as the process of learning is defined as being infinite. We do not promise you complete healing in all diseases, as that process is not always in our hands.

All that we promise you, is to give our best efforts with as much purity as we can offer. Not only do we practice Ayurveda, but we also try our best to live up to the ayurvedic principles. Vedasudha Ayurvedic Hospital is situated in a small and cute village in Kerala called Vayala. We do not have any ocean view, but are located in the middle of this typical Kerala village. It is approximately 80 km away from Cochin international airport (2hrs drive) and 30 km from Kottayam railway station. It is just 3 km away from the Main Centre Road and is very easily accessible.

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Additional Information

We offer outpatient as well as inpatient treatment in our hospital. Our clinic disposes of a limited amount of rooms. The residential and treatment buildings are separately constructed to provide maximum privacy. The room planning and architecture is strictly based upon Vastu (Vedic architecture science for healthy leaving). We have neither air-condition nor televisions in our rooms.

We entertain our own water wells on our land and most of the electricity is provided by our own solar power unit.In our kitchen, only ayurvedic, vegetarian and sattvic food is cooked and served. We offer our guests three warm meals per day. For certain pathological conditions special meals are being prepared. We also dispose of a vegetable garden, which does not yet fully cover our needs, but we hope to achieve that stage soon. We are committed to using as much pure and biologically cultivated ingredients as possible.


Abhyangham : This is a special warm oil massage in which various strokes are given according to the disease for about 45 - 60 minutes. It is given as a single treatment and also as a preparation for Panchakarma. Depending on the specific disease, medicated oils are chosen very carefully. Fomentation follows after this treatment and is completed by a warm bath using herbal powders to remove the rest oil from the body.

Thyladroni : In this treatment, the whole body is dipped in a carved vessel filled with medicated oils for a period of 45 to 60 minutes. The temperature of the oil is maintained very carefully, and can be given for a time period of 1 to 14 days

Kativasthi : This is a local treatment used in case of low back complaints. Specially prepared warm medicated oil is kept over the lower back with in a boundary of yellow gram powder paste. Duration of this treatment: 35 to 60 minutes.

Podikizhi : In this treatment, fomentation is done with bundled warm herbal powders which are massaged onto specific local areas.

Avagaha swedam : Fomentation is done by taking a bath in a tub or a vessel containing Vata alleviating decoction, milk etc. The prescribed decoction at tolerable temperature is poured into a tub in which the patient is made to sit for a prescribed time period.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Malayalam

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Treatments For:

  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Back Pain
  • Hemiplegia
  • Joint Diseases
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Pain
  • Paralysis
  • Psoriasis
  • Rheumatism
  • Sciatica

Consultation Type: Home ConsultationPratitioners serve at patient's location.

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