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Alternative Health Networks, (AHN) commits to providing the highest quality product to its customers. We use only natural herbs and flowers, hand bottling each product with care, following the same tradition since our inception 1974. We also commit to preserving the legacy and original formulations set down by our founder, Don A. Hall Jr., Master Herbalist (1934-2012). The AHN Product Lines,Our Core Values.

We believe in education of any and all people on the amazing healing abilities of herbs and flowers.We use only Certified Organic or Wildcrafted herbs in all of our herbal supplements.We use only Wildcrafted flowers, gathered ceremoniously in accordance with Don’s teachings.We still hand bottle each product, blessing every product throughout our process.We believe in providing the best product for the best price we can.We believe in our products so much, we have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Additional Information

Red Earth Herbal Drops are herbal supplements made with Certified Organic or Wild-Crafted herbs only. Each formula was created with a specific ailment in mind, and combines multiple herbs, flowers, leaves, and roots for a synergistic liquid concentrate. Red Earth Herbal Drops are tinctures, but can be best described as a cold-pressed concentrate similar to a strong herbal tea. These products focus on physical support through providing the body with powerful nutrients and vitamins that allow the body to heal itself. It’s not a “medicine” like we use the word today, but a preventative herbal supplement.

Deva Flower Essence Remedies are blended flower essences that are homeopathically prepared similar to the Bach Flower Remedies®. Each blend is formulated around a specific emotional state, and in turn, the physical manifestations of that emotion. The name of each formula describes the emotional crisis experienced. The Deva Flower Essence Remedies work on a vibrational level, supporting emotional wellness and stability. These products will not conflict with any pharmaceutical and have no side effects. The entire line is even safe for your pets!

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  • Anxiety Disorders
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  • Pain
  • Stress

Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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