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After the fall of the Mahodayapuram Cheras in 12th century, Malabar Coast was fragmented into numerous feudal city states called nads (swaroopams), ruled by Naduvazhis. Moopil Nair is the term used to denote Nair Naduvazhis (rulers of nads or city states) and Desavazhis (rulers of desams) of tiny feudal kingdoms on the Malabar Coast, present day Kerala state,South India. Moopil Nairs belonged to the Samanthan Nair subcaste of the Nair caste in the Hindu Caste system.

These Nads were again divided in to desams ruled by the Desavazhis .Perumbayil Tharavadu was the desavazhis of Paluvai desam. Perumbayil family is one of the oldest and aristocratic Nair/Menon families in Guruvayoor Area. Some of this family members were ayurveda practitioners. The most famous royal dynasty of the Moopil Nairs were Valluvakkonathiris, who ruled Valluvanad, based on present day Angadippuram. Other important royal dynasties were that of Kavalappara Moopil Nair (of Kavalappara Swaroopam), Kuthiravattathu Moopil Nair (near Kozhikode, commanded Samoothiri of Calicut's cavalry forces), Mannarkad Moopil Nayar (ruled the area in and around Attappady) and Kuppathode Moopil Nair (ruled Pulpally).

Additional Information

Avagaha Sweda : It is a type of swedana (sudation)in which the patient is made to sit in a tub containing medicated liquid for a certain period of time.It is very helpful in treating uro genital,gynaec,anorectal diseases etc.

Ksheeradhoomam : This is also a type of swedana(sudation) in which steam of medicated milk is made to be exposed to face for a certain time.It is effective in treating facial palsy,dribbling of saliva,strengthening of facial muscles etc.


Abhyangam : It is considered as one among the poorvakarmas (preparatory procedures). It implies synchronized massage to the whole body or local body parts as per the condition of disease. It is one among the most common and effective therapy in Ayurvedic medicine. Useful in nerve disorders, aches and stiffness. It is usually done for 40 to 60 minutes depending upon the need.

Shirodhara : It is a procedure of pouring liquid form of medicine like thailam (medicated oil) or thakram (medicated buttermilk) constantly for a time period of 50-60 min on forehead. It is helpful in treating nervous disorders, insomnia, mental stress, anxiety, migraine etc. Thakradhara is very effective in treating skin diseases and respiratory disorders.

Shirovasthi : It is a procedure of retaining warm medicated oil(thailam) in a cap like structure fitted on head. Normally this procedure will be done for 35-50 min for a time period of 7 days maximum. This is considered as one of the greatest treatment for head.

Swedanam(Steam Bath) : It is considered as one among the poorvakarmas (preparatory procedures). Usually the time period of Swedanam is, till the patient gets proper sweating all over the body. It gives a feeling of lightness, it is good for skin, helps to reduce the fats collected even on extremities.

Sneha Paanam : It the oral consumption of Sneham (oleos substances). Generally it is done with Ghrutham (medicated ghee). It is considered as an important preparatory procedure for the Panchakarma therapies (purification therapies) as well as it is considered even as a main procedure in treating severe disorders like infertility, psychiatric diseases etc.

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