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Nisargopchar Kendra, Dhule was established in 1958 under Public Trust Act 1950, Registration No.F-37 (W.K.), under Societies Registration Act-1860, Reg. No.: BOM/60/W.K. as a charitable trust. In the mainstay of the foundation of hospital were Damodardasji Mundhra and Bansilalji Gindodia. Dr.B.Venkatrao from Hyderabad (AP) was instrumental support in it. But the person without whom the hospital may have not started or had not breath was Dr.Devendranath Varma.
When started in 1958 it was in rented premises at Hanuman Villa. Owner Hanumandasji Gindodia was kind enough to waive the rent. A generous farmer Kanhaiyalal Dalwale donated his three acre land for hospital. In 1971 hospital shifted to new own place, where it is at present. It wasn’t equipped with basic amenities like pucca verandah and tap water. Proper arrangement of treatment was in makeshift arrangement.

It was nourished by dedication and sacrifice of Dr.Devendranath Varma. He always tries to reach up to the every man in need. In 1982 a separate treatment block was build by collected donation. Doshi family fulfills their commitment in 1994 by construction of a block of two rooms. Infrastructure was limited at hand of Dr.Varma but he was endowed of brilliant capacity to implement natural laws and natural sources for treatment.

Additional Information

Diagnostic approach in naturopathy: Diagnosis is a process of acknowledgment of and identification of nature of disease. Nature of disease is determined by evaluation of patient history, examination, and review of laboratory data. Outward signs and symptoms of body help to recognize the disease or condition.

Sign is basic element of communication. Sign is a unit, which signifies another unit. In condition of disease the subcellular changes are reflected in organism as altered function or structure of tissues, organs. A subcellular change may be of deficiency or excess of certain factor. This deviation is signified as change in normal rapidity of control systems. This is perceived as absence of ease. When the control systems are without strain and homeostatic condition is maintained properly, cellular function are without perturbation sense of well-being can be sensed.


Advantage of naturopathy over modern medicine: Every pathy is incomplete. Effectiveness of treatment system lies in its success to treat the disease, not merely control the sign and symptoms of the disease. Despite the advancement in medical sciences there are still many questions are unanswered in field of treatment and diagnosis.
But naturopathy uproots the root cause of disease.  Hence the success rate of treatment is great.

Naturopathy is effective only in chronic diseases not in acute infective diseases: Rapid reaction of control system in response to acute changes by pathogen is perceived as sign of acute diseases. Naturopathy is a science that tries to maintain homeostatic condition by thermoregulation, glucoregulation and osmoregulation. Hence it is applied properly. Naturopathy is effective in control of acute diseases, but in medical emergency treatment of modern medicine is best. Naturopathy has no side effects: Side effects if referred to as misuse of certain substance, then in naturopathy if treatment modalities are not used properly. Certainly make patient and doctor to land in trouble.

Role of magnetotherapy, acupuncture, reiki, applied kinesiology, auto urine, iridology, electrodiagnosis, hair analysis, live cell analysis in diagnosis and treatment of diseases All of magnetotherapy, acupuncture, reiki, applied kinesiology, auto urine, iridology, electrodiagnosis, and hair analysis, live cell analysis are not part of naturopathy. Naturopathy is based on physiology and biochemistry. Fundaments of diagnosis and treatment modalities are back up by physiology of homeostasis. I don’t see any such evidence in magnetotherapy, acupuncture, reiki, applied kinesiology, auto urine, iridology, electrodiagnosis, and hair analysis, live cell analysis. People who practice such things under the name of naturopathy are quacks.

According to naturopathy one’s diet should confine to boiled vegetables devoid of spices and less oil and non-vegetable is restricted. Diet is basic concept in naturopathy, because it is believed that “ your food is your medicine”. Habit of diet depends on climate, age, races and religions. Eccentric habits of diet surely but burden on regulation system hence diet should be wholesome. In therapeutic diet it is advised to have food as per hunger and appetite, but certainly spices/ oil/ salt are restricted. It is not that you only have to take boiled food only. The general ingredients needed for preparing vegetable are allowed. But if a person is strictly vegetarian it is not compulsory to have non-vegetarian diet.

When disease is cured by taking medicine for short time without diet restriction. Why opt for lengthy naturopathy treatment. Some diseases are certainly cured by taking medicines for short time without any diet restriction like in malaria and some infective diseases. But in those conditions if naturopathy utilizes it is certainly beneficial.  Naturopathy is not time consuming pathy. Actually onset of disease is result of consumes of control system. Break in of control system is gradual process. Hence restoring of control system also happens gradually.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Marati

Treatments For:

  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Muscle Disorders
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatism
  • Spondylolisthesis

Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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