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We offer exceptionally high quality natural healthcare in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. We have each been working with folks Naturally since 1971. We began working together in 1982. Through the years we have each gathered a wealth of experience, training, and knowledge in a vast array of natural healthcare modalities, enriching our expertise and adding to the quality of life for patients.
We specialize in High Level Wellness, and are also well versed in assisting those that have "been everywhere", "tried everything", "seen all the experts", and have experienced little or no change. We welcome the chronic cases, the acute cases, and especially welcome all folks seeking high quality wellness.
Our work is suitable for all ages, from new born to senior. Some of the health complaints we help with are: Aches, Pains, Stress, Back-Shoulder-Neck-Arm-Hand-Hip-Leg-Knee-Ankle-Foot complaints, Migraine, Male & Female problems, Stroke, Enhancing Sports Performance, Heart, Bowel, Stomach, Heartburn, Arthritis, Indigestion, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Allergies, Sinus, etc.Please use the guide in the upper left of this page to learn more about us. Do contact us if you are a health problem, or have questions about care and making an appointment.


Tai Chi Chih is set of movements completely focused on the development of energy, called Chi, 19 stand alone movements and one pose. Not a martial art - completely non-violent,Easy to learn - usually around two months or 8 once a week classes - varies according to the teacher Does not require physical fitness or coordination - seniors, children, all can learn it.

What are the Benefits of Regular Practice,Promotes longevity and increases the quality of people's lives,Improves balance, physical fitness, flexibility, and stamina,Circulates and balances the internal energy, called Chi,Balancing of Chi increases health and well being,Circulation of Chi increases physical energy

Expands creativity and awareness,Benefits cannot be predicted or guaranteed, but will only come with regular practice,Tai Chi Chih practice offers a way to gently and steadily improve functioning of the body-mind complex, on your own and at your own pace. Please remember, the movements are easy, but you must practice to gain the benefits. Regular daily practice can result in better balance, toning and strengthening of the body, inner peace, and improvements in health, creativity, performance, and intuition.

Who can do the Tai Chi Chih® Movements,Persons of any age or physical ability,Movements may be adapted to be done while seated or for other physical limitations,No special clothing or equipment required,All classes taught by accredited teachers,The Arthritis Foundation believes that slow gentle movements build muscle strength without stressing the joints, improve balance, and relieve stress and depression. Exercise programs, such as Tai Chi Chih, that embrace these principals can be beneficial for people with arthritis.

Kim Sammons, Associate Vice President, Public Relations, The Arthritis Foundation,From the Journal of Gerontological Nursing: Exercise can reduce the inactivity induced loss of strength, mobility, balance, and endurance that are vital for the safe performance of activities of daily living for older adults (Ory et al., 1993). Exercise is also recommended for the treatment and prevention of complications from coronary heart disease, hypertension, non-insulin dependent diabetes, osteoporosis, and depression (Harris, Caspersen, DeFriese, & Estes, 1989).

Physical inactivity is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality among elders. Nurses are frequently in the position to recommend and encourage exercise and activity for clients.Tai Chi Chih movement is a safe and enjoyable form of exercise that may be ideal to improve and mantain physical function in older adults.Tai Chi Chih Movement: An Exercise Option for Older Adults, Kevin J. Schaller, BSN, MSN Journal of Gerontological Nursing, October 1996, 22(10), 12-17

San Clemente physician David Walker says, "Tai Chi Chih reduces stress, and if you can reduce your stress, it can work on all kinds of ailments. We know ulcers, chemical dependency, emotional neuroses, hypertension -- a lot of common 20th Century ailments -- are stress-related. Those who practice Tai Chi Chih regularly report that the benefits spill over into their daily lives.

St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City teaches Tai Chi Chih movement to arthritics in its Center for Health Enhancement, and patients report greater mobility, coordination and flexibility after taking the classes.Professional golfer Ann Marie Palli found that Tai Chi Chih was right in line with things she was working on: relaxing her body, mind, focusing on her feet to get grounded before a swing; Pam Towne, Cypress, CA TCC Instructor

There are many organizations, groups, and individuals that have experienced the benefit of regular Tai Chi Chih practice. Speak with Dennis Landes about any specific questions you have regarding Tai Chi Chih practice for your own benefit.

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