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Each and every statement in this research study is a well known fact, found in any standard medical biblical work.However, these facts are never highlighted, and hardly quoted.Medical sciences are about analysis of concrete facts and absolute truths, and application of the conclusions towards making a patients life comfortable.However, Medical science as practiced today is about executing hypothetical ideas ( which keep changing every year), and about conducting clinical drug trials about little known drugs, reducing the patient to nothing other than a well treated guinea pig in  five star hospital setups.

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Our Doctors are qualified in Allopathy as well as Alternative Therapys. They will have detailed consulations with you. Each Consultation will last minimum 90 minutes, at times spanning 2 hours. You may require 1-5 consulations depending upon your Disease.Listed below are the general Principles of Alternative Cure for various Human Systems.

It is to be noted that these are only broad principles & not the entire gamut of Alternative Therapy.This list of measure are generally applicable to most illnesses under relevant systems but by no means is always applicable to every disease & every patient.We take no responsibility to endorse these principles to patients whom we have not seen or advised. However it is our belief that most of these principles should help in one way or other.

We hope you will surely benefit from these natures principles,STRESS is a nonspecific response of the body to threatening external events or to any demand made on it regardless of whether the demand is pleasant, unpleasant, emotional or physical.The below extract is taken from the thesis of Dr. Nikesh Agarwal submitted to Indian Alternative Medicine Council and approved. It is meant to outline general principles and should not be taken to be the whole truth. We strictly advise you not to stop the Anti hypertensive medicines on your own and only act on your regular doctors advice.


Tai chi is a Chinese martial art that is primarily practiced for its health benefits including a means for dealing with tension and stress.Tai chi emphasizes complete relaxation, and is essentially a form of meditation, or what has been called &meditation in motion Unlike the hard martial arts, tai chi is characterized by soft, slow, flowing movements that emphasize force, rather than brute strength.

The Combat version of original Tai Chi has been modified into a fitness and health science called Executive Tai Chi,Usual Tai Chi as taught everywhere in the world, is made of 108 positions and 37 movements (as modified by Master Cheng Man-Ching)

Today, These steps are learnt without understanding the basic meaning and application of each move. After a while, Students get bored of the slow pace and complicated movements and eventually give up.

Until now, original Chinese Tai Chi was difficult to learn with its complicated steps practiced primarily for self defense.Now, after a ten year extensive research by a group of young Doctors, Tai Chi has been condensed into a Fitness n Health science called Executive Tai Chi .

After forming a research team consisting of Tai Chi experts,Medical doctors,Alternative Medical Practitioners,Physiotherapists,Chinese Martial artists,Yoga teachers,Police Fitness consultants,Corporate health consultants,We absorbed the useful movements and discarded the complicated joint straining movements. We converted the usuall Tai Chi Chuan into a user friendly, fast to learn method for today’s busy, stressed out metro man.

This method involves no acrobatics, requires no great flexibility and teaches no complicated steps or no knee straining stances or positions.We added a Cardio workout, added Music, added a unique Pot belly reducing chinese program, added Pranayama & Chinese Meditation.We now present EXECUTIVE TAI CHI, the most happening fitness system in Asia.

This method is simple, and meant for men, ladies, children, girls, pregnant women and elderly. It will be beneficial to the healthy and the diseased. Cardiac patients, Stroke patients and Chronically disabled patients will also benefit greatly from this form of Tai Chi.

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