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Welcome to Dr. Amit Dutta’s, Advanced Ayurveda Skin Treatment Centre, a new kind of SKIN  CARE organization. This site has information on Ayurveda and skin diseases, which is very good for your health and a leading Ayurvedic Medicine. Ayurveda is very popular in India and now is getting popular around the world. Herbs play a big part in Ayurveda, as does meditation. We have information on Ayurveda in general, Ayurveda charkas, Ayurveda Medicine and information on your body type such as Pita, Vata and Kapha.

Super Speciality Ayurveda Centre ,For Skin Diseases  is a Holistic Centre devoted to Ayurvedic Treatment & research run by highly qualified group of professionals. The healthcare demands of the population, the pace of medical technology, and the need to develop the scientific knowledge base behind Ayurvedic Medicine has meant unprecedented demand for additional facilities and faculty. Find out how you can promote the growth of Ayurvedic Medicine in India by visiting our Centre.

Ayurveda is the worlds most ancient systems in the health care practiced in India. The written tradition dates back around 5,000 years, but the oral tradition in India is timeless. Previously Herbal / Ayurvedic medicines were used mainly in India. Now, this system and medicines are well known in global market. There are 3 fundamental principles of nature: called Vata, Pitta and Kapha, which govern all processes in all levels of our life. Vata governs all movement, Pitta all heat and transformation and Kapha all growth, structure and lubrication.

Ayurvedic treatment doesn’t suppress the symptoms of disease and create new ones as side effect of the main treatment. It removes the root causes and give permanent relief. Traditional healing system has come a long way in the field of medicine. The ancient Indian belief rests in the conviction that, the perfect functioning of the body can only result from a synchronized co-ordination of the mind, body, soul and spirit. In this time of global transition and change, holistic healing plays a vital role in the future of medicine. Women have become increasingly conscious of the patriarchal culture; its pasts effects and are now unwilling to compromise on issues concerning their health and overall well being.

This  has been established to promote the traditional Indian medical science of Ayurveda by taking ancient wisdom with modern techniques & concepts to make peoples free from physical and mental illness. The Center is set up to offer and provide most Ancient System of Medicine i.e. “Ayurveda” it has been the first to set up an online Ayurvedic Treatment Centre that offers a holistic treatment to patients around the world. This Centre also conducts online Knowledge in Ayurveda.

Additional Information

Vata Pitta : When the hairs are the combination of two dosha Vata – Pitta , it means fire riding air. So the hairs may be too thin to be plucked easily and grey or just white hairs are due to the excess of pitta dosha. When there is a combination of Vata and Pitta , vata increases the effect of Pitta (Air Enhances the fire). This is a deadly combination of the doshas that causes alopecia. In this the hair strands will fall in patches. Seborrhoeic dermatitis , Dandruff and allergic disorders are related with this type of combination.

Pitta Kahpa : In this type of the combination the hairs are in abundance but they are completely grey. The pitta dosha brings the discoloration of the hairs and kapha keeps the hairs intact for the whole life. So the growth is good but the hairs are grey in this combination of dosha.

Vata Kapha : When there is a combination of Vata and Kapha dosha , the hairs are thick and strongh. Although the hairs are scanty due to this combination but are strong. We have seen clinically that the completely healthy hairs in the old age is generally due to the Vata Kapha combination or alone Kapha. When the vata is involved there are scanty hairs and there may be dryness and dandruff in some cases.

Skin Diseases : Skin diseases include a wide range of conditions and may be a sign of an underlying illness. Therefore, it is important to receive a proper diagnosis to not only address symptoms , but make sure you are properly and effectively treating it.For Appointment Please Call at these Numbers.Mobile: +91 98033-56060 , +91-9803039369 , +91-98152-79775. Phone: +91-181-2464111.


Diagnosis Of Skin Diseases : Disease is a state of disturbed equilibrium of the doshas, dhatus, agnis and malas. According to Ayurveda all human diseases can be classified into the seven broad categories, namely :

Genetic (Adibalapravritta) : The defects in the sperm (sukra) of father or ovum (sonita) of the mother causes genetic problems . When the problem is caused due to the defect in the sperm of father it is known as pitrija and when caused by the defect in ovum it is known as matrija. The defects further leads to various skin diseases, diabetes, asthma, tuberculosis and hemorrhoids. Undigested food, abnormal behaviour, addiction of any type and stressful situations affect the reproductive elements of both the male and female, resulting in a defective foetus.

Congenital (Janmabalapravritta) : The unfulfilled desires of the mother during pregnancy (dauhrdya) and nutritional disorder (rasakrita) of mother usually result in janmabalapravritta. If during pregnancy the vata dosha becomes imbalanced, the fetus might suffer from various deformities like kyphosis (hunchback), blindness and dwarfism. The increased pitta might cause alopecia and yellowish pigmentation of skin and aggravated kapha might cause albinism.

Constitutional (Doshabalapravritta) : Arise out of any dietary or behavioural disturbance brought about by an imbalance in any one of the three vital physical energies (Tridoshas) or the three vital mental energies (Trigunas). Thus constitutional disorders are of two types : somatic (Sharirika) & psychic (Manasika).

Traumatic (Sanghatabalapravritta) : Any trauma causing internal or external experience results in traumatic disease. External trauma is induced by injuries inflicted by sharp instruments and bites of animals or venomous insects. Stress, overstrain and hard work leads to internal trauma.

Seasonal (Klabalapravritta) : Sometimes the body fails to adjust itself to the sudden and abnormal climatic changes – extreme cold might lead to frostbite and rheumatic disease. While extreme heat may cause sunstroke or fever.

Infectious and Spiritual (Daivabalapravritta) : These infectious and spiritual diseases can also be contacted through sexual & physical closeness and sharing of food, plates, bed, clothes, towels, cosmetics and other items of private usage with affected persons. These diseases can also be a result of jealousy and negative thoughts occupying ones mind. These are caused due to various natural calamities like earthquakes, lightening, floods and the invisible, malevolent forces of the nature.

Natural (Swabhavbalapravritta) : This is usually caused by functional, organic and natural changes in the body. According to Ayurveda even the healthiest person suffers from natural weakness and diseases like hunger, thirst, sleep, death and weakness with the age. In Ayurveda, physicians try to assess the symptoms of these diseases as much as the nature of ailment and its root causes (nidana). This is of utmost importance in ensuring correct choice of remedial & preventive measures for treatment of the disease. For otherwise, even after therapy, one might not get the desired response and there would remain a chance of recurrence.

Hair Disorders : Hair loss – Alopecia –Baldness is usually because of the genetic factors , Diseases , Medications , Stress , Injury ,Infections of the scalp, Damage to the hairs. Generalized hair loss is termed as Alopecia whereas small circular bald patches are termed as Alopecia Areata.

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