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Chakrapani Ayurveda Clinic and Research Center (CACRC), functions in 8000 square feet area offering Ayurveda Consultations, Panchakarma Treatments and Ayurveda Training in the natural way. The center was sprouted in 1998 to re-evaluate and refine people’s life with Ayurveda, which successfully integrates its principles into people’s life, to make their lives happy, healthy, and harmonious. Chakrapani is the largest wellness centre of Ayurveda located in the Heart of Jaipur City.

We offer holistic Avurvedic experience, with expert Ayurveda physicians, trained Ayurveda therapists and authentic Panchakarma treatments. The treatment rooms are luxurious, well equipped and named after gemstones. They are painted in different colors and tastefully decorated so as to balance individual doshas and temperament.

Apart from the Panchakarma treatments, Chakrapani Center offers various health programs for general well being and for healing different disorders. We offer training for professionals and for common people in Ayurveda. We are specialized in preparing indigenous Ayurvedic medicines and herbal health supplements formulated by our expert team of doctors that are customized as per each patient’s individual medical condition. We have ISO 9001 & ISO 22000, GMP and OneCert certification. We promote Ayurveda through 82 successfully running websites.

Earth’s richest natural ingredients sourced from the highest quality resources are used in the manufacturing of various types of oils and preparation of internal medicines in powder, tablets and linctus forms which can be used accordingly for various body constitution and maladies.

Chakrapani Ayurveda Center has an uncompromising commitment to client’s complete satisfaction. We are often told that our treatments deliver beyond their promise and they truly appreciate how natural and ethnic integrity go hand in hand with spectacular results. Chakrapani Ayurveda Center is an ideal solution to all your health problems and is the ideal destination for one who wants to relax and rejuvenate. Chakrapani Ayurveda is an ideal home away from home.

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Shirodhara (Third eye treatment) : Following a head massage, lukewarm medicated oils or suitable liquids are poured on the forehead in a rhythmic manner from a perforated pot suspended above. It enhances blood circulation to the brain, improves memory, nourishes hair and scalp and provides sound sleep and calmness of the body and mind.

Tarpana (Ayurvedic eye care) : Warm medicated ghee is poured into the eyes and retained inside an herbal paste boundary for a specific period of time. It improves vision, fades dark under eye circles and promotes sleep. It is beneficial in computer vision syndrome, macular degeneration, glaucoma, conjunctivitis and other disorders affecting the eyes and eyelids.

Kayakalp : Kayakalp (Ayurvedic Anti Aging Therapies) is a restorative and rejuvenative treatment which helps to restore the likely losses and retards aging process. Aging is a natural process for every living being on earth, so also for human beings. As we grow old, there is progressive damage to each and every cell of the body causing changes in physical and subtle levels thereby leading to decay over a period of time. This can be restrained to some extent with Kayakalp treatments. Kayakalp treatments prevent decay, reverse and postpone ageing.

The term Kayakalp is made of two words – “Kaya” meaning body and “Kalp” meaning transformation. During life span, body undergoes progressive degeneration and involution leading to sequential senile changes like memory loss, wrinkles, reduction of motor skills, etc. Stress and Strain in present day busy lifestyle hasten aging process and hence we are at the risk of premature aging.

Marma Abhyanga (Therapeutic Ayurveda massage) : Marma Abhyanga (Therapeutic Ayurveda Massage) is a procedure in which the body of a person is massaged gently with warm medicated oil in a therapeutic manner which stimulates Marma (vital points) thereby helps in deep relaxation. It invigorates and rejuvenates the body and mind, promotes health, improves circulation, makes the skin soft and smooth, delays aging, improves sleep and increases mental alertness and stamina.

Pizhichil (Ayurvedic Oil bath) : Warm medicated oils are poured on the body of the patient in a synchronized manner with simultaneous gentle body massage. Pizhichil is an effective remedy for optimum relaxation and strengthen the nerves.


Rasayana : Rasayana (Ayurvedic Rejuvenation and Relaxation Therapies) is an Ayurvedic rejuvenative treatment approach for positive health, improved mental competence and stronger immunity. Rasayana therapy is the principle matrix of positive health care which yield full effects when administered after Panchakarma therapy. The term Rasayana is made up of two words – ‘Rasa’ meaning “Rasa Dhatu (tissue)” and ‘Ayana’ meaning “Path or transportation”. Rasayana denotes improved nutrition and nourishment. It refers to the transportation of nutrients to the Rasa and other tissues of the body ensuring proper nourishment supply to the tissues thereby one gets excellent quality of body tissues.

Rasayana acts at the physical and psychological level and helps achieve a state of positive health, virile youth and disease free senescence. Rasayana is the elixir of body, mind and soul which helps in healthier tissue formation, enhances immunity, improves mental status, cures ailments and promotes longevity & excellence of skin, sense organs, complexion & voice. According to one’s Prakriti (Body constitution), age, disease condition, etc. suitable Rasayana are administered integrating with healthy lifestyle, rejuvenating diet and herbs.

Aroma Abhyanga (Ayurveda Body Massage) : In Aroma Abhyanga (Ayurveda Body Massage), the body of the person is massaged gently with warm Aroma oil in a therapeutic manner. This helps in deep relaxation, slows down ageing process, promotes longevity, improves physical and mental health.

Bashpa Swedan (Ayurvedic Steam Bath) : It is a procedure where the whole body of the patient below the neck region is exposed to steam vapors generated by boiling suitable herbal decoction or medicated water thereby inducing perspiration. It generally follows an oil massage or powder massage. This therapy promotes circulation, opens up pores and eliminates the toxins from the body.

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Treatments For:

  • Acne
  • Allergy
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Diseases
  • Obesity
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Skin Diseases

Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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