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Have the most authentic and classical base in holistic health and make Earth Ayurveda Health Care Center a global and a household name. Bring awareness about this ancient concept of health, Provide treatment for various chronic ailments through the Indian system of medicine, Provide training on various aspects of Ayurveda, To educate, promote and aggressively market all aspects of Ayurveda through, Earth Ayurveda Health Care Center, To explore indigenous knowledge of health and healing from remote areas, To provide knowledge of Satwik food and rituals, Create ambience, work culture, treatment services to achieve high customer satisfaction, Establish centers around the world to promote health and wellness.

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Yoga considers that most diseases are due to insufficient life force, either in the entire body or a blockage in one part of the body. This leads to a lowered body resistance or immunity to disease. Those practicing yoga have learned that most diseases are due to reduced immunity. Medical science also is gradually coming to the same conclusion.

When the whole body has a lowered life force, the result is a lowered vitality level, poor health and susceptibility to infection. Pathogens (bacteria, viruses and so on) are a normal part of life and will only cause trouble when the body's resistance is too low to keep them in check. The best way to increase the general life force of the body is by good nutrition, sound sleep, a positive mental attitude and yoga.

The ancient yogis were aware of the importance of the spine in relation to disease, since most of their asanas or postures were designed to make the spine more flexible to prevent spinal misalignments. Some of the asanas will even correct minor spinal misalignments. The spine is so important for a high vitality level, good health and the correction of many health conditions that a whole science of healing has been developed to correct spinal misalignments.

In fact, chiropractic is now the second largest healing profession after medicine and the fastest growing healing profession in the world. Pranayam- Varied breathing which is controlled, regulated and rhythmic is called pranayam. This increases the oxygen intake of the body cells. It leads to burning up of fat cells. A remarkable outcome of this controlled breathing is the stimulation and energizing of the subtle energy centers located in the human body. Apart from the physical wellbeing these exercises help in the upliftment of spiritual concentration and meditation.


Panchkarma- Detoxification therapy: All disease processes point to a crisis of “Ama” toxicity in the body. Panchkarma constitutes the foremost Shodhan Chikitsa, or purification therapy, because it reverses the disease mechanisms which carry toxic waste products from the digestive tract into the tissues of the body.

Panchkarma inverts the movement of “Ama”, which takes place in the third and fourth stages of the disease process. During prasara, the third stage of the disease manifestation, ama overruns the site of its initial accumulation in gastrointestinal tract and flows into other areas of the body. During sthan sanshraya, the fourth stage, the spreading ama enters and lodges in weak or defective dhatus (tissue element), where its disruptive influence will eventually produce the final stage of the disease process.

Panchkarma is designed to draw ama out of the dhatus, return it to the digestive tract and expel it from the body. The uniqueness of panchkarma, Panchkarma puts the attention on the patients, whereas all other therapies focus on the pathology and its symptoms. Panchkarma recognizes and uses the specific qualities of the patient’s physiological make-up to heal. It does not just treat diseased organs and tissues; it treats and manages doshas, the biological forces which carry “Ama” back and forth between the digestive tract and deeper body tissues.

Panchakarma: Ayurvedic Panchkarma is an ancient medical process to detoxify the body. There are five main ancient procedures for body cleaning. These are Vaman (medically induced vomiting), Virechan (medically induced purgation), Nasya (medicated oil or ghee administration through nasal route), Vasti (medicated herbal enemas are of two types--one is oil and the other is decoction enema).

Physiotherapy Treatment: The history of Physiotherapy or Physical therapy can be traced back to ancient India nearly 5000 years ago in the Ayurvedic classics. Considered one of the oldest methods to cure various physical ailments, physiotherapy has evolved from simple massage to a complex assortment of therapies - now, it has multiple and specialized applications. The center has designed a special package, which may be required in order to re-educate an individual to enable them to safely return to their normal life with the help of physiotherapeutic applications, herbal medicines and Ayurvedic method of lifestyle.

Yagya Therapy: In spite of increased living comforts provided by modern science and technology, the world is realizing that creature comforts alone do not always make for an easier and balanced existence. The rise of environmental pollution and ecological imbalance has raised a clarion call for reinventing the everyday common lifestyle.

Yagya, an ancient Indian science, is now beginning to demonstrate its spiritual effects on the physical and mental levels. Several scientific researchers have now proved that Yagya has positive effect on the physical & mental body as also purifying the environment. Researches on all the aspects of Yagya being conducted in the laboratory of Brahmvwarchas might well lead to the development of a scientifically established Yagyopathy.

This may find a leading place among other well known therapies. In a Yagya medicines and herbs are vaporized by offering into the sacred fire and they enter the human body in a gaseous form through the nose, lungs and pores of the skin. This might proved to be the easiest, least taxing, least risky and most effective method of administering a medicine to reach every single cell of the body.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Garhwali and Kumaoni

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Treatments For:

  • Anemia
  • Asthma
  • Common Cold
  • Cough
  • Diabetes
  • Headache
  • Indigestion
  • Migraine
  • Skin Diseases
  • Tonsillitis

Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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