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Our Epileptic Centre is situated on the bank of the Holy Ganges on the feet of great Himalayas which gives the patients the hope of peaceful life. Our whole hearted selfless dedication has given us the success to treat more than one lakh epilepsy patients all over the world; that’s how the disease is no longer looked upon. Our beloved old patients have highly appreciated our efforts, as we wish to see our patients very happy and satisfied. With this goal our Neeraj International Epilepsy Centre gives the full treatment of Epilepsy and sincerely trying to eliminate this disease from the Earth.

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Ayurveda & Apasmar (Epilepsy): The main source of ancient Indian Aryan culture and medicine are the four Vedas that are traditionally believed to be revealed to the sages by Brahma (the creator) some 6,000 years before Christian era. The word Ayurveda (in Sanskrit Ayu means life, and Veda means to know) means the knowledge of life by which the nature of life is understood and thus life is prolonged.

Most of its contents are revealed to us by the Samhitas of Charaka and Sushruta. These texts originally written about 1,000 BC are considered to be the most authentic and renowned. Charaka Samhita (around 1,000-800 BC), a treatise on the ancient Indian system of medicine was composed by Agnivesa, revised by Charaka and reconstructed by Drdhabala. The Sushruta Samhita has been known as one of the greatest of its kind in Sanskrit literature and is important from the surgical point of view.

The eighth chapter of Nidanasthana (diagnosis) and tenth chapter of Chikitsasthana (treatment) of the Charakasamhita are devoted exclusively to epilepsy.Convulsions (akshepaka), apoplectic fits (apatantraka), and hysterical fits (daruna apatantraka) are few of the important nervous system disorders are mentioned. Ayurveda attributes the cause of Epilepsy to the disturbance in the doshas individually or the three doshas together.

The person afflicted with vata type of epilepsy tends to have tremors and gnashing of teeth along with foaming from the mouth. The person of pitta constitution feels excessive heat and thirst. The kapha person may have visuals in white and will have a longer duration of fits. The person’s body becomes heavy and cold. The epilepsy caused by three doshas together is incurable.


Epilepsy (seizure disorder, fits) is a neurological disorder characterized by recurrent instances of seizure or tremors.Seizures occurs when the electrical discharges of a large number of neurons become abnormally linked together, creating a storm of electrical activity in the brain. This resulting from an imbalance between the excitatory and inhibitory processes in the brain, which could be either decrease the inhibitory neurotransmission which is primarily mediated by gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA), or increase the excitatory neurotransmission which is primarily mediated by glutamate, this will lead to prolonged depolarization of the neuronal membrane.

Due to influx of extracellular Ca++, which leads to the opening of voltage-dependent Na+ channels, influx of Na+, and generation of repetitive action potentials. These are due to abnormal excitation from brain. Epilepsy treatment methods are aimed at controlling the disease. All of the epilepsy cases are not alike. Idiopathic (60 -70%), there can be apparent reasons like stress, brain injury, genetic conditions and parasitic infection of brain.It is also observed that instance of epilepsy can occur without any solid provable reason.

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