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Dr. (Mrs) Sangita Maurya

Naturopath, Ayurveda Panchkarma therapist, more..

Dr. M.L.Maurya

Ayurveda therapies, Panchakarma, more..

Ayurveda Course - Rishikesh

Ayurveda Course are happy to invite Ayurveda students, Ayurveda practitioners, Health consultants, Massage therapist, panchakarma therapist, Yoga students and practitioner - to learn and practice Ayurveda in its real and traditional form at Rishikesh, India, which is situated in lap of foot hills of north Himalayas. Our Ayurveda training is very special, guided by qualified and government recognized/registered Ayurveda doctors, therapists and supportive staffs from last 8 years.

Ayurveda has great connection with Rishikesh, where great Saints and Rishies got first time on Bhooloka (earth) the divine knowledge of Ayurveda from Maharishi Bhardwaj in original form. Foot hills of Himalaya is a place where Ayurveda medicine, herbs, shrubs and trees grows indigenously and has divine spiritual energy of God and Goddess from Vedic period.

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Additional Information

It is a process for the removal of waste products and toxic substances, which are deposited at weak points in the body on a regular basis due to seasonal changes, air pollution, and water and food impurities and also by the stress and tensions of normal life.

Vaman karma (therapeutic vomiting) : Vamana is a most effective therapy for kapha disorders. It is not only stomach washing, but it is a whole body cleansing process. Indicatons: Seasonal cleansing, Cough, Asthma, Obesity, Indigestion, Skin problems, Hyperacidity.

Virechana Karma (Purgation therapy) : Virechana is a most effective therapy for Pitta related disorders. It is not only intestinal cleansing but, it is a whole body cleansing by creating a medicated diarrhoea. It eliminates all toxins and waste products through the anus. Indicatons: Seasonal cleansing, Skin disorders, Allergy, Fever, Hotness in the body, Constipation, Piles and Fistula, Gout, Diabetes, Poisoning.

Basti (Enema Therapy) : The combination of herbal oils, decoctions, ghee, salt etc. is given through the anus into the intestine. It is a most effective therapy for Vata disorders. Indicatons: Seasonal cleansing, Nervous disorders, Jaundice, Paralysis, Arthritis, Obesity, Backache, Constipation, Muscular atrophy.

Nasya karma (Nasal administration) : Nasal drops in each nostril for elimination of excess bodily humours accumulated in the sinuses, throat, nose and head areas. ‘Nasa hi Shirso Dwaram’ it means the nose is the doorway to the brain according to Ayurveda. Indicatons: Seasonal cleansing, Sinusitis, Headache, Migraine, Nasal polyps, Thinning hair, Baldness.


Ayurveda : Ayurveda is a holistic, ancient, time tested and traditional system of medicine that is indigenous to and widely practiced in from 3000 to 5000 years in India. The word Ayurveda is a Sanskrit term meaning “science of life or science of age”. Ayu means “life or age “and the word “Veda” is “knowing”. Ayurveda was first recorded in the Vedas – the ancient texts of the Himalayan sages. The world’s oldest existent literature in universe:

It focuses on establishing and maintaining balance of the life energies within us, rather than focusing on individual symptoms. It recognizes the unique constitutional differences of all individuals and therefore recommends different regimens for different types of people. Although two people may appear to have the same outward symptoms, their energetic constitutions may be very different and therefore call for very different remedies.

Ayurveda is a complete medical system which recognizes that ultimately all intelligence and wisdom flows from one Absolute source (Paramatman). Health manifests by the grace of the Absolute acting through the laws of Nature (Prakriti). Ayurveda assists Nature by promoting harmony between the individual and Nature by living a life of balance according to her laws.

Ayurveda describes three fundamental universal energies which regulate all natural processes on both the macrocosmic and microcosmic levels. That is, the same energies which produce effects in the various galaxies and star systems are operating at the level of the human physiology--in your own physiology. These three universal energies are known as the Tridosha.

Finally, the ancient Ayurvedic physicians realized the need for preserving the alliance of the mind and body and offers mankind tools for remembering and nurturing the subtler aspects of our humanity. Ayurveda seeks to heal the fragmentation and disorder of the mind-body complex and restore wholeness and harmony to all people.

Panch Karma : Panchakarma refers to the five principal practices used to cleanse the body of its excess bodily humors called Doshas. Charak (the Maharishi who first recorded the Ayurveda texts) introduced these cleansing practices as the axis around which all Ayurveda healing therapies revolve, defining it as the one primary independent discipline to be employed in order to promote health.

Charak considered it a requisite procedure before surgical operations or the administration of any of the rejuvenation therapies. Panchakarma benefits both the healthy and the unhealthy and is considered to be most effective therapy for preventing and curing diseases, as well as for revitalizing the entire human organism.

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  • Hindi

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Treatments For:

  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Indigestion
  • Migraine
  • Muscle Disorders
  • Obesity
  • Sinusitis
  • Skin Diseases

Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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